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jueves, 26 de marzo de 2015

Birth of the Central American and Caribbean Anarchist Federation!

After several months of preparation, pre-congress debates and the call to the first conference to the constitution of the Central American and Caribbean  Anarchist Federation FACC, some comrades from diverse countries and realities of the ​​Central and Caribbean area  (and international observers) have meet in the city of Santiago de los Caballeros on 21st and 22nd of March this year 2015, to share ideas, know each other and set the differences and similarities. And we are satisfacted after founding the FACC! A channel for solidarity and the cooperation of the anarchists in the area, transcending the constrainings borders that capitalism and the States impose on us. A federation of trends that seeks to fan the relationships between the various groups in the region and its diaspora.

Initially members who are part of the Federation are: Alfredo López Libertarian Workshop TLAL from Cuba, Dominican Libertarian Kiskeya, Comrades from Puerto Rico, El Salvador, Bonaire and Miami (There are groups that wanted to participate in the FACC, even to members, but due to different situations could not assist and be part of the Federation so far).

The federation is based on the principles of consensus, solidarity and the accepting of the diversity of individuals and groups in their trends and practices. Is focus on the critical actions and study within the two regions. Is characterized by being a federation with a horizontal organization.

According to decisions taken by consensus, it was agreed that the membership criteria are:

    - Individuality and / or collective calls itself anarchist.

    - That the individual or group acts horizontally.

    - That one actual member of the federation be guarantor of individuality or collective applicants.

    - That There are unanimous consensus for entry of individuality or group to the federation.

    - The applicant will have to wait a maximum of two months time to achieve unanimity in consensus.

The Federation has one consensually committee at the moment, the Communications Committee, and three committees created by volunteer individual : "Anti-repressive" Committee, "Anti-nationalist" committee  and "Self-management" committee.

The formation of the Federation marks a milestone in the history of the anarchist movements in the regions, given that never before existed a space to share experiences and work together.

We have chosen the path of freedom and horizontality and expect our allied comrades from all over join us in this new journey to an ancient ideal that is constantly renovated, to the anarchy!

Source: Ha nacido la Federación Anarquista Centroamericana y del Caribe - Portal OACA seen at El Libertario

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Loam dijo...

"What the FACC!!!!" ;)
Long live to every organization born to fight for freedom and social justice!


Pablo Heraklio dijo...

I did not realize in the wordplay! >DDDD
Congratulations to the comrades!