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martes, 11 de diciembre de 2012

Soilidarity with Alfon, only arrested remaining in jail after the paneuropean strike on 14-N: new spanish political prisioner

Spain kingdom of satrapas, thieves and butchers. The number of political prisioner rise in europe. After the first paneuropean strike on 14-N there is still one person in jail. It is not a coincidence, as Alfonso Fernandez, Alfon, as his mother, are well know as activist. His detention was not fortuite, 100m from his home door, acompanied by his girlfriend. Hours of policial interrogatories every two hours, tortures and death threats made by hood terrorist. An as always Policial set [policial manipulation] and political interest. The govertment can't break his decision to fight, neither of his family.
This case looks similar to Alessio del Sordo case in itali, also victim of the state terrorism.
Alfonso Fernández Ortega, Alfonso, a 21-year-old neighbor of Vallecas in Madrid, left his home early on Wednesday November 14. There was one morning but that of 14N, day of the general strike. He was addressing to an informational picket, accompanied by his girlfriend. He planned to meet at a time with his mother and his uncle, that also support the strike actively. But Elena Ortega, the mother, could not locate him: a hundred yards from his house, Alfonso and his girlfriend were arrested . She was released with charges and must appear in court twice a month. Alfon spent in pretrial detention and meets in Soto del Real prison [Madrid] in what can be considered a penalty early to the sentence.
Preventive detention is a precautionary measure applied in cases that produce great social alarm. It's what the judge argued to send Alfon to prison, although it seems more alarm caused his arrest, and even what seems to be pursuing this case. Many accuse him of mounting police, allegedly to divert attention from the success of the general strike in Vallecas, where the closure of small businesses reached almost 100%.
Police said Alfon carrying a bag with gasoline at the time of his arrest, he denies end: "I'm calm because I have not done anything, I know I'm a scapegoat, that the purpose of the police was another and have used me for it. " He has told to his mother in one of the few visits that have allowed in jail. An arrest that seems not be fortuitous as Elena Ortega is a well-known activist in Vallecas neighborhood.
In an interview with the program Todo por la Causua [all for the cause] of Tele K, Vallecas local television, she says her son and his girlfriend refused to testify without counsel present and therefore suffered psychological torture: they were interrogated every two hours by hooded men threatened them doing "horrible things" to their families. As any statement failed, police decided to search at home. Elena realize that when five hooded policemen also appeared at dawn at home, trying to frighten she and her husband, also threatening them with what would happen to his son. She was adamant: "It is clear that we are leftists. Here are my republican flag, my shirt from the public school, the kind of books I have. But we are not terrorists. "
A Alfon has been applied F.I.E.S. Regime (Jail internal files and tratments), which involves isolation (called "prison within the prison"), restricts communications (can only receive a visit from his family) and controls its correspondence. It applies to the prison system inmates considered "dangerous", usually people belonging to armed gangs or drug lords. The High Court itself considers FIES illegal, violate the rights of prisoners and competencies overdo regulations. That has been applied to Alfon go on the same line of their detention: the criminalization of youth organized, critical and demanding through a nearby young antifascist groups and fan Rayo Vallecano Football Club. Bukaneros headquarters, supporters of this team declaring "racism, repression and football business", was also under policial search.
According to Elena Ortega and Bukaneros, which later issued a statement, the Ministry of Interior and the Government Office will undergo unprecedented persecution from 25-S because banners denouncing parties take, for example, that the Congress of the Deputies were surrounded by 1,500 police while Cristina Cifuentes's husband is "whereabouts unknown." Also reported that the arrest and imprisonment of Alfon delivery may be a smokescreen to divert attention from the historical manifestations of 14N and charges "disproportionate and inhumane" of the security forces.
Alfon's mother, who took her story to the International Congress Against Repression, organized by Animal Equality and held with great success in Madrid on 6 and 7 December, insists that government want to criminalize young people and working class neighborhoods shaken by the crisis, as Vallecas, Villaverde or Carabanchel neighbordhoods. He complains that are young wich have to deal with a system that denies them the future, kids who have had to leave the university because they can not pay and even vocational training after the rate hike, kids for whom there is no provision either they can enter the labor market. "A youth," he says, "no expectations, cornered, harassed and persecuted by the police."
She resists "the force of reason and truth" because Vallecas known since he was a handful of shacks and knows is the fight what can organize neighborhood. So warns that the mothers of these young people are reaching a limit: "We have given birth with love, have grown up with love and with great respect, and now are suffering thrashing, abuse and expoil. We will begin to react because we are not willing to allow  wrecking uor sons. "
Part of the process of destruction is the preventive detention. If a detainee is unprecedented and has a known address, should not go to prison. Nor if no flight risk or can be controlled by imposing a proportional bail. The opposite is to create a prisoner. In this case, for ideological reasons, is a political prisoner. As political as a general strike.
More information in spanish.

viernes, 7 de diciembre de 2012

Sabotage: How to sabotage INDITEX, Biggest textile multinational in the world

BERSKA is missing covered by the skull

Why sabotage Inditex?
  The reasons are well known, such as working conditions similar to slavery in the sub-subcontractors in developing countries, voluntary redundancy for most senior staff or overloaded slave work for staff ...
  The result of this explotation is evident in the middle of the global crisis. In example Inditex [world first multinational textil group] has dropped 4% sales in Spain an other european countries, but increasing group profits in 22%. This is by selling in the Asian market, to a greater extent, and in the American, the total turnover of the group reached up to 17% compared to same comparative period of 2011.
    Amancio Ortega [Owner of the hole group] has become this November the second richest man in the world, Inditex knows no crisis but yes the employees: not hired enough staff, exploits existing one and who does not accept the rules it is fired. It's time to strike back.

Small actions imports:
 Here some actions we can take to stop or slow the sale in stores in the group, depending on the choice we will get a more or less long term. Small looses are big problems for the company.

1) Breaking Security Archs:
Each store has security arches, depending on the size of the store and the number of entrances there. We will find: metal detecting devices, anti bunker bags (bags filled  with foil aluminium paper) and alarms.
The company in charge of maintaining the arches takes time to repair and even more if have to replace, and depending on which city has produced such failure or breakage, so at least a couple of days the clothes with alarm output can be undetected. Considering that security personnel in retail stores it is not present in full time, certain number of people in small towns for example could find out what is the best time to go. In these shops in the morning often lack security. Always check the state of the exit arc by nearing "distractely" an alarmed cloth to see if the security system is really broken.

2) Spray in action: Quick and easy.
With a command of four or five people: two or three diversion safety employees, throwing dummies, noising. vandalized entry, etc.. while the remaining peers, one for each side of the store are arranged to spray the choths on the walls. Each tent has walls and tables, the tables do not interest us [cheap good]. The small furniture are not of interest because they don't involve large amounts of money to the company and are more easily spare, so we focus on the walls.
The walls are the target of the spray, we just need to go running around and creating a continuous line around the walls clothing and general store.
The damage from this action is important, talking about spoiling all the product displayed, becouse they remove the painting clohts from the sale at minimum damage. [They will close the store].
If the store is small it is sure they do not have either to replenish merchandise in the store.
This is surely one of the great - small actions, with little done maximun damage.

3) Broken windows:
A classic. The big crystals take days to relocate once requewsted. Meanwhale they usually clouse the shop.

Inditex Window Dresser Service outsourced to the company, so will have to make an extra outlay when the damages remedy. It can take days if produced by several shops, as the team has to move.

4) Break cash register:
Each store has some counters and these in turn with "x" cash register with touch screens, without which no one could keep the store running. The more cash register broken less profit for the company, if the operation paralyzed them closed shop.

Actions should also be done from within: internal sabotage
For all those people who are working for the Inditex group, you know better than anyone how much is achieved with little, are those who best know the operation and therefore how you can get to help the cause without being discovered, some of ideas are these:

- Turning off the security system of the entries:
The day of the strike, or every other day. A reasonable minimum of time, small spaces etc just moments. This is undetectable and allow increased thefts.

- Unconfiguring security systems:
As it was a power surge, security systems, ie alarms, are unconfigured if you lower the tab in the control panel and re-upload. This repeated quickly, system unconfigured just go crazy making and sound without having to do or not to do when you need to. It also undetectable. The result is that systems should be put on hold for review, increasing thefts.
Signed: La Mina
Version in Spanish 

viernes, 30 de noviembre de 2012

Solidarity with Alessio del Sordo: anarchist comrade and political prisoner

   Alessio del Sordo, anarchist comrade, has always been a committed activist. In prison after the crackdown against NoTAV resistance of Jan26. The Italian political police, the DIGOS, has always been very aware, so it is of the few people still in jail even though the rest have been released. As so often we find a police set whose sole purpose is the domestication and control over the people in their desire to create slaves.

   Faced with a new punishment moving to other prision we publish a letter of August 23 so you can see how far the power of a person to preserve his dignity. The puerile attempt by the state to break their will and eliminate its membership is having the opposite effect expected, creating solidarity circles beyond the struggle for liberation.
   Alessio was finally moved to Asti.

   Compagno Alession, non stai solo. Tuoi camarade ti aspettano colle braccia aperte, la causa trascende il fatto, e gli fatti le frontiere. Tra poco tra noi. Giù le mura della prigione.
Forza Alessio!!!   

 Letter of August 23, 2012.
Hello to all:
I'm writing from Prato prison where I was transferred yesterday afternoon. A few days ago I reeked of transfer, so I was prepared for it. The previous days had been messing with a brigadier who had to leave the session after insults and blows. So I took it for granted the deportation and so I prepared.
They arrived at 05:30, I was awake and said I had no trouble making the trip. I wasted time going to the bathroom, drink a coffee (no revelry without coffee) and prepare my best to resist. At 06:30, one guard came to tell me it was time to go. I replied that I would not move. The guard was taken aback and I suggested him to ask for reinforcements. At that time, I alerted friends and fellow section saying that I was preparing to resist. I seid to my new cellmate not to meddle in the middle.
About an hour later, eight came believing that the mole would impress me and that I would yield. Actually, I was prepared. Well slathered in sunflower oil, a paper with all directions and three stamps pasted on cock with tape. To give me a little edge, covered the floor of the entrance to the cell with oil. For the umpteenth refusal they came, and the momentum made two slipping on the oil, a brigadier crashed the stool and was stunned. Just going to tip another blow and jumped on me. Melee a started . But thanks to the oil and some moves I learned in the yard, I resisted. I was defeated, as planned, but when you can not win, you have to make the defeat worth of telling.
They carried me on wings for the entire section in shouting insults mixed with greetings and lucks. I know nothing of my stuff. In the registry office, I followed challenging the carrion, inviting them to enter in the isolation cell. The cowards did not enter.
I should have left at 07:00. I left Le Vallette around 10:00. From armored I glimpsed comrades that came to hand out leaflets at the release from prison. The trip was a sauna. The bastards of the escort goes to eat at autogrill and left me boiling for an hour.
When we walked in Prato, I saw a red painted a yellow vomit wall : "VIVA Bresci". And, dammit, fellows, viva Bresci.
I enter in my section at 19:00, after classics prosecutions for entering.
Section III, medium security cameras everywhere in the hallways.
We are in three-cells, two kids with me who have just arrived from isolation. I said "good afternoon, prisoners, can I?", Response: "You're right, we are imprisoned, not arrested. Sure you can. " I received me by feeding me and getting ready the bed . For chronicles expect this morning. I admit I was a little tired yesterday.
Now I know that in this prison are 700 rooms, three quarter in medium security and high security the rest. They tell me that Prato is a punishment center. Meanwhile, this morning, after spread the word that had reached a new pilgrim, others came to greet me. Most know "Olga" and maintained correspondence. Someone has taken a look at a pamphlet in which I was a letter of mine, so they greeted with pats on the shoulder.
Now I want to resist better, I familiarized a bit and see how things go.
After several months in Turin XII I can take stock and think that we can get much organising among prisoners. I can take advantage of months of experience and a greater determination.
I am serene, with high morals and I know that the only defense against power is the direct attack.
I know a lot of fellow believe my choice of not to take legal defense is an unwise choice, little cunning and undermines the unity of the NO TAV movement. Think what you want, buddy, I can only say that I will use intelligence, cunning at my disposal to join the men and women who fight this system, to throw punches increasingly accurate and make it clear that I will continue facing wherever and whatever.
And be given to any arrangement petty politicians.
That said, I'm fine but devoid of virtually everything.
I will write again soon.
Fire and revolt,
To write to Alessio Del Sordo:
   DC via The Montagnola 76
   IT-59100 Prato

Also to Maurizio Ferrari teammate:
   DC Via Arginone, 327
   IT-44122 Ferrara

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domingo, 25 de noviembre de 2012

Banks own spanish main media

Translation from the article taken from Vertex Inmediaísta: Spain: The bank owns media groups.
The extra July / August issue of the journal 'Mongolia' appears with a detailed report that shows how deep these criminal institutions are in the ownership of the spanish mean media: Prisa, Unidad Editorial, Metro, Vocento, Grupo Godo ... all Large media conglomerates have banks among its major shareholders. Here an extract of the study:

Media and journalists like to see themselves as the Fourth Estate. A powerful image that makes them in addition a basic pillar of democracy. And, perhaps, still are. But it's doubtful that the power resides inside: the crisis has accelerated the "financialization of media companies," a very visible phenomenon in Spain.

The financial sector has always had a great influence over the media by two ways: by hiring advertising-banks are often among the major advertisers-and lending. But the recent crack shoot up debts of major Spanish media companies, and now, as they can not afford it, the bank is incorporated directly into the capital.

The group Prisa case , publisher of El Pais and owner of the Cadena SER, is paradigmatic. His debt was as high as 5,000 million € and reduce it to just 3,000M€. But by the way have joined capital from the Wall Street conglomerates , clustered in the Liberty vehicle, and now with Santander Bank, HSBC and Caixabank. And as the debt will still be too bulky, the company has opened its capital to twenty other banks.

On the companies board of directors of nearly every major media sit directly CEOs from the financial sector. And the symbiosis goes in two directions: the editors of La Vanguardia and La Razón are in turn vice CaixaBank and Sabadell Bank , respectively. The Fourth Estate should no longer put up with the pressure of the financial sector: now is directly the financial sector.

The major shareholders are Daiwa Securities, BH Stores IV BV, BNP Paribas, Bank of America, Asset Value Investors, Marlin Equities, Acquistions Berggruen Holding LTD, Deutsche Bank. Among all account for about 25% of current capital.

Furthermore, Caixabank, Banco Santander and HSBC will have a 20% stake in 2014 after swapping debt for equity.

Despite of all, Prisa debt is around 3,000 million€ and the company has invited the following financial institutions to redeem debt and join the company's capital or increase its current stake: BBVA, Banco Sabadell, Banesto, Bankia, Bankinter Banca March, Kutxabank, Banco Caixa Geral Spanish Cooperative Bank, Ibercaja, Banco Pastor, Banco Popular, ICO, Liberbank, Cajatres Bank Group, NCG Banco, Bankia, Banco Holy Spirit, Caixa Banco de Investimento, Vitybank, Crédit Agricole, Societe General, The Royal Bank of Scotland, Commerzbank, Fortis, Raiffeisen Cooperative Centrae Boerenleenkbank, Alie Street Investments, Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena, BP Bank, Bank of America, Banco Itau, Bank Audi Saradar, Natixis.

The mean shareholder is Jose Manuel Lara, who in turn is vice president of Banco Sabadell.

The council includes Antena3 Marco Drago, director DeA Capital Fund (the fund linked to De Agostin, shareholder of A3) and Pedro Ramon Cajal (Renta4 Bank board).

The Board of Directors includes Fernando Azaola Arteche (BBVA CEO), Rodrigo Echenique (Santander Bank) and Jaime Castellanos (Lazard).

The owner of the group, Javier Godo, is in turn vice president and director of Caixabank Caixa. In 2011, the bank granted 7.5 million euros in loans to the group. The Board reduced the Group includes Luis Conde Godo (advisor Lazard CatalunyaCaixa and linked to).

Principal creditor: Caixabank, which oversees the restructuring through John Llopart, one of his trusted consultants and council strongman Zeta.

The first Spanish television is controlled by the Italian magnate Silvio Berlusconi. The Board of Directors includes Borja Prado (head of Mediobanca Endesa and counselor, whose shareholders are the Banco Santander) and Helena Revoredo (Banco Popular).

jueves, 15 de noviembre de 2012

CNT informative coverage: General strike 14-N

Report of sindicates in differents cities. Union is strengh!

CNT update pickets around the state. The general trend: fairly quiet day in many cities and fulfilling the goal of stopping the activity in the industrial areas and major markets. Widespread impact of the pickets also in the city centers. Massive demonstrations followed in the afternoon. Anti-repressive alert in Logroño and Granada!

Translation from: CNT, Cobertura informativa: Huelga General 14N  

A Coruña:
Little supprot of the strike. Picket of CNT formed by 50 people. Statement denying the incident awarded by the tabloids to the union.

High up than previous strike, but still little seconded. In the afternoon demonstration of about 500 people in the CNT block.

In a mass demonstration that media calculate 100,000 attendees, is organized from the local CNT a  libertarian block at the end of the demonstration with a stake of around 500 people. The day ended without incidents.

It is walkthrough the areas with informational picketing. The pickets of the capitalists [police] have hit in the head to Alberto, CNT Sindical Action secretary.

95% support. In the morning two pickets, each formed by about 150 people, closed the factories and stores area. In the afternoon there was demonstration with 3000 people on the streets.

Little support. Mobilizations against BBVA to avoid eviction.


20.00h: mass demonstration (250,000 people) and large block of the CNT.

1:30 p.m.: CNT picket currently runs along Via Laietana [Barcelona mean avenue].

11.00h: Picket at Melon District, condemned by union busting company.

10:30 a.m.: Assembly Taxi union section in the Sants Station.

8:30 a.m.: Continuing informational picket consisting of about 40 people at the doors of Qualytel company, workers support has been total.

7:00 a.m.: Picket in Qualytel, company that manages the 061 Emergency Service in defense of an emergency system worthy.

Taxis Anarchy offers a free service to the strikers who need transportation for logistics to the strike. Contact phone: 620 091 120 (operating at night and in the morning).


 09.00h: The garbage collection and public works stopped, small businesses do not.

11:45: Demonstration from the Sacred Heart with ESK and CGT. At the peak of the event over 5000 people have supported the call.

10:30: Concentration at Sacred Heart with ESK and CGT. Some two thousand people gathered, was read a statement and have shouted different slogans.

6:00 pickets posted in different points. There have been no mishaps review

La Bisbal:

A picket involved in Mercadona [main spanish supermarkets company] and DIA, filling several carts of foodstuffs. Without incident.

The entire city center has been closed since late at night. Navantia [shipyard] support 85% closed industrial area. In the afternoon mass demonstration with about 3000 people in the CNT block.

Castro Urdiales:
50-60% industry support, 20% commerce. CNT pickets around the town, with an extensive support. The media talk about 400 people in the manifestation of CNT, the only union which called. A success in this small town.

Ciudad Real:
With a squad of more than 40 people have traveled different parts of the capital as SEPECAM (Employment Service of Castilla-La Mancha), FREMAP, in support of the León farewell companion, the courts, the banking area, Adecco, bus station, the Bishopric and Mercadona. In all of them was read statements of complaint.

Later went to the University, where a policeman had assaulted a student. A spontaneous demonstration was organized with more than 200 people who toured the city center. Tracking the strike has been very uneven.

After many years away, formed a picket in Alcazar de San Juan.

6:30 p.m.: The event brings together more than 5000 people.

17.00h: picketing Cineuropa festival.

13.00h: CNT militants involved in the anti-capitalist block consisting in more than 2000 people.

10:00 a.m.: CNT picket increasingly numerous in the City Market (200 people). The city is almost paralyzed.

8:45 a.m.: Three arrested during informational picketing in the industrial estate of Tambre, one of the union. Reports the lawyer who will release him soon.


20.00h: More than 6000 people participating in the demonstration. The event ends with a call to go to court to demand the release of detainees in the strike day.

17:00 h: Starts afternoon demonstration called by CNT with other unions and collective. (Http:// again walking the streets of downtown.

14:30: It is organizes a popular food in the Jardines de los Patos [city gardens]. Hundreds of people eat together supporting the "consumer strike".

12:00: Police charge against the picket in the streets of downtown. There arrested and several identifications. It is set a "critical block" in the manifestation of the morning.

11.00h: The  picket directed to city center with police escort. Cut traffic and matches the picket Stop Evictions, and other unions, forming a large picket walking the streets of downtown.

10:00 am: Join a picket with fellow student and other groups and unions. It continues to close stores, especially Mercadona. Police arrest and assaulted a fellow and charges at the picket. The companion is released after being identified.

09.00h: The CNT walking picket though Barcelona Avenue and arounds, closing banks and supermarkets.

8:00 a.m.: Police charge against the picket at the gates of Aucorsa [company]. Buses leave minimal services. Several picket members identifications.

5:00: CNT participates in a large picket at the gates of the city bus depot. At 05:45 h, departure time of the first bus, no bus goes to the streets.

00.00h: CNT participated in the picket Mercacordoba [mean city markert], where not a single truck entered.

Don Benito: 
Morning besides CCOO and UGT pickets by the industrial areas and shops that have come without insisting on the closure thereof, the block formed by 15M, some other people and CNT, had visited banks (about 10 or 12 offices) in an action against them and especially banks evictions. In all have organized a squad with signs on the door and asked to speak with two or three directors, and in all have attended and explained that there were not manage any eviction.
Just was a tense situation at Caja Extremadura [saving bank] after ask for explanis about a eviction in Don Benito came out yesterday in the Journal Extremadura. At least the journalist had mistake the companies, Caja Extremadura instead of Caja Rural de Extremadura, whose director was the only
"not present". The police came in the first two cases, thus extra-advertising were added because it was all very showy.

Afternoon CNT has integrated the demo called by the CCOO and UGT, which has been fairly nourished with support from people of all region. There were about 2,000 people. The demo has come from 18'00 to 20'00 by Central Avenue (shops, that closed the passage and opened later).

There has not been arrested, injured or incidents.


6:00 a.m.: Out of a picket by the industrial areas.

Sparse support in comerce.

13.00h: Starts the manifestation. The CNT block has 200 people in a demonstration of 10,000.

10:30 a.m.: The CNT picketed walkthrough the center and the shopping area. 

2:00 p.m.: Demonstration in the streets of the city. More assistance than previous strikes. The city is completely paralyzed, in the center there is no establishment open. Large block of CNT, the most militant of the demonstration.

09.00h: Picket at City Council, only 14 among 140 workers scabs. One of the scabs attacked picket members. Note that police carrying riot gear-80s. Now a big squad will go through the center of the city, while the rest goes to the industrial area of ​​Gandara.

8:30 a.m.: Alcampo industrial area and Gandara and paralyzed, almost all closed in the city.

5:00 a.m.: Bus station paralyzed strong police presence.

00.00h The garbage collection service is paralyzed. Quiet and no police presence.

17.00h: Eventually they are released the arrested. Popular support has been significative.

15:00 : Massive concentration in front of the Police station until free the arrested.

12:00am: Start the demo with unit of CSI, CGT, CNT and Suatea Wetland in the Plaza. At the same time there is another demonstration convened by the CCOO, UGT and USO, attempting to usurp the call. More than 30,000 people in the streets!

10:00 a.m.: CNT performed a picket at the west area of the city. There are very few places open, except the supermarkets, which closed to the passage of the picket. Very good reception neighborhood. Presence of anti-riots all time. It is report four arrested and three injured in a picket Left Sindical Stream (CSI).

9:00 p.m.: In one of the pickets a camrade was arrest. CNT concentration convenes tomorrow November 15th at 09.00h hours in the courts of La Caleta for his freedom.

18.00h: Strike report: broad participation in large industries and estates, but scarce in commerce and hospitality.

00.00h: CNT members participate in a spontaneous picket near Plaza de Toros. It displays a giant banner at the height of Gran Vía, where will the demonstrations during the day.

Positive strike support . The picket of CNT has toured the city center, closing Mercadona and commerces in general.

19.00h: mass demonstration (15,000 according to some local media) in Guadalajara. There has been a large presence of the critical block. After the demo around hundred people have reached the PP headquarters, prolonging the march for Constitution street and Army avenue. Optimal brooch for a great day of fight.

14:00h: Dissolve the march that has spread from Subdelegación to Toledo Street, reaching the vicinity of Cuatro Caminos. Above hundred participants then returned to the Plaza Santo Domingo cutting off this main road of the city. Some shops were closed from the morning and have to step down the fence.

13.00h: Confirmed success in Alcarreña town, especially in commerce with many closed stores. It has participated in the rally CC.OO. UGT and harshly criticizing his attitude and a strong syndicalist discourse. Presence also in Alcala de Henares town.

10:30 a.m.: Picket in Caixa Catalunya [bank], with continuous police cordon. Actions continue despite pressure of capitalists pickets [police].

9:30 a.m.: Action in the BBVA, the police take a fellow to identify.

7:10 a.m.: Picket intercolectivos moves, achieving that buses do not start dating until after 07:00 h. Are counted as 15 police cars "keeping company." There have been threats of fines and some identification. Small success to start the day.

10:00 p.m.: picket-Lactalis Nestlé. Are informed that out of turn, ensures that several workers to resume home.

CNT Concentration intervention and more than 300 people who attended the event for a town of 4,000 inhabitants.

- Huesca Capital In the CNT has participated in the morning bikepicket with 70 protesters, three were detained by police and one attacked by them, with a medical injuries report. Alternative Picket by the city mall (Coso) with large presence of CNT comrades and 15-M members. At 12 hours demonstration called by CNT, CGT, SOA and Huste, attendance of between 3,000 to 4,000 people, doubling the attendance of the 29-M demonstration.

By evening at 19.30 hours manifestation of the bureaucratics unions, attended by between 7,000 to 9,000 people. The CNT has participated with his banner "it is not a crisis, is capitalism, it is time to fight" and black and red-black flags.

- In Sariñena (Huesca), in the presence of CNT concentration 12'00 hours with 150 people convened by the Citizens' Assembly of Monegros, with previous marches from the Institute and the Health Center.

- In Monzón (Huesca), presence of CNT in the manifestation at 18:00h convened by Green Tide [education], Students, Workers and People's Assembly and the bureaucratic unions. Attendance of 3,000 to 4,000 people, with important support behind banners and Assembly Workers Monsoon People and Monegros Citizens Assembly has also joined the protest.

 -In Barbastro 
(Huesca), presence of CNT-cacerolada [potternoising] concentration of 18'30 in Jardinetes.

- In Jaca
 (Huesca), Multicolor Tide Picket unit of Jacetania formed by CNT. CGT, 15-M and the bureaucratic unions, operating Jaca's Hospital and cleaning services FOCSA.
In the afternoon demonstration unit with presence of CNT and between 3,000 to 4,000 protesters.

 -In Sabiñanigo
 (Huesca), we Jaca's companions reported the demonstration in the afternoon with
about 3,000 people in the street.

The picket alternative unionism, which is the CNT, advances by the polygon of Olives.

Jerez de la Frontera: 

The short CNT picket traffic on Avenida de Europa for an hour, blocking one of the entrances to the city. MercaJerez [main city maarket] also locked. Road closures occur also in La Granja.

La Bisbal: 
By 11:30 h a picket intervened in a supermarket Mercadona and Day filling grocery carts. There were no incidents or problems.

Stitches from early in the morning by the center supermarkets. Closing two of them for three hours. Mercadona high police custody, could only get a few customers who came in dribs and drabs.
At noon performed a demonstration which gathered around 500 people, closing establishments while passing. Important picket made in the FREMAP company, in conflict with the union for a companion farewell.

24:00: We start the picket popular in the Plaça de Sant Joan de Lleida. The picket is first directed to the train station, then passed by Mercadona and some banks.

10.45: informational picket by the commercial backbone of Lleida, crossing it from end to end.

09.00h: Comrades scattered pickets involved in different parts of the city. It takes an act of protest in the University library.

6:00 a.m.: Picket block access to anti-capitalist industrial del Segre.

21.00h: From Logroño CNT want to communicate the facts and events that occurred along today's demonstration outside the organization and membership of CNT Logroño and publicly denounce persecution and cruelty of a Police given to one of our affiliates. Since the end of the rally after falling object thrown from afar has gone straight to our colleague. Soon we will send the photographic and audiovisual.

7:00 a.m.: Industrial areas of the Portal I and II have been closed to the entrance of the night shift. A fellow was fined by the police show that their children end up on the dole as others.

10:00 am: While CC.OO. UGT and concentrated on the Jetty, a picket of CNT, supporters and autonomous groups followed suit in the Market Square. From there began a tour of the city, closing shops, being escorted by more than 20 anti-riots. Several members of the squad went on bike and then block all without acronyms joined the demonstration organized by the Student Assembly.


Good support. Pickets have been formed by the CCOO, UGT and CNT. On the morning after the rally, over 1000 people have marched through the city center closing trade.

Just follow the strike. The event is being nurtured.

20.00h: 100,000 attending the demonstration unit!

7:45 p.m.: La Haine interview José, of CNT Villaverde, who claims: "The strike as we have lived in CNT, in our pickets and workplaces in which we operate has been quite important, even greater than that of 29M, especially in the primary sectors, although there were many more shops that have not opened. Earlier in the strike incidence was achieved not as positive as this. But the point is that there has to be continuity in the fight, the strike has success for the commitment have shown to workers, we are suffering attacks at social and work and its not enough just a simple strike. We need to continue the fight and to develop a scenario of fighting in the streets and at works. Generate a gap with the officialist unions.

24:00: @Manuelcuellar via Twitter: An 'army' of anti-riot police take the place of Tirso de Molina to go to Lavapies.

-Computing CNT Section chronicle

-> Villaverde
13.00h: The Picket is in Getafe CNT. With shops closed, go to the Alcampo mall .

10:05 a.m.: -> Sierra Norte de Madrid: Buitrago informational picket, at 12pm to Cabrera with 15M assemblies. There were retained two companions.

10:00 am: The South Regional Federation CNT Villaverde currently has three active picketing, one in Rivas, another in the Sierra Norte de Madrid and the central core is now in Leganes.

09.00h: The picket Rivas is in the Mercadona. There is a bit of fuss, and police is identifying colleagues.

8:29 a.m.: The picket of CNT is in the industrial area of ​​Villaverde. No activity, but if making a punch too special police.

-> Madrid Local Federation:
Strike repport:
-Press: In Unidad Editorial stops are lows. According to CNT section is estimated at 20%. The anecdote was that members of some Company Councyl [privileged unionist] have gone to work, agaisnt the call of their own unions!
Becouse of the complete stop of papernews roundsman, El Mundo newspaper has hired private cars to distribute, again violating the right to strike, in any case, few stores open.

-Audiovisual section: the stop in Telefonica Audiovisual Services is almost complete in the workplace of the Ronda de la Comunicación, according to the CNT union section. In RTVE [public television] support is high: between 60 and 70 in Prado del Rey, while Torrespaña support has been very high with few scabs, yes, minimum services have been abussive in this center, where there are information services: 400 workers from a workforce of 1,600.

 -Publishing- the support is uneven. Very low in Anaya and about 50% in Edelvives.

 -Shows- the vast majority of theaters have announced that there will be no meeting today.

11.00h: Picket for Tribunal and Puerta de Toledo streets. 40 CNT comrades and FIJA [anarchist youths] have started the journey in the Toledo Market Gate street, where the campus of the University Carlos III is established. By throwing pamphlets in through the front door, two security guys have left chasing a company and tried to attack him. The rest of the squad has come to his aid. At that time a car appeared and municipal police have accused the company security officer of aggression. The picket was lodged preventing arrest and continuing the journey to the headquarters in Tirso de Molina.

10:30 a.m.: Stopping an eviction in Lavapies. CNT comrades s of Madrid on their way to picket scheduled for Puerta de Toledo street, joined a large group of solidarity people that, in less than half an hour, and after forcing the judicial commission to take refuge in the Church of San Anton with shouts of "shame". Effectively shut the eviction of a neighbor on the street Cabestreros 15.

9:30 a.m.: Picket of CNT in Atento (Aluche). 40 afiliated supporters have been picketing, entering the building of the company to inform workers who had gone on strike. Immediately the private picket corp [security men] has picked up the phone and reached the public picket [police], about 20 policemen, on a complaint of infringement of private property. Finding that it was not such, but an informational picket, it has remained normal, but overseen by the repressive forces. Upon leaving the venue, the people who were outside claps the syndicalists.

8:30 a.m.: CNT pickets in INDRA and Isbar [tecnological companies]. Some thirty comrades of Telecommunications and Informatics Services Various Occupations CNT [Madrid CNT-SOV] of Madrid near other comrades of CNT-Metal and CNT-Education sindicates have made two separate informational picketing in the workplaces of INDRA in the streets Méndez Álvaro and Julian Camarillo and in ISBAR headquarters in Pozuelo de Alarcon. It has managed to inform and encourage workers to second strike.

7:30 a.m.: The squad of about 80 people, among members of CNT, anarchist youth and FEL, reaches Erion co. at 6:30 a.m.. Cut the access to the height of the company and then go up to the train access. Two strikebreakers in a car trying to run over a picket companion and then assaulting him and a secret infiltration has been identified as police. Arrive anti-riots and threaten to detenenciones if the picket if not disband, and prevent information campaign to the coming cars. Picketing continues and reach more anti-riot. Comrades resist half hour. Ends the picket line and people are spreading to other points.

7:28 a.m.: The picket Riva-Madrid reports that 20 people, including CGT and CNT are at the entrance of the company and has not left any garbage truck or sweepers and gardeners get out. Meanwhile, about 50 people marching through the industrial area escorted by Civil Guard and National Police without incident, closing several companies.

7:00 a.m.: CNT pickets have walked the neighborhood, it's time to visit industrial sites before attempting shops opened.

-> Graphic Sindicate:
 The strike has begun for the Entertainment sector late on 13th, with the symbolic occupation of the Spanish Theater (dependent MACSA, company that has submitted an ERE which raises the dismissal of a third of the template). The workers have been deployed to the front a banner with the slogan "Workers fighting performances. General Strike " In the filming of the movie Nacho Vigalondo and Alex de la Iglesia, the workers have decided not to go to work.
Press section: To this day the strike 14N Press sector coincides with that of the general strike (usually used to be a day earlier for newspapers stay off the street the day of the strike), despite that newsrooms have posted small editions and lower print runs. However, routers stops is almost complete so there has been virtually cast.
The Mint and Stamp, stop is total, exceeding 90%.
In the audiovisual sector is uneven track: Telemadrid keeps still image from midnight strike reporting. The rest, canned broadcast programs. In section Telecinco CNT union complained to the Labour Inspectorate 13th recording program yesterday that will air today Save me, actually posed a clear violation of the right to strike.
For printing and publishing, we should expect the evolution of the day to have a reliable assessment.
7:00 a.m.: a squad of seven cars with CNT militants goes to Prado del Rey (RTVE).

00.00h: Men and women affiliated with CNT have left the premises of Tirso square [CNT headquarter in the city core], pickets toward other neighborhoods and preparatory actions to ensure the success of the strike.

1:30 p.m.: CNT militants involved in the concentration of the Green Tide in the morning, 500 people cut traffic on Avenida Andalucía. The demonstration progresses joining the picket that goes to Maria Zambrano station, closing shops along the way. The demonstration comes to CARE (health center), cutting traffic in both directions. At the station joins the picket CC.OO. and CGT, moments of tension occur.

00.00h: Very quiet night with no major impact of the strike. Dissolve the picket aat Renfe station (Vialia-Maria Zambrano). The entire city center virtually closed until Alameda, very little police presence. Hear of a detainee to make picket ZZ pub.


10:00 am: In the demonstration, about a hundred people in the anti-capitalist bloc.

7:00 a.m.: We have cut access to the city.

Marina Alta:

 First thing in the morning pickets at City Hall and in Pedreguer Benissa Ecopark, where we organized union with locals. At 11.00h members and supporters have come to the demonstration. The City Council has been picketing shared with people from the CGT and some CAM workers and unemployed.

Miranda de Ebro:

Good support broadly and without incident followed for between 70 and 80%. Stitches unit between CNT and CGT, and to join the CCOO About 200 people have been closing Mercadona among other establishments.

Participation in informational picketing in medium business through the center in the morning. Participation in the afternoon manipor integrated into the "Critical Block" with great animation and assistance and moments
tension with law enforcement to identify and record a protester. The demonstration (some 5,000 people) goes from Spain Square to Puerta de la Villa and down through Santa Eulalia,  trying to convince small business of its mistake for not being in strike. Success in various establishments. Chanted slogans against labor reforms, the bankers, law enforcement, the royal household, racism and fighting for independent and self-managed class workers and the general strike.

20.00h: About 500 people in the block where participated CNT.

10:00 a.m.: Almost total stops in Pla de Baix industrial area. Several roadblocks.


3:00 p.m.: The event brings together thousands of people. The CNT was concentrated with other libertarian groups to step of the demonstration. Weak monitoring of the strike.

The stop feeling is loose in the city, with many stores open. Slight presence of pickets around the city.

Palma de Mallorca:
8:00 p.m.: 8000 protesters in joint Mani CNT and CGT.

2:00 p.m.: Success total unemployment in the University, and on public transport and municipal cleaning companies, where unemployment has been total.

10:40 a.m.: CNT pickets through the center and the most important avenues of the city and neighborhoods to abet workers strike.

00.00: Abundant police presence guarding the commercial heart of the city. Police have established controls in all municipal buildings to prevent picketing in public administration.

11:00: Rally and march from the Plaza del Vínculo between different social organizations. About 1000 attendees.

09.00h: social Picket by Castle Square, called by various platforms.

7:30 a.m.: Bike-picket at the Public University of Navarra.


Pickets during the day and evening combative demonstration, the biggest crowd ever recorded.

The demonstration was a success.

Puerto de Santa Maria:

High support to the strike. Commercial center, parks and downtown businesses closed. Just working some city officials. 80% up in the morning. Around 2000 people in the manifestation of the afternoon.


handbills Cast in concentration across from City Hall. Informational picket at the center. It supports the student demonstration.

Strike report: higher up than in the past, especially in trade and in major centers as Mercasalamanca.

3:00 p.m.: 7000 people seconded the manifestation of CNT. The trip was uneventful, with all shops closed. After the demonstration around 1000 people between CNT, CCOO, UGT and CGT have focused on the doorstep of El Corte Ingles, getting to close for half an hour.

11.00h: Rotunda of San Jose and Prince of Asturias bridge cut for several minutes. Later went to Paseo Canalejas. The picket between CNT and CGT consisted of about 200 people.

6:30 a.m.: There are about 220 people formed the picket in the city bus depot. There are people of CNT (130 people), PCE and UJCE (50 people), CGT (20 people) and CCOO and UGT (20 people). So far they have gone two buses of minimum services. Agreed minimum services for the strike are 1 bus line, so we'll see if they comply. For now, all is quiet.

Two workers buses have arrived  . Squad members are sitting in front of the entrance and there was a small charge, raising the police and civil guard and getting people to tip some punch. Buses of workers could not enter. Subsequently, police has formed a cordon to facilitate workers' access to the garages. At first only going out minimum services, but so far has not left any bus.

4:30 a.m.: About 230 people have formed a picket at the gates of Mercasalamanca. The squad was made up of members of CNT - AIT (130 people), PCE and UJCE (50 people) and CCOO and UGT (50 people). CCOO and UGT members came to inform workers who had come to their workplaces, but there has been little to report, as the monitoring of the strike is over 95%. After half an hour, the pickets have targeted the city bus depot.

2:00 a.m.: tense moments occur in the Gran Via between police and picketing of CNT formed by about 200 people. Detention of a scab and a businessman.

 00.00: About 100 people have been forming picket in front of the Municipal Landfill, without leaving any truck. On the picket line have been among others, members of CNT.

San Sebastian:

12:00: Demonstration and rally from the Boulevard of Donostia. People have come to call on a higher than expected number. Around 1000 people.

0900: Motorhome. Departure from the car park next to the station Euskotren Anoeta. From there we split into polygons Donostia and nearby villages.

18.00h: Starts the manifestation.

3:00 a.p.: heavily support. CNT picket Square Stations. Later closing small businesses and large surfaces.

24:00: demonstration of teaching, even more than in the 29M.

08.00: Caravan of cars along the left, leaving from the Hall.

 Just support in the city. CNT pickets performed in the County of Segovia, in city buses (with racket included) and in the morning in the aqueduct with students.

24:00: Demonstration from Plaza Nueva to the convening organizations (CGT, CNT, SAT, USTEA, SU). The turnout was much larger than the 29M.

10:00 a.m.: CNT pickets centered in retail and hospitality.

8:45 a.m.: We hear rumors that night action groups have been arranging things so that workers who have been coerced by their employers can freely exercise their right to not work.

Begin to organize pickets tour the center city, visiting the many shops and bars that are located in that
area. You start to notice an increased police presence.

13.00h: Good tracking both Tenerife and La Laguna. In Santa Cruz came to form picket lines per 400 people, while in La Laguna in 200, the vast majority summoned by CNT. All virtually paralyzed transport (airports, port, trams ...) For the city many shops closed, not because the polygons. The finished CNT picket against Ali Baba Kebab in conflict with the union.

6:00 a.m.: CNT participates in joint picket at the gates of the refinery, cutting traffic on Avenida Manuel Hermoso (into the city).

The pickets are being successful both in the city of La Laguna and Santa Cruz. According to latest information, in Santa Cruz, picketing conducted by various unions, reach 400. In La Laguna, reaching, at times, to 200 members, the vast majority called by the CNT.

20.00h: Good attendance at the demonstration, the CNT block with about 300 people.

10:00 am: Little follow. The sting of CNT and other organizations have focused against Osi Food, meat supplier Donald'sa national MC. Concentrations along the assembly for public health in the hospital Virgen de la Salud. Pickets are also conducted at the University Campus of the Arms Factory.

Torrelavega: wide following.

20.00h: Around 2000 people in the CNT block during the demonstration. The afternoon demonstration in Valencia was called by unions institutional at 18:30 but was already an hour before the San Agustin Plaza and Calle Xativa Station North until almost to overflowing. Such was the amount of people there that demonstration was not moving so the Anti-Capitalist Bloc, formed by various groups and unions, has decided to deviate from the path City official heading the street and turn the boats. Here we have found against capital painted in several shattered banks and an ATM. Upon arrival at the English Court was a strong police presence has made a feint load but ultimately did not happened. The march continued to the Palace of Justice where he has met with the head of the CCOO and UGT expression and seemed
that police prepared to charge but neither has happened. This has been concluded the demonstration.

24:00: The morning demonstration runs through the center of the city, cutting off roads and closing shops. Loads occur in Xativa Street, taking shelter people at FNAC.

9:30 a.m.: Arrival at Mercy Institute. Loads reported in the University. Several detainees. The police enter the University.

7:30 pm: The CNT reaches picket Alacuas industrial area.

5:30 a.m.: Picket against Martinez Loriente, leading distributor of meat to Mercadona.

Vall d'Albaida:
8:00 a.m.: The picket has gone to Ontiyent center, collapsing the road until 13h00. It entered the faculties of Business and Magisterium. It has also gone through the stores, Mercadona ...

5:30 a.m.: The picket unit formed by the assembly of unemployed and has deployed CNT device cones and vests to stop traffic with the help of a member of the Fire Department Ontiyent which took the truck to improve the job. Then we carried on an informational picket to textile Avenue.

21.00h: Ends the event and again a massive assistance to the same as in the past strikes. Spectacular setting in the ranks of the CNT.

18.00h: NTC issued a statement denying the manipulation poured in the newspaper El Mundo in relation to the alleged "assault on the courts."

13.00h: Cut the main avenues as Avenida Paseo Zorrilla and Salamanca, for both lanes. Some 20,000 people are heading towards the Parliament. CC.OO. UGT and the tail of the demonstration.

24:00: Arrival Plaza Mayor converging with students, 15-M and CGT.

10:00 a.m.: Picket the city center. More support in commerce than previous strikes. Many closed savings. Green Cross Crossing in the manifestation of CC.OO. and UGT, verbal confrontations.

8:00 a.m.: Picket of CNT cutting traffic and closing shops in the Circular and Delicias neighbourghoods.

00.00h: CNT pickets are on the verge of FASA-Renault and Printolid co. Night very quiet, with little presence of CCOO pickets and UGT.

17.00h: Mass picket in the center unit. It can close the Corte Ingles store.

24:00: Start the demonstration, about 5,000 people attended the rally alternative.

9:10 a.m.: massive following. Loads and identifications in the City.

Villagarcia de Arosa:
9:00 p.m.: After maintaining the picket afternoon in downtown celebrates the manifestation of the CNT with several dozen attendees finishing with a couple of rallies.

11.00: Demonstration from the Tower of Doña Otxanda the middle to get to the Post Office Square. We have read several statements in front of a bank and the council. The influx has been good, considering that the call was from CNT, CGT and ESK: about 800 people.

6:00 a.m.: A group of militants has come Jundiz industrial estate, in front of a company having a stressful time with scabbing.

Well supported. A large picket formed by CNT and other alternative organizations have closed shops in the city.

09.00h: Picket in Plaza Roma, at the gates of Mercadona.

00.00: One hundred colleagues focus on the Plaza San Miguel.

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Past and present of American military bases in Spain.

What happened to the American militar bases in Spain?

  United States founded NATO in 1948 with two purposes. First was prevent European countries, weakened after 2nd WW, fell under the political influence of the USSR. The second was provided militar bases for possible open confrontation to spearhead its expansion in Europe, as at present time.

   On the defensive Spain-USA agreement of 26th september 1953, "Madrid Pacts", signed by Generalisimo Francisco Franco and the President Ainserhawer, USA manage to install military bases in Spain and close the clamp on the Mediterranean sea. The agreement was presented by the fascist regime of General Franco as a model of mutual aid, military and economic, between "two powers". USA secret clauses reserved the unilateral initiative and use of the facilities. USA kept the space under American laws.
   USA started investing and building military bases and installations. USA held the sovereignty of the bases and, despite participating staff from both countries were governed by U.S. law. The impact of the agreements conferred to Spain the figure of vassalage and the ability to automatically go to war if the U.S. did.

   In 63, with the signing of the "Joint Declaration", the bases went to Spanish sovereignty. It results in the recognition of Spain as a "strategic ally", confirmed by the construction of the NASA satellites monitoring and spying center of Robledo de Chavela, Madrid, and the construction of the first nuclear power plant, in Zorita, Guadalajara. Nevertheless maintaining American court of jurisdiction. American plans for Spain were large, judging from the investment.

   From 1973, with the advent of satellite technology, most bases and checkpoints become obsolete and was gradually transferred to the Spanish army.

   In 1986, after decades of joint maneuvers, Spain joins NATO. The novelty of the covenant is that the NATO organization controls the militar bases and facilities, not America. But if the United States controls NATO it was not a substantial change. Translate, USA had no staff or facilities to mantein becouse subcontracts Spain to do instead. It was cheaper.

   Everyone knows the large American military bases of NATO in Spain, as Torrejon de Ardoz, now used for civilian services as to NASA, Zaragoza Spanish base now that supports American logistical needs and Rota and Moron as permanent NATO military bases. But what of those other facilities?

U.S. military bases and installations:
American and Spanish militars recovering the nuclear bomb
fallen in Palomares during air maneuvers
San Pablo (Seville), airbase. 
In 1957, the Seville airport was included in the "Hispanic-American Agreement" for the installation of a supply base. A track was used outside the civil service. Works were performed in the terminal and control tower. It was dedicated to military training and testing. Hence possessing a large military hospital, built about 63. The military airport was transform in civil in the 90sl and runs until today. Civilian useCIVILIAN USE.

San Pablo, Seville, Military Hospital.
Between 1971 and 1975, the facilities was remodeling, expanding the parking lot, and building an urbanization. At the end of the 70s the military hospital is ceded to the Spanish army, being in the 80s and after many reforms when it comes into service as a civil hospital. It was in service until the renovation of the hospital Virgen de la Macarena. Today hospital, urbanization and other facilities are abandoned and awaiting demolition. DEMOLISHED.

Reus (Tarragona), airbase. 
The works of expropriation for construction began in 1941, building an aeródormo. Instalations was joined to the Madrid Pact treaty as supply and training base of the USAF. It was closed in 1981. The airstrip are still operational today for civilian use as dependent Aena Airport since 1998. CIVILIAN USE.

Ferrol, A Coruña, Shipyard.
Dedicated since its inauguration Shipyard to build warships. Through the cooperation contract at 53, the Spanish government began the construction of ships with American technology, waiting to obtein some access to it. Due to the low cost of labor hand and good strategic position for transatlantic travel had to be expand, modernize and train its workers, some of whom traveled to USA to be introduced on new technologies. Currently managed by the company Navantia, IZAR group, manufactures boats for bélic and militar porpouses. MILITARY USE.

Cartagena (Murcia). Navy base.
Base use for suplying and recreation for American ships in the Mediterranean operations, the Sixth Fleet. In 1944 the United States also made the donation of a field hospital of forty beds setting in the Baluarte de San Pedro Claver in Cartagena, at that time called Naval War Hospital. This site wa operating until the first of March 1980 without be modified. CIVIL AND MILITAR USE.

Cartagena's military shipyards.
The shipyard was oriented towards the construction of special vessels such as submarines and minesweepers. Operated by NAVANTIA complany has special factory areas avalabled in the production, sale and maintenance of diesel engines for various applications: ships, tanks, power plants, cogeneration plants and traction. MILITARY USE.

Puig Major (Mallorca) military Air Force base. 
Puig Major is the highest mountain in Mallorca, with a height of 1,445 m, and is the biggest peak of the Sierra de Tramuntana, with restricted access. Their radar provides image from Gibraltar to Malta even though the satellites today has higher resolution. The building is located right at the top of the peak and it is named after a military radar tower. Built and installed by the Americans in 1958. There are doubts about the nature of military installations and whether the responsibility lies with the Spanish or American army. Presumably SPANISH MILITARY USE.

Menorca. Navy base.
In 1825 the Americans manage to set on a stable, Mahon naval base, first base overseas that created outside its borders. Although it has been granted part of the facilities for civil use military use is maintained. The Americans have indicated that in the Balearics has one of the best submarine bases in the world "and not properly cultivated." Presumably SPANISH MILITARY USE.

Guardamar de Segura, Alicante, Naval radio station. 
In the Campo de Guardamar the U.S. military in 1962 installed a radio antenna, "the American's Tower", 370 and 475m tall over the sea, and belonging to the Spanish Armada. Its transmitter is controlled from the base of Rota. After the first Gulf War the U.S. Army stopped using these facilities, passing to spanish Navy ownership, who called the base "Camp Santa Ana" and now belongs to the Spanish Navy. Its main objective is to control maritime traffic in the Mediterranean, especially the submarine fleet, which have their main base nearby, in the Port of Cartagena. Today is located a few meters from civil homes and developments. MILITARY USE.

Sierra de Aitana, Alicante, airbase and radio station.
In the Sierra de Aitana, between the towns of Alcoleja and Confrides, Alicante, is the EVA Air Surveillance Squadron No 5 with the Naval Radio Station. Located at 1558 m, the highest mountain in the province. Its construction began in 1957 and ended in 1960. It was the result of the bilateral agreement between Spain and the U.S., 1953. In 1964, the base was finally ceded by the United States, going to be owned by the Spanish Armada (Navy). The Aitana radar guide NATO sea navigation and air traffic into the Middle East and much of the Maghreb. In February 2007, was published in the Official Information, Defense Ministry's intention to dismantle the military base of the Air Force of the Sierra de Aitana, in order to optimize resources. ALLEGEDLY DEMOLISHED.

Sonseca, Toledo, nuclear surveillance observatory.
Is still part of the global network of detectors of Sovietic underground nuclear explosions warning of possible experiments. He is currently a research seismic and geological laboratory . CIVILIAN USE.

Inoges in the municipality of the Frasno, Zaragoza. Airbase. 
Its construction started in 1955 and ends in 59. He summoned an air squadron of the USAF and a radar installation. In 1963, U.S. personnel moved, leaving a small group of USAF officers as advisers and moving the base control to Spanish Air force. Even in 1986 held protests against the military installations occupied by the Yankees. The base remains operational. MILITARY USE.

Humosa, Madrid, Comunicacion station. 
Tropospheric station installed in the Humosa Saints, near Alcalá de Henares. It was and is central coordination of the communications network. In the 80 control functions go to Naples, home of the Western defense in the Mediterranean. MILITARY USE.

Gorramendi (Navarre) and The Frasno (Zaragoza), bases.
Were sites of ancient tropospheric communications network "486L, MEDCOM" of the USAF. There were also stations in Guardamar de Segura (Murcia), San Pablo (Seville) and the Humosa Saints (Madrid). MILITARY USE.

Elizondo, Navarre, Base Warning and Control Air Army. Huge
 << "forests" of antennas, towers, bunkers, acuertalamientos, buildings of 15 storeys ... Everything came out of nowhere in 1954 at the summit of Mount Gorramendi in Elizondo (Navarra). That American base called Control Warning Squadron 877 W-6, was for 20 years the epicenter of the mystery until everything disappeared in 1974 after being blown fulminant facilities. The Franco regime was never clear about the activities that took place there, but it was suspected that it was a secret base communications prepared for any eventuality nuclear >>. 
Right now demolished and in ruins. DEMOLISHED.

Estaca de Bares, Galicia, Navy Base.
This base was opened in 1962 to operate in the LORAN system (Long Range Aid to Navigation). In 1978 passes to the USAF . The base served as a communications station until 1991. Demolition planned for 2007. In present days these facilities are in ruins. Almost from its opening was the source of all kinds of myths and legends, even saying that nuclear submarines were located. DEMOLISHED.

L'Estartit, (Baix Empordà), Catalonia, Navy base.
Also belonging to the naval base LORAN system. Located on Mount Rocamaura. The base was abandoned in 1994. The demolition of the military base antenna culminated in May 98 the dismantling of the military base. In recent years only worked on it a guidance system for boats left satellite radio obsolete. NATO bombers have there the tracing and coordination center between America, Europe and southern Africa. At least American released that other centers had more hidden and more strategic interest across Europe. DEMOLISHED.

  In 1953 the regime capitulated to Ameicans. Since long, movements of rapprochement between the two regimes was expressed. The Spanish State Bankruptcy accelerate the process. Access to the installation of foreign forces in return for economic aid. Besides start settling foreign heavy industry through low cost of labor.
In 1963 U.S. install nuclear power plant in Spain, its strategic value is incalculable. Technology and operators were Americans. In 1968 Spain joined the treaty of non-proliferation. This does not prevent Americans keep on with its own nuclear policy at will, using the installed bases at its own. Nor off Spanish claims to be able to build a nuclear bomb.

Inoges, Soller, Estaca de Bares, Menorca, are fulcrums of general telecommunications network at service of Hunosa base.

  The radar systems and antennas was part of a network of flight tracking for a possible nuclear war with Russia. In this war, each country was a puzzle piece and like it or not they have a specific place on the global map. USA had a special interest in Spain by its position in the Mediterranean: shutoff valve and first transatlantic scale.

  At the end of the 70 American military bases in Spain have no longer interest in the outdated radar technology. 2 airports are now in civilian use. 2 LORAN tracing bases demolished, 2 aerial surveillance bases, Elizondo and the crumbling Sierr of Aitana also demolished. All other operating bases. The two shipyards were converted part of their business and private enterprise will, which also shows the interest of this militarily.

  It is remarkable the importance for the American military development position in the Mediterranean the  Balearic Islands. It is not possible to determine whether base has or has not American personnel.
NATO reconverted military sector. Got rid of the bases of less value, and increased the most importants. Americans, thanks to the treaty firm in 1953, which provide 25% of the Spanish budget, served to get control of his allies by the economy. In addition served to control his enemies by his strategic positioning. Finally the countries where invested in facilities and equipment meet part of their wars, as in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia and Libya.
  Spain has signed contracts for the sale of military equipment to countries from which supposedly have to defend, Venezuela for example. It is a question of money and represion, no of security.

  The army, far from disappearing strengthens. With each tecnologial  improvement increases their ability to control. In recent times it has transferred some of his power to Police Services, which have been militarized in equipment and tactics.
  Huge amounts of money are serve every year supporting this parasita that use the money in tis own profit. As they have the atribution of violence enay tentative to stop the daing will be stop with blood.
The military pantomime is play in this global world as a any other speculative business. Instead of CEO a General, instead of employee soldier. Their work: spend a earn money. They tools are the arms. But the raw material is human meat.
  We must said no to the army, no to the thievery and assesination. As our voice is not heard, weselves have to impose the sanity. No doubt that now the war is on the streets.

martes, 25 de septiembre de 2012

Spanish parasitism: 1 of the 15millones workers are unproductives by definition. And we wanted to change the unions!

  Spain is a dump: 5 million unemployed persons, 15 million workers, of which 944 000 people are real parasite to serve its own interests and paid directly by the state. Taking advantage of the extortion applying to their lackay subjects called state taxes.
  This is the size, number, and aparance of the dragging system.
A study that has been echoed by the Net amounted to no less than 445,568 political appointees who work in Spain.
 The Autonomic State has duplicated 17 times the structure of state, one by region. Hightest number and proportion in Europe.
Trade Unions Delegates-Neither the government nor the unions give official data on the number of union released in Spain and there is no census.
Two years ago the CEOE, patron organization, ventured to give a figure of 'liberated' in the private sector in a report which stated that 4,200 workers devote all their time to union issues.
-In the case of public sector figures are between 9000 and 10,000 (adding the central government, regional and local).
From Moncloa Accords in 1978 Spanish representative system forces companies to have certain union delegates, depending of number of workers, paid by both companies and state with only menaging functions. "Worker elite". They are choose in the corrupted Union elections. Parasites.
Patronal  released Workerin Spain there is about 35,000 people who earn their living by working in one of the 5,000 clusters that are part of the structure of the management nurse, the CEOE, according to his yearbook.
Spanish patronal organization and state paid a number of person for menaging this organization. This jobs are finger-selected, nepotism.
According to EUROSTAT in Spain's 224,000 police officers. Heirs of dictator's age they think haven't still end. They have complete impinity. Hightest number in Europe.
The number of soldiers is around 110,000. The same as police but with a aristochratic touch. Untouched by goberment cuts.
Priests and religiousAccording to Cadena Ser Radio, there are in Spain about 60,000 religious in the Social Security. From Vaticano II Accords in 1971 Catholic churc godes a lot of privileges, that includes their financial network. As organization untouched by goberment cuts.  Taking adventage of goberment "Concert" contract and "Fundation" companies, private administration of public money modes.
   A total of 944,000 people directly dependent on the organization, draggign and ruin of the state. As seen, estates are organized monopolizing the domes and intermediate positions. All this parasite factions are organized to share the pie of the state and everyone gets something.

   People are confused and disorganized. On one hand, there are the possibilists who spect some benefit despite to the full wave of cuts. And there are the disillusioned who believe that the state is completely corrupted and can not get anything out of something that is already divided and has an owner, as the items and budgetary adjustment measures. The action strategies are completely different.

  Why the population is divided? The various factions are mixed directly with influencing citizenship. Following, are helped by the media, owned by the very wealthy. They lay people with the same interests against each other.

The change starts with the unions, because they are a massive and organized, natural vanguard of popular demand.

  The worst thing is to see that the vanguard of the protest is spearheaded by the estate, held by the state. Shell Unionists.

  This produces a bicefalism, between the popular movement represented by the 15-M, which has been able to shed the burden of the game of political parties and the labor union movement, which has not yet begun the process that will detach from this.

  We must recover the unions if we are a true sovereign force .

  How to recover the unions for the people? These short, fair and logical measures may be asked and require. To them if they can influence their situation because they are more exposed to social action.

Union must disclaim subsidies and released delegated.

  This is the condition sin equa non, essential, for unions stop being businesses, and stop being another transmission belt. Until we meet these two simple and difficult conditions continue to belong to unions and government defending tooth and nail, and not workers.

  Sorry, but in the current conditions do not believe that any changes or possible social influence on the state despite all demonstrations, as demonstrated by the "No to War", "No to the Bologna Process", "No to labor reform", " No to. .. Tarcoteca still will go out to the streets as usual.

  Important PS: As we must say there is only one big statewide union without release or grants in all this country, the proud CNT.

jueves, 20 de septiembre de 2012

World Devaluation Plan: U.S. working as a Chinese. The Fed devaluation strength to match with China wages

The heads of the Fed, Federal Reserve of United States, have decided to turn on the dollars printing machine to devalue the currency. But either way, but for the purchase of junk mortgages, the so-called "bad bank" in Spain.
- The Federal Reserve announced a new monetary stimulus plan in order to give life to the famished U.S. economy where unemployment remains well above the levels that existed before the outbreak of the crisis.
- So that from this month and unlimited amount of time, the Fed will buy 40 billion dollars in mortgage-backed securities, ie toxic assets or "financial weapons of mass destruction" that triggered the current crisis .
- Is a crucial commitment to revitalize the U.S. economy by way of the devaluation of the dollar. This plan, coupled with released last week by the ECB, makes it clear that today nobody wants to have a strong currency and each block is determined to weaken its currency and sink.
Translating: Devaluation and 'bad bank'.
  The Americans are in a financial system lock and productive stop. Have find two solutions to this problems: cash injection into banks to promote liquidity and promote currency devaluation to increase exports.
   The maneuver is classic, but the novelty is that the Fed is behaving like the "bad bank". Is buying mortgages, freeing them banks of toxic assets while dollars flooded the market. As in Spain or Ireland the Fed is not intended to reduce the burden on homeowners with mortgages. Just the opposite. People who have lost their homes can take for "devalued", mission accomplished. The Fed does not want or can sell these foreclosed properties, their claim is demolished and make new ones, as in Ireland, so its price will plummet until it reaches the market price. The Fed will lose money in change and consummate the devaluation. Two birds with one stone.
  The delicate balance of Fed devaluation is how to keep unemployment above 8%.
  This is a maneuver that euro countries like Spain are unable to perform due to technical reasons.
 Does prayer card scam? Fed QE3 and unlimited monetary expansion

World Devaluation plan
  U.S. throws in the towel, as Europe gets rid of the idea of ​​the welfare state and maintain a large middle class. Opt for the devaluation, reduced wages and services. Its objective is matching salaries with those of Southeast Asia.
  The draft of global devaluation and wage equalization is underway. The Chinese average wage is about 300-500 € / month, countries like Greece have already lowered from 800 to 600€. Greece and Portugal are achieving their objectives, have taken about eight years, and they have left, until the consummation of the plan to reach 500 € month, for at least another 8. Germany has the minijobs, 2 million people subsisting on € 400 a month, the new pariah. In Spain have managed to reduce by 20% the general purchasing power thanks to a 25% unemployment and a tax increase in just two years. The next step is to translate it into the reduction of the minimum wage and reviewing agreements. The problem is that unemployed has no productive uses: spare.
  Exercise: We start 2000 € / month average wage in USA. Each year can decrease about 100 €. Moreover starting from 400 € month in China, with annual growth of 7%, which means that every 15 years the salary is twice. When deemed equivalent? With this plan, if all goes well, in about 20 years, in 2030. We do not believe an 100% adjust, but will approach, emphasizing socioeconomic differences in USA.
  But that's not all, because when wages are equalized to the Southeast Asian maquilas will move to Africa, or South America, where there are already many emplaced, starting a new round of devaluation.
  At no time Fed have proposed the reduction of debt. In contrast, provide for the generation of money will firing debt.

  The system has not been touched, so we will continue to suffer gusting balls and crisis. The U.S. population will suffer a progressive loss of general purchasing power and will be accompanied by a re-concentration of capital in the hands of four offshore and a complete polarization of society. The creation of ghettos around cities is evident. The Transnational companies control over the state will be clearer if cave, since money is fiduciary and the state, through the police and the army, the guarantor of the debts are paid. Yet perhaps manage to maintain its productive and unemployment under the 8%.
  Life U.S. foreign policy is marked by dependence of recurring wars that have produced most of the foreign debt and world domination. But as we see, the existence of debt is not what they most value, but the value of its currency, so it is reasonable to conduct further invasions, which help to devalue its currency, and allowing them to reach their goal before .

 We headed to a world-ghetto: the employee living and working in barracks. The owner living in neighborhoods and fortified luxury complex, shopping with his bodyguards in his armored limousine. This image is already common in many cities. No more middle class.

  Money is the definitive system of subjugation of the weak by imposition or stupid by manipulation. Along with the production system, based on private property and the protection of the army and police are the base and apex of capitalism. It's a hoax.

  There will be no re-evolution without chage of exchange system
  Can we organize ourselves to achieve a system, that be not only just, but that does not require money and based on real needs and capabilities? The media around us say yes. If we organize ourselves, will be able both system to live together? If the answer is yes let's work. If the answer is no: let's work harder.
There are Cooperatives. There are Assemblies. Let's use it!

                     θα καταστρέψει τον καπιταλισμό ή να καταστραφεί.

domingo, 16 de septiembre de 2012

Pitiusa Case: Spanish Goberment awarded Global Hacker with the direction of National Cybersecurity Center

The Pitiusa Case is the most important case of corruption occurred in Europe. For its size, involvement and affected. It is a cross plot with endless ramifications and crossovers. We focus on Matías Bevilacqua, director of CFLabs, accused and mastermind of the plot. Despite his "necessary collaboration" as getter and distributor of information is still awarding with millions. But either way, goberment has given the "keys of the kingdom": access to critical infrastructure and cybersecurity. Its meaning is clear.
CFLabs wins the National Center of Excellence for CybersecurityThe company of Matías Bevilacqua, 36, computer programmer arrested and charged in the purchase and sale of confidential data plot dismantled by police, is awarded with the National Center of Excellence for Cybersecurity that the European Commission has awarded the Ministry of Interior, the Institute of Forensic Science and Security (ICFS) and several companies associated with it, which include CFLabs. All combined to achieve this goal.
The National Cyber ​​Security Center will be located on the campus of the Autonomous University of Madrid where the ICFS lies and will be inaugurated in September with a grant of 700,000 euros granted by the European Commission.
Laboratory participates CFLabs Cyber ​​Critical Infrastructure ProtectionThe Matías Bevilacqua company also participates, from the hand of that university institute on a project for the creation of the Laboratory for Critical Infrastructure Protection Cyber ​​aimed at preventing cyber defense and the main facilities of the country. Juan Manuel says that this project "is parked" for lack of funds.
Collaboration with the CNI and the Ministry of Interior.Bevilacqua collaborates also with the National Intelligence Center (CNI), confessed to the police who arrested him in Barcelona. In his police statement justified the finding of 140,000 euros in the company headquarters in Barcelona with orders from the Defense Ministry. The plot's integrated a string of detectives, policemen, police officers, brokers, bank employees and telephone companies selling private data.
What is the National Center of Excellence for Cybersecurity
This is actually the first Spanish espionage center created after the completion of the Critical Infrastructure Program (EPCIP) approved by the European Union following the 11-S, in order to "protect national security and espionage cyberterrorism industrial "growing threats for states and for large companies.
Who is Matias Bebilacqua
Brief biography as a student at the UPC, Politcnics Public University of Barcelona, in this link.
Professor of members of the Judiciary, Army and Spanish police
Matías Bevilacqua has given numerous lectures, conferences and training courses to civil guards, police officers, detectives, prosecutors and judges of the High Court and the Supreme Court.
CFLabs Director: mercenaries network.
Before creating CFLabs the hacker worked in front of the R+D+ I in Cybex, computer forensics company administered by Juan de La Torre, detective for the Intelligence Bureau agency. Has been arrested with some others detectives whom coincided them. According to the summary has been imputed of the analyzed computers of Unilever and Mines of Rio Tinto and Niscayah managers on behalf of the same companies.
Collaboration with the Venezuelan government
CFLabs, the company was among the three hired by the Venezuelan government for the construction of forensic laboratories and technological equipment of the National Telematic Incidents Management Center VenCERT said Anthony Daquin, former security adviser to the General Command of the Venezuelan Army .
  Senior CNI, as he himself admitted during interrogation in the course of Pitiusa Operation.
  Accused of espionage by empty email of the detective Sara Dionisio Garcia, another person with he worked and with which collaborated in the plot.
  Accused of having extorted Telma Ortiz, sister of Princess Letizia, and Jose Lopez del Hierro, husband of the Secretary General of the PP [main spanish rignt party actually ruling the state], María Dolores de Cospedal.

- The Pitiusa Case seems to have reached a dead end. Too far. The manure pit that no one wants to clean. Translation, everybody knows the people involved but no one wants to start a war that will lose.

- As clean slate of facts, those persons involved in the case begin to develop their activities. This man such a filthy rich thanks to cyber insecurity that hiemself produces. With this award the state gets the gun to his head and forefinger on the trigger. Time to time.

- The ramifications of the case involve no less than to Ministries such as Employment and Home Affairs, the CNI [spanish espionage organization like a mix between CIA and FBI] and a myriad of entities, both public and private or purely criminal. Magistrates, military, police and all those who parasite lives bleed the population.

- For the operation of the plot would require the necessary assistance of at least a computer expert, a hacker, here it is. Catch, and far from being in jail is put forward directing and researching on cybersecurity, both the state and business. For them we sense this person has sensitive information. In his strategy has opted to take hold over the power that information gives. He has decides stand controlling the back door of the most important informatic systems in the state.

- Bevilacqua has been a "girl for everything". He has taught all kinds of reactionary and revolutionary, has worked, assembled and run by and for corporations, organized systems, hacked computers, pirated networks and stolen all kind of documentation. He has worked for the state and for their preambles. As a good entrepreneur has diversified. But what has pleased and so is fought for a place among the top management. Be CEO. Their services are beyond parties and politicians, because when these will fall by ballots he will remain at his post.

- As police traffics with drug this man traffics with the data retrieved.

- If the state is protected with this kind of people the capitalist system is closer than we thought to fall.

Congratulations, Mati, if anyone can make an hispaleaks that's you, pity you're a creep fascist.