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La Tarcoteca

lunes, 20 de mayo de 2013

The Spanish Ministry of Defence refuses to declassify documents on 10,000 episodes that occurred between 1936 and 1968

Spirit of vengance is still alive in Spain after all this years of political repression. The bad called "Transición" transition, from militar dictactorship to market dictatorship with no more changes than the faces of the rulers was never completed, and the deep memory, sculpt in blood and bones, has kept despite of all efforts to delete it. Spain keeps its slave memory thanks to the whip of tyrans and oligarchs.
No mercy for losing
Panic to know the truth. Marcos Balfagón, el País.
The WarMinistry has dry braking 10,000 initiative to declassify documents relating to events that occurred between 1936 and 1968. In those papers information, for example, about the adventures that befell the military units during the Spanish Civil War or strategies of repression on Franco dictatorship. Also find helps from the Regime to the Axis Powers during the Second World War or war movements of Sidi Ifni in the late fifties. For having, there's even material covers the activities of Radio Independent Spain, The Pyrenees Radio, clandestine radio station that intended to tell what was happening in the opaque Spain of Franco and launched the Communist Party in Moscow in 1941, then moved to Bashkiria and ended settling in Romania, where worked one of the fathers of the Spanish Constitution of 1978, Jordi Solé Tura.
Better not knowing anything, not poke, not investigate, that nothing transcends or commented. To achieve bureaucratic walls are the highest authority in this matter, the Minister Pedro Morenés, who has said no. There is a law of 1968, the Official Secrets that prevents (forever) consulting such matters unless express order of the Government.
At that law must abide the Minister. Obviously, if it existed in any of these documents to the state information that would endanger or generate tensions on the international scene, to continue staying silent. But a comparison with Western countries confirms that such prevention is meaningless: British historians can know all the details of the Falklands War (1982) and a writer like Christopher Hitchens could flip through declassified documents in the United States for Trial Kissinger, a devastating review of the catalog of murders and secret plots that took place during his administration.
Nothing serious occurred in none of these cases (and many others) after lifting the secrecy, and historians did their job and the people knew what happened. Not here. Morenés should explain whether obstacles kept out of fear or ignorance. Or, perhaps, because the initiative was the previous government declassify.

miércoles, 15 de mayo de 2013

Spanish State desperate for terrorists! This time the Sabadell Libertarian Atheneum. Solidarity!

ETA ended, so the State is desperate to find a replacement to justified the omnipresent repression. As it is not, needs to create. It tried with 11-M and the Yihaidism, but did not pull. It goal now is the Anarchists.
What started as a marginal news and little credit, as was the bomb by supposed fake anarchist group Mateo Morral at the Almudena Cathedral, with a guest appearance of the Prince, and the other with a vibrator pump to the bishops, takes shape. Policial set up, pure theater. Now raid the Sabadell Libertarian Atheneum.

David Piqué Deputy, State gunman gives ideas:
Even if the concentration or manifestation, which is what we speak, not expected quite violent, it can even cause a little, with little justification and no arrests peaceful few days prior to heating. We can also do preventive "raids" where people are usually close to the ideology of the organizers on the pretext of looking for drugs or whatever it takes. The "raid" will be particularly badly done and more humiliating to turn things down if necessary.
The foreseeable consequence of these behaviors before and policing device design is that end with a "battle".
 We knew it would happen, it was a matter of time.

About the "show" of the Mossos at the Ateneo this morning and some misinformation
As many know now about 9am the Mossos, Catalonian Authonomic Police, have busted door of Sabadell Libertarian Atheneum, located next to the CNT local. They searched the Atheneum, pulling several books and cabinets and have taken several computer hard disks. At 14:30 "the boys" have gone. Have arrested several people linked to various social movements in the city. The warrant of searnch that we have not seen, comes from the National Audience, Hight Court. Of the 5 detainees who they say have, one of them lived in Sabadell.

We want to clarify some misinformation that have appeared in various media:
Also note that it is curious that all mass media come to record the entire circus, when  Union has sent press releases to many of them; on the 2 processed by the events of the General Strike of 29-M denounced by the Central Market, the dispute and the strike in Residence Nunnery, the dismissal of the CEO of Yamaha, etc, and never have deigned to publish anything (except some like This shows that what matters is the lewd and circus "anarchist terrorism" that conflicts and daily activity that has this Union and the Athenaeum to transform society.

Surely now that there is no ETA terrorism, must point toward other groups that seek to end capitalism or at least improve the current situation to keep entertaining people and spread fear among those struggling, now plays the anarchists , recently were the scratch of PAH.

We do not know if the supposed Black Flag Anarchist Group was or not, and we don't care. Waiting to know who are all those detained and exactly what they are accused, the Sabadell CNT will always be with all those who struggle to transform society.

Let them know rulers, prosecutors, repressive forces, akin to the power press, etc that we will not stop fighting for a world more just, more equal, more free.

Also thank all the people who have come to leaning, people from different groups other than those that form the Ateneo and the CNT, CGT, MPS, Co.bas, etc..

Today and surely also face more serious than the record in the Ateneo, have vacated the farmhouse Can self-managed Piella:

Health and Anarchy!
Department of Organization
SOV Sabadell

New wave of repression against the anarchist movement, this time the Llibertari Ateneo de Sabadell. Solidarity!
We reiterate: Call to unit at 18 hours before the Sabadell City Council to demand the release of detainees and reject Anarchist repression and criminalization of social movements!

The same day that are released at 12 charged with corruption in Sabadell, the National Court imprisons 5 teammates.
Are suspended industrial action and solidarity against the eviction of Can Piella to focus on the # vegan our comrades detenidxs AteneuLlibertari

#AteneuLlibertari Sabadell Repression: 5 Acratas detainees accused of "terrorism". Terrorism is the 6,000,000 unemployed and evictions!

David Fernàndez # CUP: "The Minister Espadaler, a month of desallotjar # CanPiella i assaltar # AteneuLlibertari ... quelcom tea per month previst to contracelebrar # 15M?"

The Police are searching house by order of the Spanish National Court has not yet given any explanation of why the action

Solidarity with the Ateneo are concentrating on the Plaza Marcet.

Fraudulent policial search is Sabadell Libertarian Ateneum 
The same day that the "very honorable" corp of the Autonomous police efforts to evict Can  Piella a Wednesday May 15, 2013, did not have anything better to do than go without a warrant to local Sabadell Libertarian Atheneum.

No one yet knows the motives of this illegal search, only told that the order is dictated by the Audiencia Nacional [hight court].

The Sabadell Libertarian Atheneum local,  property of the town CNT , is an historical space open to all working people of Sabadell, where many groups and people from Sabadell and elsewhere have made recreational tasks , cultural and social for years. The same group of Libertarian Athenium assembly , Local 15-M people, Amazighité or local coordinators, and many others, have made use of this space. Therefore, we do not understand these corps seeking this open space use in a city, so devoid of spaces as it turns out Sabadell, known for alleged corrupt affairs former Mayor Manuel Bustos, reactionary traders (as those who have opened the Central Market in episodes of general strikes), and certain bunch of"carcatholic" in certain areas. Metaphorically, to one side of the City Hall of Sabadell we found a historic headquarters of Sabadell Bank, in the other a rather large church, and if we look out the back door of the town hall will see another church with a statue in the fundamentalist carcatholic Sarda i Salvany!

Sabadell libertarian movement, from its origins in the nineteenth century to the present day, has always stood for the struggle for a better world, something that is still valid today, especially in times of social cuts and casualization of our lives. What unemployed youth with no future, conscious workers, migrants, idealistic or pragmatic and other people organize and fight for their ideals is no reason for a serch.

The underlying reason for these people under orders from Madrid is simply to terrorize the people involved and dedicates part of his time to say NO to all these abuses we suffer as a class, those disinherited of the material benefits of the Capitalist System , and also, in modern times, we have years of suffering the consequences of a crisis caused by the psychopathic vanity of a system, such as liberal democracy, based on profit and economic predation.

The seach is started without warning to any person from the property of the building, there was no court order as a first person has approached the scene to request information and documentation, then have proceeded to seal the premises of the Sabadell Libertarian Atheneum . For now, therefore, and considering the long criminal history of the Mossos [authonomic police] (beatings in police stations, alleged lost eye by rubber bullets, pardoned by ill-treatment, including a vast etc.), anything can be expected from this act, under my view, not quite legal ...

Right now a group of solidary people are concentrated in the vicinity of local Ricetti Edgardo Passage, waiting for the presence of a court clerk and a search warrant ...

An eyewitness of the events and Sabadell CNT member 

Police operation against militant anarchists in Sabadell
Under the orders of the National Court judge Santiago Pedraz Spanish, the Catalan police have research the Sabadell Libertarian Atheneum and, according to news reports citing police sources, have arrested five people, which is accused of "praising terrorism ".
@ Zalduariz | Barcelona | 2013/05/15

Catalunya has also lived today about frantic morning police operations are concerned. On orders of the Spanish Court, the Catalan police have registered in the morning the Sabadell Libertarian Atheneum (Barcelona), which serves as headquarters of the CNT and a place of meeting of Local 15-M.

The operation is led by Judge Santiago Pedraz, which has decreed the summary secret, so many ends of the operation remain unknown. Several media have claimed a total of five detainees, but has not yet been confirmed. According to police sources quoted by various means, they are accused of "glorification of terrorism" and belonging to the group Anarchist Black Flag, and will pass it before the judge on Friday.

The confusion continues wrapping operation since morning several media have reported that would be a minimum of four registered premises, but at first afternoon had only confirmed the Llibertari Ateneo de Sabadell.

Moncada Eviction
The same morning the Mossos d'Esquadra not finished in Sabadell, because not far from there, in Moncada six Catalan police vans work from early morning to vacate the occupied farmhouse Can Piella, where since 2009 conducts a farming work and community. The activists have prepared a thorough resistance with a series of obstacles to the Mossos, so that the eviction has not yet come to an end. So far there have been five arrests.

Fraudulent policial search in Sabadell Libertarian Atheneum
Complementary Information:
According to EF agency reports, the Catalan police have arrested five people suspected members of the anarchist group Black Flag in Sabadell (Barcelona), accused of an alleged crime of terrorist group organization and one of glorifying terrorism, according to legal sources cited by Efe said.
The operation is run by the reactionary National Court judge Santiago Pedraz that ordered the registration of the Ateneo Llibertari of this Catalan city.
The five detainees appear at first in the High Court on Friday.
Apparently, the High Court has thrown one of his usual respresive campaings against the social and revolutionary movements, this time it is the turn to fellow anarchists.

Smells to criminalize manipulation once again, angaisnt the social struggle.

The AN judge an internaut who asked a netizen on Facebook that ETA would strike in La Zarzuela

lunes, 13 de mayo de 2013

Solidarity: First speaking following the release of Joaquin.

1st May Madrid
Sunday the 12th, past 14 hours, the companion Joaquín left through the doors of the Courts of the Plaza de Castilla - Madrid, finally released by his captors, provisionally until a judge is believes with the right to judge, and who knows if ordered by "acting" against the authority" to get their kicks and be captured.

Outside court a concentration was performed at 12 hours, called even without knowing whether the partner was in those units or if he would release. As know, there has been no information on the status of the comrade by their kidnappers, denying that information not only to his attorney but also his family.

Joaquin says that in the Leganitos Police Stationprison was tortured. No wonder at all, because torture is necessarily one more mean for those who beat, captures and imprisons others. Many companions have received him out of court. Joaquin is free.

As usual in our way of being, this incident will not be the case. Touching one is play the entire Confederation.

From here solidarity thank both Madrid and the rest of the state and outside.

Even with different languages ​​understand the same meaning .... MUTUAL SUPPORT AND SELF-ORGANIZATION TO THE FINAL EMANCIPATION.

We not negociate, we not silent ... 

We will keep on reporting and publishing photos and videos of all detention as the "picket" held yesterday in Leganitos ..

Antifascist Assembly on May 1 Chueca: "We made it clear in Madrid being fascist is not free"

Two hundred anti-fascists are concentrated in Chueca against Nazi march. 6 arrested [Video]
State from the meeting convened by the fascist concentration in Chueca May 1.Antifascist Assembly 1st May

Since the assembly that convened the fascist concentration on May 1 in Chueca, we want to show our support and solidarity with the arrested comrades.
We decided to make it clear that we reject any form of authority wherever it comes from, and in this case say NO PASARÁ once again to the fascists who returned to tread the streets of Madrid taking advantage of a populist, manipulative and opportunistic to appropriate one more time a day that is not theirs.
This scum, protected by democracy and its Police, was protected from the beginning to the end of his tour of the demonstration, corralling the antifascists who gathered in the Plaza de Chueca, Madrid.
It became apparent that Madrid defends shouting NO PASS, that fascism has no place in our neighborhoods and that repression does not scare us. Next time hit them harder.
Despite the police presence and repression applied, Madrid made ​​it clear that a fascist is not free.
After the concentration altercations with police protecting the fascists and they arrested 5 companions.
Before this, only to say:
Photos Flirck:

domingo, 12 de mayo de 2013

12 may 2013 Rally in support of Joaquin, CNT member detained in Madrid , Joaquin freedom now!

Rally at "Juzgados Plaza de Castilla" Madrid, 12 Sun, 12am
Joaquin Freedom Now!

sábado, 11 de mayo de 2013

Solidarity with Joaquin CNT Madrid comrade kidnapped by the police: the years of gangsterism become again

Courage comrade. This fact is a sign that our movement bothers to Power. It is not the first time that such kind of incidents happen. Hope Joaquin out soon and in good conditions.

The police kidnaps our comrade Joaquin at Union local door 
This afternoon several Secret Polices with nothing better to do have been harassing for no reason several colleagues asking the documentation, as they refused to identify. For a long time have shown the swagger that gives carrying a weapon (it is his only strength), wanting to detain them whitout evidence they working for the armed force of the state. The harassment continued to the door of the Union, in 5 Tirso de Molina, Madrid. Them the secret agents had requested reinforcements, presenting a lot of individuals armed with batons and guns, uniformed. They have focused their objective in hunt the companion Joaquín, preventing both enter and exit the building of the Union.
Many neighbors and companions have approached the violent behavior and attitude, but these have increased the violence, assaulting several people, and grabbing Joaquin "reducing" (throw him away and kicking). The comrades have tried to prevent the arrest but police violence has made it impossible. Joaquin has been kidnapped at the door of the CNT and locked in prison in Leganitos police station, well known for allegations of torture practices to detainees.
So far we do not know the status of our partner because Leganitos Police Station refused to provide any information, not even his family, and also refused to give him counsel data to have a defense. We have no data or knowledge of what are doing with him, or if he has any formal accusation.
The CNT condemns all kind of State violence. The kidnapping of defenseless people is the most disgusting we suffered in the hands of these people and demonstrates the cowardice of a system that can be only legitimize by violence.

viernes, 10 de mayo de 2013

Images: tips for going to demonstrations, the hood

State Assassins

The state needs people willing to everything for money to last in time. Fiend oligarchs dominate. A legion of assassins protect them. These are thugs who kill by bounty, wage or head. By extension their necessary accomplices.

Police, army and fascist
are the bodies that underpin the subjugation of the people, maintaining social order and preventing changes. In their language there is no middle: either you're with them and you're a patriot who follows orders blindly or a traitor who must be eliminated.

Churchs indoctrinates the people imposing their morals and habits based on ignorance and lies. Dictates what is good or true and what is not. Target social objectives. Their commitment with power is absolute, because church is the power because has more tham sufficient capital. They redeem the sins of the murderers on behalf of the state. Kill because the State dictates is right, is just follow orders.

Fascists act as a cancer in society, as part of different groups and spreading their beliefs. Beyond, are quarry that nourish the various Enforcement Agencies and from "the reaction" that will stop any revolutionary attempt.

The Police is responsible for maintaining the social and political order daily. Civil outlaws, armed and trained in military tactics in any killing tecnic.

The Army is the safeguard of the ruling classes in case the police fails. Is the parasite deceit in humanitarian aid.

Armed, dangerous and unpunished, so are the assassins of the state.
Neither army nor police, nor Fascists, nor his accomplices!

jueves, 9 de mayo de 2013

Child Trafficking Franquist network also acted in Morocco

Irregular Adoption Affected National Assotiation
"Children Trafficking Victims. We Want Justicce!!"
The same network thar traffick with childs of war prisoners of numerous concentration camps in Spain,that  later trafficked with stolen  babies of lower class mothers, now accused of doing business with Moroccan infants.

Far can human degradation in order to earn money we can ask this people indicted in "Operation Hidden". Doctors, nuns, nurses, administrative staff and others, all attached to the fascist regime. People of great value and social recognition.

Among the ruins of fascist genocide it is see the true face of Nazional Catholicism.
The sale of babies network operating in Spain until 1990 not only were supplied with newborns in the country, also imported from abroad. The Civil Guard have now discovered the existence of a network that captured a birth in Morocco and that, based in Melilla, supplied Spanish marriages catering to eager to be parents. Many of these kids were given to families of Valencia, a region that once appeared as a recipient of many stolen newborns.
The Civil Guard has detected 28 cases of infants from Morocco that were introduced in Melilla and moved to Spain with false documents, pretending they were biological children of the adoptive parents. Some of them were born in Melilla and others in Morocco.
In some cases, these parturients, which housed a kind of story-nest until delivery, "they dispatched giving 3,000 pesetas (less than 20 euros)", according to an official investigation.
"Hidden Operation" [Operación Oculta] started after a general allegation relating to 261 children stolen filed in January 2011 by the National Association of People Affected by Irregular Adoptions [Anadir]. However, the starting point of the operation was a complaint sent on February 25, 2011 by Enrique Vila lawyer representing two girls (women today), which were bought by families Ontinyent (Valencia).
The 31 people involved in the plot, including several foster-parents, are charged with crimes as supposition of birth, impaired parenting, illegal or forgery. 12 of these people, who include a doctor and two midwives, have died, while the rest are seniors.
One of these girls, named María José, was born in Melilla and was handed over to his adoptive parents in a bar, with traces of blood and wrapped in a sheet. Marriage, middle class, traveled from Valencia to Melilla and paid 200,000 pesetas [1,200€] for it. Denunciation of this woman, who is now 33, was instrumental in Operation Hidden.
Doctors, nuns and babies trafficked parents bought in Morocco

For more information: