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jueves, 22 de octubre de 2015

Italian movilizations aganist NATO Trident Juncture exercises. Provisional agenda oct-nov

News arrived via email: Italy mobilization against the monstrous NATO Trident Juncture exercise (ongoing). Initiatives for October -November.

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Traduzione all'italiano

25th October Sunday, at 16h demonstration in Rome - Piazza del Pantheon
- Arival of "bike ride" Pisa-Rome-Viterbo for the closure of all foreign military bases
- Collection of signatures on the appeal for the withdrawal of NATO
For a neutral and independent Italy and against the monstrous  Trident Juncture NATO exercise (now in progress)

26th October Monday, 2015 10am to 5:30pm at Centro di Congressi di Cavour, 50/a Via Cavour, Rome
- International meeting of the No War No NATO Italian Committee
For an  independent neutrality of Italy and Europe
To create an international network of peace and neutrality '(the list of actions is sent with the next email)
Please be on time

We remember all the other initiatives announced against NATO and TRIDENT Juncture:

23th October, at 21h, at Milan- Camera del Lavoro, organized by the Committee Against War Milan, speakers Manlio Dinucci, Marinella Correggia, Lawyer. Giannangeli

24th October at 14.00, the Piazza del Gessu square in Naples, national event with Alex Zanotelli.
(On the same day there is also a rally in Parma organized by Pax Christi and others)

31th October demonstration in Marsala called by No Muos Sicilian and Trapani committees 

3th November: sit-in at the Cagliari-Capo Teulada area organized by the Social Forum, USB, Clean Sardinia, CSS, Sardinia Natzione Indipendentzia

4th November: exhibition in Pisa with Alex Zanotelli

25/26th November: projected event in Florence in event of the NATO inter-parliamentary meeting.

Le basi NATO in Italia
For more information:

Mobilitazione nell'Italia contro l'esercitazione Trident Juncture della NATO. Iniziative per ottobre e novembre.

Informazione arrivata per email: Mobilizzazione nell'Italia contro la mostruosa esercitazione della NATO (in corso) Trident Juncture. Iniziative per ottobre e novembre.

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Domenica 25 ottobre alle 16,00 manifestazione a Roma – Piazza del Pantheon

Arrivo della “biciclettata” Pisa-Viterbo-Roma per la chiusura di tutte le basi militari straniere

Raccolta di firme sull’appello per l’uscita dell’Italia dalla NATO

Per un’Italia neutrale ed indipendente e contro la mostruosa esercitazione della NATO (in corso) Trident Juncture

Lunedi’ 26 ottobre 2015 ore 10,00 – 17,30: presso il Centro Congressi Cavour, via Cavour 50/a Roma

Incontro internazionale del comitato italiano No Guerra No NATO

Per un’italia neutrale e per un’europa indipendente

Per la creazione di una rete internazionale di pace e neutralita’ (l’elenco degli interventi è inviato con successiva mail)

Si raccomanda la massima puntualità

Ricordiamo tutte le altre iniziative annunciate contro la NATO e TRIDENT JUNCTURE:

-23 ottobre, ore 21, alla Camera del Lavoro di Milano, organizzata dal Comitato contro la Guerra di Milano, relatori Manlio Dinucci, Marinella Correggia, Avv. Giannangeli

-24 ottobre, ore 14,00, piazza del Gesù a Napoli, manifestazione nazionale con Alex Zanotelli.

(nella stessa data ci risulta anche un presidio a Parma organizzato da Pax Christi e altri)

-31 ottobre: manifestazione a Marsala indetta dai comitati siciliani No Muos e di Trapani

-3 novembre: sit-in al poligono di Capo Teulada organizzata da Cagliari Social Forum, USB, Sardegna Pulita, CSS, Sardinia Natzione Indipendentzia

-4 novembre: manifestazione a Pisa con Alex Zanotelli

-25/26 novembre: progetto di manifestazione a Firenze in occasione della riunione interparlamentare della NATO.

Le basi NATO in Italia

domingo, 18 de octubre de 2015

Spain Anti-Nato movilization: MOC Antimilitarists chained to tanks in the Sagunto Port

Spain Anti-Nato movilization: MOC Antimilitarists chained to two tanks in the Sagunto Port amid the Trident Junction Manouvers Vía Loam
Six militarists of MOC (Conscientious Objection Movement [agaist armies]) snake in Sagunto Port and four of them are got chained to the wheels of two tanks part of the military convoy prepared to leave to San Gregorio base in Zaragoza.

With this action intended to denounce the Trident Juncture manouvers, the largest military exercise of NATO since the WWII, as will mobilize between from October and November 30,000 soldiers, 4,000 vehicles and 11 war helicopters in Italy, Portugal and especially Spain, where will deploy 20,000 troops and hundreds of combat vehicles.

These are the images of the pacifist action.

viernes, 16 de octubre de 2015

Antimilitarists block Sagunto port against NATO "trident juncture" exercises.Video

Antimilitarists the MOC are linked to two tanks in the Port of Sagunto Vía Loam


19: 10 Update:  the convoy that was supposed to leave today towards San Gregorio, Zaragoza (Spain) from the German army has been suspended. The tanks blocked are Leopard main battle tanks

Retreat is the only honourable military maneuver”, Boris Vian
#TridentRupture: Antimilitarists obstruct two tanks headed to the NATO war exercise “Trident Juncture” in Spain
At present a group of Antimilitaristes-moc activists are impeding and disrupting the organization of the departure of a military convoy from the port of Sagunto, due to be deployed in war maneuvers in the next few days by army units of more than 30 countries as part of NATO exercise “Trident Juncture 2015”
Today at 17:00 a group of antimilitarist activists, dressed in white overalls and pink reflective vests assembled at the dockside, where a cargo vessel with vehicles and arms was being unloaded, in preparation for live fire stage of the multinational NATO military maneuver “Trident Juncture”, due to begin in the next few days. While two activists stood in the way making stop two tanks, two more activists rapidly chained themselves with lock-on tubes to the vehicles and cut off the road leading from the port area. Another two activists unveiled banners with the words “War Stops Here” and “Sorry for the inconvenience: obstructing war preparations”. The destination of the tanks is intended to head towards the main maneuver field of San Gregorio (Zaragoza).
At the moment the activists remain chained to the tanks preventing their departure and they will maintain the blockade as long as possible, until removal and arrest by the police or the Guardia Civil.
The main motto of this action of civil disobedience is “War Starts Here, and Here we Stop It”. With this action, the anti war group denounces that “military aggressions as a scandal to public opinion are the fruit of political decisions taken thanks to our conscious or unconscious consent, and these maneuvers provide a perfect example of war preparations”. According to Antimilitaristes-moc, “the Trident Juncture exercise supposes the taking over and use of ports, airports, rail lines, and natural areas in Sagunto, Valencia, Zaragoza, Albacete and various areas in Andalucía in order to perform war training to assure the offensive and interventionalist capacity of the NATO Very High Readiness Joint Task Force, and prove its destructive power”.
According to Antimilitaristes-moc, another example of politics which prioritise war preparations is “the immense volume of military spending (around 18,000 million euros in Spain annually and over 1,000 bilion globally) from our taxes, or the arms trade in and with conflict zones: the Spanish state is among the 7 mayor world arms exporters, the permanent members of the UN Security Council making up the main arms exporters.”
They conclude “The consequences of these military policies of NATO, of Russia and its allies, are much more visible to public opinion: The systematic violation of human rights, the destruction and persecution of the civil population, extreme violence against women, the expoliation of resources, and the mass exodus of millions of people from countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, etc.
We wanted to stop the flow of material and personnel to these war games and at the same time make visible the contrast between the terrible situation of war refugees who seek protection and meet walls, razor wired fences and death, and the absolute freedom of movement for those who execute wars and their arms, especially during theses military exercises”. For the antimilitarist collective, “actions like those of today contribute to making a culture of peace based on cooperation, justice and non-violence, and not one of deterrence and force. The paradigm of defense and military-based security has to be changed, it leads over and over again to war and violence. “Human security, according to the UN definition, puts at its axis the defense of the rights of people and nature. In this new paradigm, “armies and military structures are a threat to these rights and must be broken up and abolished”.
On the other hand, Antimilitaristes-moc, wish to express through today’s action their rejection of anti-liberty laws which criminalize social protest, laws passed recently by the Spanish government, such as the reform of the Penal Code and the Citizen Security Law (gaging law). Antimilitaristes-moc have declared that they will carry on using civil disobedience tactics, “because we consider them a legitimate and radically democratic tool for political participation and social change.
For Antimilitaristes-moc, this is a “non-violent direct action”, like similar actions carried out over the last 10 years, like the “citizen inspections” at the NATO Response Force base in Betera (Valencia). According toAntimilitaristes-moc, “It’s direct, because we use our bodies as tools, without mediation or representations. And it’s non-violent, because we believe in the higher legitimacy and efficiency of nonviolence to bring about social change. Coherently, we act against violent institutions without presenting a threat to life or the physical integrality of other people”.

More information:
Spokesperson for the Action: Rosario Polito (687 097 464) -during the action // Carlos Barranco (627 064 818) -next days-
Updates: @mocvalencia (twitter)
Antimilitaristes-moc is a grass-roots, pacifist group based in Valencia that promotes nonviolent direct action and civil disobedience as tools for social change and works for the abolition of the military as a way of getting rid of war. It is part of the statewide network “alternativa antimilitarista-moc”, the European Anti-militarist Network and the War Resisters' International .

Published 16.10.2015, last edition 18.10.2015

domingo, 4 de octubre de 2015

Zaragoza-Spain: Action Plan against NATO for October and November

Translation: Insumissia - Zaragoza: Plan de acción contra la OTAN en octubre y noviembre



2015 Trident Juncture NATO Maneuvers to be held in the Spanish state, particularly in Aragon region, start in October in its most virtual level to test the connectivity between the military command. But on the ground, as are known the maneuvers that use real fire and troop movements (36,000 soldiers acting, 20,000 deployed in the kingdom of Spain, 8,000 members of the Spanish armed forces and an expected huge cost, whose amount "War" Minister Morenés intend to keep hidden), will take place the "real stage" (<<Live Exercise>> or LIVEX) in the Iberic Peninsula and the Balearic Islands from October 24 to November 6.

Also, on Wednesday November 4 Zaragoza receives the visit of Secretary General of NATO in what they call "Distinguished Visitors Day", a day specially aimed to have a powerful media effect to legitimize their war preparations. Therefore we anticipate our action plan coordinated with the European Antimilitaristc Network . The maneuvers take place predominantly in the Spanish state, but also in Italy, Portugal and other Atlantic and Mediterranean water locations, where we are also prepare demonstrations around the same times and with which we keep contact.

The week when the "real stage" maneuvers begins will be made public the supports, from local, national and international, that may has to that moment the manifest "Call to Action against Trident Junture 2015 maneuvers NATO " that, together, propose Alternativa Antimilitarista.MOC, the Red Antimilitarista y Nonviolenta de Andalucia and the European Antimilitaristic Network.

You can send up till October 16 your collective, group, association or organization, or your personal support (mentioning, if you wish, your current activity) until Friday, October 16 at: Mambru [AT]

See the manifesto and more news about the global protest: en es


We have planned in Zaragoza a series of activities, workshops, lectures and street actions, to be held from October 24 to November 6 (date of the end of maneuvers on the peninsula).

The central movilization in those days will be, therefore, November 4, with a human chain linking the former Military Captaincy of Zaragoza building and the Bank of Spain, a representative institution of the political-financial system that supports the armed organization that call itself NATO. In the route we want to make our protest visible to military of foreign armies that have booked accommodation at nearby hotels for their "Distinguished Visitors Day".


During the week of November 3 to 6, at nightfall, we will make several "symbolic actions" (with music, theater or poetry against War) in the Zaragoza Paseo de la Independence street and them some meetings at "La Pantera Rossa" [social center] about "The Maneuvers of the Crisis", " The Dark Side of alliances for war" and "European and the Antimilitaristic Network against capitalistic war preparation: A Brief History of nonviolent direct action, Barbate 2015 ". This last with the participation of international activists who participated, from 30 October to 3 November, along with activists from Zaragoza, in civil disobedience against the maneuvers actions.


Previously, two weeks before, we plan to open to collaboration the preparation of the "artivists" activities, from an anti-militarist lanterns making workshop to "Theatre of the oppressed" workshop (which will be perform during one of the street actions), and another one about security entitled "NATO is watching you, protect yourself."

It is possible that we also count on the presence of Stasha Zajovic in Zaragoza, 'Women in Black' activist against the war in Belgrade, which will remind us the consequences of the military alliance actions, and the rest of other equally criminal armies, in the Balkans. Will help to keep newly present the analyzes, experiences and activities of the anti-militarist feminism (international court of women, the anniversary of Srebrenica ...) as well as its proposals: <<Let's expel war from history and our lives>>." es

We will keep you informed with more details puntually

Meanwhile, next Saturday October 3rd, the Anti-NATO Zaragoza Platform calls for demonstration "against NATO and its maneuvers" starting from Plaza Sasera at 12pm.



Because war is a crime against humanity and who obeys holds the boss, join the Antimilitaristic Disobedience for Peace and Justice in the Planet.