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sábado, 22 de mayo de 2021

Spain ‘at War’: Strategic dispute against Morocco over Saharawi Blood Phosphates

By Pablo Heraklio Published KAOS Source La Tarcoteca 4.5.2021 translation thefreeonline 

Juan Carlos I will go down in the Annals of History as one of the worst and most abject monarchs of an era. He killed his brother, took his father away from the crown, was involved in the death of his cousin, plotted several coups in his country, many others abroad, orchestrated the GAL [1] (state sponsored death squads) together with military groups, decorated all the Dictators he could [2], also torturers and murderers, trafficked in arms and used his position to defraud his personal fortune, doing more service to Switzerland than to Spain.

He let us enjoy a wonderful state infested with fascists in the high military, police, judicial, political and business commanders, where war criminals went unpunished and were amnestied without trial; avoiding the recognition or compensation of the victims [Amnesty Law 1977 (3)].

This infestation became the current ruling oligarchy, which was later joined by representatives of the various international corporations.

But that was not the worst at all. His narrow-mindedness and personal greed place the Spanish oligarchies in the midst of an international conflict that is getting bigger and bigger every day.

45 years ago Juan Carlos I « Swap the former colony in exchange for being able to keep the crown – canarias-semanal. [4]» 2021. Now Spain is involved in the Sahara War for control of the Blood Phosphates.

In Morocco [5]a geopolitical conflict is underway for global food security, as important as the control of oil reserves. Maybe more.

“Three countries, China, the United States and Morocco control 67% of the world phosphates total, with Morocco 15%” – Ecología Política [6] Political Ecology 2012. Part of the phosphates exploited by both Morocco and the USA are plundered from Western Sahara.

The dust of these lands naturally fertilizes large areas of the planet, other continents, from the Amazon to Europe or Africa. The concentrated salts of fertilizers pollute aquifers and land, generating wastelands, dead water, and requiring constant chemical rectification. Thus, the very functionality of global ecosystems is also at stake.

International Military Conflict

A conflict no longer commercial, but open military; but silenced by what have already been called Blood Phosphates, started on Nov 4, 2020 with the declaration of the State of War of the Polisario Front [7].

In this war we are seeing actors like the USA, France, Israel, China or Spain pushing political and military pressure. Beyond gas and oil is the business of world fertilizers, potash, phosphates, nitrogen compounds in Saharawi lands.

Behind the fertilizers is the entire transnational agrochemical industry [8], the Big-Agro: Cargill, Monsanto, Nutrien, Northwach, Paradeep Phosphates, Ballance-Agrinutriens.

Sahrawi sands are transported around the world and treated in a thousand ways to obtain the fertilizers that are consumed by intensive agriculture from Murcia, Huelva, Castilla y León or Aragon to Nigeria, New Zealand, Australia, Egypt, India or China, affecting thus to the food security of these countries, and hence its geopolitical importance …

The size of the contest

This is the size of the contest, that the USA has sent its Sixth Fleet.
It has taken the Canary Islands as a control point for exports from the Mediterranean and North Africa. It is already maneuvering and showing his mastery of the area:
“Some maneuvers by the US affect air traffic with the Canary Islands – Canarias” 3.3.2021 [9]
«Threat from the United States and Morocco to Spain-» 16.3.2021 [10]

They knew something.
The USA has a base on the Moroccan-Saharawi border, the base of Tan Tan, from 2008, to the north:
“The US opens its new military base in Tan Tan, just 300 kilometers from the Canary Islands” 2008 [11]

Since 2012 it has used the Canary Islands as its western drinking trough:
“The Island [las Palmas] will serve as a logistics base for the United States and its allies to intervene in the Sahel – La Provincia” 2012 [12]

To close the southern clamp they plan to control the area with the building of a new base to the south of the area:
«Competition heats up for NATO Sahel compound contract – 04/07/2021 – Intelligence Online» 2021 [13]

France maintains a large contingent to the east in Mali, central Sahara desert, to ensure control over the uranium mines, fertilizers and the northern Sahel, despite popular protests.
“France’s Impressive Military Deployment: More than 30,000 Military in Five” Spheres “of Influence” 21.1.2021 [14]

Morocco has been a faithful ally of the United States since the times of Hasan II and provides american corporations with natural resources plundered from their own people and from the Saharawi. It is both an ally and a competitor of Spain:
«Morocco offers the US a base to close Rota: Mohamed VI gives facilities to the Americans» 2020 [15]

At this stage of the war, Spain provides arms to both Morocco and the Polisario Front while negotiating with Mohamed IV [actual king and ruler] the future of the companies that will exploit potash and phosphates. Everything in its place:
“Spain declared war on the Saharawis by selling and giving arms to Morocco in full offensive in Western Sahara” 3.5.2021 [16]

Russia is not so affected since its agriculture is extensive and moves towards its Siberian districts. China is an interested party, but for now it does not seem to speak, although sooner or later it will be affected. Everyone has a plan.

Transnational extractivism, the new Colonialism

The interests of Spain are very clear:
«The ships and companies that plunder the phosphates of the Western Sahara occupied by Morocco>> Sahara Press Service 2018 [17] and «“Spanish companies exploit the riches of Western Sahara –” 11.18.2021 [18]

They represent European interests and stand against Moroccan interests; and of the Sahrawis.

As you can see, the damn Ibex35 [spanish stock market] is the hand that rocks the cradle. Here are some infamous protagonists: Abengoa / Javier Benjumea, Acciona / JM Entrecanales, Gamesa-Siemems / Andreas Nauen. Although also others less known as FMC Foret/ Mark Douglas-Javier Carratalá, Jealsa / Elena Chamorro, EuroPacífico, Granintra / Luis Jimenez Chirino, IsoFotón / Carlos Zambudio Jimenez, Ership / Gonzalo Alvargonzalez Figaredo, NETMAR / Ángel Riva Fierro, Meripul / Conrado Merino Inyesto or Troulo among many others.

Construction, fishing, energy, agrochemical; and military: Expal (explosives) / Jose Luis Urcelay Verdugo, MAXAM (explosives) / Urcelay himself with Juan Carlos García Lujan, Instalaza / Leoncio Muñoz BuenoMBDA (missiles) / Eric Beranger, SAPA (artillery) / José María Berasategui Liceaga , Indra (electromechanical) / Fernando Abril-Martorell .

All of them share a set of crossed interests far beyond the monetary, strategically, since the control of trade in the area and access to low-priced food that interests countries such as Germany, France or the USA is at stake. .

Not separately, but together and under pressure from third parties they are capable of moving the Spanish state machinery to force a deployment of military forces in the area.


Silent conflict, Spain in a proxy war

What is going to happen in the coming years in Morocco and the Sahara, in competition for natural resources, affecting Algeria, Mali and even Tunisia, is a direct result of the process of decolonization and recolonization in the making.

This colonizing process in Spain was called the Empire and the decolonizing Decadence of the Empire. This new recolonizing movement will be called Disaster.

The interests of Spain, of its oligarchies, are once again trans-Mediterranean and open conflicts are envisioned with the sending of troops in the medium-long term. 

Spain, the exploiting businessmen, yearn for phosphates, at the strategic mandate of the European powers, whose access was cut off due to the puerile Rogue Maneuver.

If the Sahara had been duly decolonized, Spanish companies would calmly exploit those resources and get a great geostrategic prize, maintaining a defensive and containment stance against Morocco.

Which would have given him access to other types of contracts and perks, such as exchanges for fishing, agricultural or hydrocarbon quotas. An Ace in international negotiations.

The loss was not only billion dollar, it was strategic, comparable to losing the Strait of Gibraltar. This can be understood by even the most fanatical fascists [supporters of the king, who make the deal with Hasan II].

Too much power for one person. Due to the clumsy and greedy maneuver of the robber Bourbon, the Spanish oligarchies, representatives of international powers interested in the fight - just look at the composition of their directors boards -, they come themselves into conflict with Morocco; with the USA rolling as the referee.

Now they have to adopt an offensive posture instead, which implies strain and depletion; decrease in profits and assumption of losses of all kinds.

For this they need military support and justify interventionism:
–Arm both Morocco and the Arab Republic of the Democratic Sahara SADR,
–Promote conflict and mutual aggression. At first, the objective is to contain the conflict in the two countries but maintaining the threat of an extension to the neighboring countries.
–Training squads to interrupt the exploitation of resources, threatening to force the intervention of third parties; meaning EU-NATO.

Spain delivers armaments to Morocco, a poisoned gift. Spain will provide arms in exchange for commodities and money, bleeding both adversaries. For this, it is essential to increase the tension between the fighters; which usually involves attacks in both countries, possibly using some fraction of Al-Qaeda / Stay Behind network.

This rearmament will be strategically counterproductive in the future. But who cares, if by now the quarterly balance works out. 

Spain, the breadbasket of Europe, has the support of the EU, and when the time comes it will play its card with NATO, which gives it an advantage.

If this war has not transcended to the public, it is on the one hand due to the media lock, since the same companies that invest and finance the mass media are those that invest and finance the Agrochemicals and plunder companies mentioned above: armed banks [19] such as BBVA, Santander Bank, LaCaixa Bank; the own Ministry of Defense of Spain; international investment, hedge and venture capital funds such as Black Rock, Vanguard, Capital, JP Morgan, Berkshire Hathaway.

And the policy of professionalized recruitment, which transforms the state army into a mercenary army at the service of these oligarchies; that covers any military intervention with a cloak of opacity and impunity. We are in the silent conflict phase.

When will we see an open conflict?

In other words, how is a casus belli generated? Attacks and terrorism. How is a war morally fueled? Fascism. The rise of fascism in Spain [20], France, Italy, Germany, is not accidental. This Recolonial situation did not occur in the decades of the 80s or 90s.

The conflict that today is in its initial phases will worsen; we do not know the specific terms and times. But we can intuit how it will happen: All wars have three phases: pre-war or preparatory, confrontation or operational, and post-war or outcome. The first one already has happened and we didn’t even know about it.

Since war was declared by the Polisarian Front we are in the operational phase and we can expect several events:
1-We know that right now the government of Pedro Sánchez is involved in the preparatory phase of supplying arms to both parties. This escalation is essential. Fait Accompli.

2-As we have seen in Syria, Libya, Yemen or Iraq, the intervention of the powers is limited to air and maritime control, while land operations are delegated to local militias/ irregular armies. The conflict can continue set like this for years, allowing a comfortable plundering of resources.
-The next intervention would be the sending of training commands and training of military cadres that promote war operations between both countries. Surely they are already underway in the various academies and training camps.
-Then after air and customs control; a phase in which the United States has already entered and which will accompany Spain from Rota and Las Palmas. Developing.

It should be followed by the increase in skirmishes and military assaults in the SADR. Later in Morocco and Mauritania. Finally in Europe. The worst geostrategic decision, a door for Popular Revolution.

3-The milestone will be the leap to public opinion. Possibly the first attack in Spain, either under a false flag or a real one, or against Spanish interests abroad.

When it happens, all the corporate media will vomit their usual infoxication in unison.

This will be the signal to authorize direct intervention. This could be the worst geostrategic decision made by the Spanish oligarchy since the Sahara Exchange.

It will coincide with a period of internal instability/ ecological transition that we are already experiencing due to the accumulation of crises to which would be added the diversion of funds to the military. It would fill the barracks and factories of impoverished people; and flowers at cemeteries. Reigning fascism.

Finally, the hard repression of the protests that arose against would arrive, posing scenarios more similar to those of the Melilla War of 1909 than to those of No-to-Iraq War in 2004 [wide spread riots instead of pacific prostest].

It will be the moment of disaster, because It will mean not a government, but a domination of fascism as we have not seen since the days of Franco’s raids. The burning, volatilization, of resources would suppose the gradual dysfunctionality of the State, with all that this implies.

Let’s hope we’re wrong, but the scenario is very possible; the national oligarchies are very scared. The Germans too. The crown of Juan Carlos will cost Felipe VI many more deaths. Will he hold on?

From an objective point of view, the Sahara War is part of the struggles to maintain the Capitalist-Oil system, characterized by: cheap energy, centralization of production, intensivism and industry on a world scale.

In the new context of shortage of high-density energy, hydrocarbons and plastics -peak of oil- Capitalism-Post covid19, it will mean that the less energy for transport will reduce the intensity of the production and distribution of goods.

This push for a decentralization of production, including food, and de-scaling of industry; deglobalization and the creation of new economic blocks. The importance of the world’s phosphates may have a peak, but it will diminish in the long run, and a military adventure would only serve to waste resources that would otherwise be used for a much more lucrative rearrangement.

But of course, this decentralization supposes a net loss of power, to which the aforementioned companies and governments are not willing. We are seeing the last throes of an old system that breaks down, and in a big way.

The reality is stubborn, the more they insist on their military adventures, the faster their fall will be, because the faster they will lose supports, burn their resources and increase internal resistance to the putrescent regime; and sooner we will approach to our revolutionary moment. [21]

They won’t stop until they destroy the planet.


About the author. Pablo Heraklio is a social activist and active member of spanish CNT. Its decane blog is commit with counterinfo, alternative media, political analisys, communication and translation of fair news into spanish.

miércoles, 5 de mayo de 2021

International solidarity Call: May 7, at the Colombian embassies

"The antimilitarist movement calls for all international solidarity for this Friday, May 7, at the Colombian embassies in every country in the world The message will be clear: For the dismantling of ESMAD and against the repression of the Colombian people #contagioantimilitarista

miércoles, 3 de marzo de 2021

Call for solidarity with #RuymánLibertad, anarchist repressed, tortured and persecuted by the Spanish state for housing the poor 24.3.2021

Source - Call for solidarity with Ruymán Rodríguez, anarchist repressed, tortured and persecuted by the Spanish state for housing the poor - Green Anti-Capitalist Media 3.3.2021 by GAF London

We are publishing an statement sent to us by GAF London as well as a translation of the one released by Federación Anarquista Gran Canaria. You can see the amazing work the FAGC does by listening to our recent interview with one of them. Please remember that Green Anti-capitalist Media simply publishes what we receive and we don’t necessarily endorse or condone any of the opinions it contains.

Here is the statement by GAF London followed by the translation bellow.

We’ve translated an statement published by the Federación Anarquista Gran Canaria (Gran Canaria Anarquist Federation) where they detail the political persecution of their member Ruymán Rodríguez, who is facing false charges to cover up the brutal violence they inflicted upon him as part of a ploy to repress the radical housing movement in Gran Canaria. The FAGC he’s part of has been involved in a very successful social movement for housing in Gran Canaria and has helped hundreds of families left abandoned by the state. Like any other threat to its legitimacy, the state couldn’t allow this to continue unchallenged.

This happens as the protests for the political incarceration of Catalan anti-fascist rapper Pablo Hasél continue. And in fact just as it’s announced that 8 anarchists have been arrested accused without evidence of participating in the burning of a police van during these protests. This is clearly a move against the whole of the anarchist and anti-authoritarian movement, which they seek to use as the scapegoat to try to smother the flames of revolt spreading all over the Spanish state after years of pent up rage for the many injustices the people have suffered under it.

It’s also difficult not to notice the significance of this happening only a day after we remembered the anniversary of the death of Salvador Puig, an anti-capitalist killed by the Francoist regime in what became the last death sentence in Spain to date, precipitating the end of the dictatorship soon after. As we can see, the transition to democracy made little difference in stopping the political repression or solve any of the issues accosting the people. Rather, it has allowed for the crimes of the dictatorship to go unpunished and for all the institutions that create misery for the people, such as the guarcia civil that tortured Ruy, to continue operating unchallenged. This is the nature of democracies: a more stable and cunning form of domination.

We therefore cannot see this as anything else but the continuation of the campaign of social warfare states wage against their people to keep them under their rule. This war is always takes place unilaterally by the state even when there’s not significant opposition to it, but it escalates as soon as its subjects attempt to fight back by abandoning the useless calls for civility and non-violence, the meaningless gestures, marches and electoral aspirations. The arrival of the “most progressive government in the history of the democracy” in Spain has done nothing to stop this. And in fact, it has allowed it to continue more efficiently and brutal than ever by buying the support of parts of the left with electoral promises of representation.

It’s in this context that we call on all members of the international anarchist, anti-authoritarian and antifascist movement to extend their solidarity to Ruymán Rodríguez and the FAGC as well as to everyone else suffering the repression of the Spanish state. Just as they ramp up their campaign of violence, so must we increase the intensity of our fight for freedom. Messages and shows of solidarity are needed, but also actions that target the state and its institutions. No matter in what part of the world you find yourself, our enemy is the same. And any threat to one of its parts affects the whole. Let them feel the fear of those who won’t bow down to their violence.

Solidarity with Ruymán Rodríguez!

Solidarity with the victims of state violence!

Burn down the prisons, free all prisoners!



– GAF London

sábado, 11 de julio de 2020

No safety, No return! - No Work campaign

No safety, No return!

Many workers are being asked to work in unsafe environments. Many more will be asked to do so as they return to work over the coming days and weeks.

The Anarchist Communist Group (ACG) is launching a No Safety, No Work campaign. This is a campaign to be led by workers trying to keep themselves and others safe at work in the time of Covid 19. We know that the working class cannot rely on employers or the government to keep us safe.

Tens of thousands of people have died in this pandemic, and even more are killed in the work place every year. None of these deaths were inevitable but were the results of the greed of the bosses and the rulers of our society. As more and more people are returning to work, the government has not passed a single law guaranteeing workers safety but has issued guidance to employers. This is not enough to keep us safe.

See more here:

Public Zoom meeting to discuss the No Safety, No Work campaign by the ACG. Link to the meeting via the eventbrite.
Tuesday, 14 July 2020

sábado, 30 de mayo de 2020

George Floyd Solidarity In The Bay Area: Representation And Power

Source- George Floyd Solidarity in the Bay Area: Representation and Power - It's Going Down 29.5.2020 Anonymous

A Critique Of Weaponized Identity Politics Used To Silence Rebels And Gain Political Capital. Written By Anarchist People Of Color And Originally Published To Indybay.

“We must never forget that the insurrectionary project belongs to the masses alone; organizers help it – leaders betray it.” – Raoul Vaneigem

This is an open letter to provoke an alternative political position to the weaponized authoritarian use of identity politics. Self-pronounced leaders in the Bay Area have tried to insinuate that anyone who desires conflict with the police after the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis are “White people [who] DON’T get to use Black pain to justify living out riot fantasies.” As if the real white fantasy isn’t people of color policing their own behavior in order to save the white supremacist society from being destroyed. This is an old trick that is worth being exposed, again.

Power operates through representation. In court it’s “the people” vs. the defendant, the state purports to represent all people against the criminal activity of an individual. In movements it’s the leaders who pretend to represent us when saying it’s not time or it’s not safe for us to revolt, usually hiding behind the vulnerability and power of the uncontrollable youth of color. They mediate our rage in order to gain a seat at the table of power. They are aspiring politicians. This type of power, similar to state power, operates on false binaries. George W. Bush told us “you’re either with us, or with the terrorists” and the movement leaders tell us “you’re either peaceful or you’re a provocateur”, or in this case they weaponize identity politics for obedience to their ideology: “you do what we say or you’re white.” They erase the rage of people of color because they cannot gain power from us. Since it is impossible to choose between such ridiculous choices “we are led into the realm of tolerance and relativity that is so dear to the bourgeoisie” ( Vaneigm, 1967). We are forced to choose a side where in the end, hierarchical power remains intact, and thus the ruling order only changes in branding.
Solidarity demonstration with the uprising in against the police murder of . This Friday 5/29 8pm Downtown Oakland Oscar Grant (14th & Broadway). 

View image on Twitter

148 people are talking about this

As insurrectionary anarchists of color it’s important to demystify a few facts:
when the youth of color decided to take the 580 freeway on 5/28/20 it wasn’t movement leaders they called for support- it was us, because we love their rage and want nothing but for them to be successful and safe. After all it’s because of our failures that they live in a world where police continue to murder with impunity, yet movement leaders are constantly drowning out their grief, rage, and agency with calls to give peace a chance, all in the name of same youth they are repressing. Representation is impossible with an uncontrollable force, because it is not legible or respectable, it can’t get you votes or make you look good on the internet. In this particular case the “leaders” are visibly out of touch with what is actually happening in the street.

Our political desire is not to consolidate power through identity politics. The nationalist failures at decolonization revealed that the colonial structures of the State and racial identity as a whole must be abolished in order to gain our freedom. Categories are only useful in analytically understanding power, but I am not only my oppression. It is not an essential characteristic of my being; my love for my comrades is, my desire for total freedom is, the joy I receive in rebellion during upheaval is.

Until all the prison doors are open, and the border comes crashing down, we’ll see you on the barricades.

domingo, 17 de mayo de 2020

Towards an Anarchism in the Philippine Archipelago [Revised Version]

Source - Towards an Anarchism in the Philippine Archipelago [Revised Version] | Anarchists Worldwide 16.5.2020 by Simoun Magsalin

Abstract: The politics in the Philippine archipelago is dominated by hierarchical and alienating politics as represented by reformism and National Democracy. Against these the paper forwards the liberatory politics of anarchism. The paper introduces anarchist concepts such as egalitarian organizing, mutual aid, and direct action for people unfamiliar with these concepts. After situating anarchism in the anti-authoritarian struggles in the archipelago, the paper also argues for a shift in the anarchist politics of the archipelago from an autonomist anarchism towards a revolutionary politics as a social movement.

There is a necessity for a liberatory politics in the Archipelago known as the Philippines and as anarchists we think Anarchism has the framework to fill this need. The dominant forms of politics we have now are insufficient for developing a liberatory politics in the archipelago. This liberatory politics becomes a necessity because politics in the Philippines is currently an alienating affair—a politics done to people rather than people doing politics. We are also dominated by domineering structures and institutions like the market, capitalism, and the state. Against these we forward the liberatory politics of anarchism for a world beyond domination.

Download PDF: Towards an Anarchism in the Philippine Archipelago (revision 2020-04-04)

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Sabotage Tactics: "Wheel Hunters" vs Police Vehicles

If you look closely almost every police intervention requires vehicles. And even the Power Rangers need wheels. The vehicles and not radio or riot gear, not even the policemen themselves, are the key to their capacity to intervent. A mobile unit without mobility is just useless.

It can not be understood why there are still areas that suffer the militarized police ravages that do not use this easy and so effective tactics.

First of all the wheels are not punch, but cut to be precise. Cutting wheels in any of its variety and situatios [Here Manual in spanish] is by far the easiest, cheapest and most effective method to counterrest its immediate repressive action.

Especially organized in coordinated parties of "Wheel Hunters" (see below).

I.e. a campaign of  20 vehicles per day for a week would collapse car cranes, workshops and some stocks. To increase the kaos, also cut the wheels of these same car cranes.

We agree that burning vehicles is in any case the most effective and definitive but has a number of drawbacks: alert all the rest of cops, reinforcements are call, they use to carry fire extinguishers in their vehicles, they will be likely to initiate an CSI investigation and request CCTV records, which could initiate a repressive campaign, if you get caught in the action they will charge you with terrorism and murder attempted, and much more dangerous, you will face a shot instead of a blow.

The easiest target to punctureare are the unattended cars and motorcycles. These are surely not part of the patrols involved in demonstrations or raids. That means that is less effective.

The most important objetive to be punch are POLICE VANS. They are the preferred objectives since it can stack 6 to 10 hitmen and its action.
- Wait for the van to be stop, empty and the pigs away. Obviously if there are pigs inside they will jump out to defend it.
- Inside there will always remain the driver, but he will not get out unless he catches real fire. Of course, he will alert his teammates by radio.

The easiest is to move by motorcycle or bike, even on foot, and puncture unattended vehicles.

It is not difficult, but dangerous, to cut wheels at the height of a police intervention when two conditions are met:
- the cops decrease the attention in the vehicle, they are distracted and
- they are away from the vehicle so that they would not reach you in a foot race.

- Sneak: If they are distracted with something but close to the vehicle, be very careful and use stealth and concealment to evoid alert them. Not recommended due to the risk of alert.

- Distraction: The cop have to be far from the vehicle so even if they are aware of you they can not reach you running. In that case you will not even need any stealth. Take advantage of the opportunity and run. Have ready an escape route. Not recommended due to reveal you in fraganti.

"Wheel Hunters":
Pack Hunters of 2 or more people. RECOMENDED as it combines distraction and stealth, creating the necessary diversion to hit furtive and safely.

- One person per wheel, minimun 2 wheels, preferably the one behind the co-driver, sneaky approaching from the blind spot of the vehicle, take the opportunity to cut the wheel. Estimated time: 5-10 seconds.

- One or more taunt the hitmen to catch their attention and if possible make them move them from their vehicles. Do something that call the attention of the cops and make them move close away from the vehicle. Some times a riot, or a fake fight, or just insulting.

Estimated time: the one the cops take to stay away from the car or van. They usually have little patience.

Whatever you do, not get caught!

More information at: "Sabotage techniques: how to puncture wheels and tires" Es 17.3.2012
Spanish version: Técnicas de Sabotaje: "Cazadores de Ruedas" vs Vehículos Policiales 8.3.2020

viernes, 6 de marzo de 2020

2nd International Meeting: 3 Days Against Techno-Sciences – Italy, July 2020

Source - 2nd International Meeting: 3 Days Against Techno-Sciences – Italy, July 2020 2.3.2020 325nostate
This year too, we are proposing an informal, convivial and international opportunity for discussion and reflection among individuals and organisations engaged in building an analysis and a critique of what we may call the technoworld. A world which is going through an epoch-making paradigm shift, where all bodies and our very experience have become one of the most important new raw materials. Engineering of the living and digital control are increasingly replacing a large part of the previous market of commodities, which are becoming obsolete. On a planet which has been plundered well beyond its biological limits, the re-designing through synthetic biology and artificial reproduction in a eugenic key of human beings and their management represents the new path forward. This of course for those who will be included in the new power arrangement, for the others no plans have emerged, or perhaps the fact that they have not been presented is already an answer in itself, they will certainly not be satisfied with merely marginalising a part of the world.

For those who ask where the current system, based on systematic exploitation of the planet, can find a way to reorganise itself, incorporating into its discourse the farce of sustainability, the answer lies in taking over human beings themselves: managed, influenced and addressed in their behaviour so that they themselves produce processes which can turn them into commodities. This is the true essence of green and sustainable policies to save the planet from so many catastrophes, of which climate catastrophe is only a part. Human beings who will soon be genetically edited in a process of ongoing perfectibility, where the body will be seen as a limit to be overcome, where what is human will be considered an error, and must therefore continuously adapt to a machine world. A techno-scientific adaptability which will become the only possibility. We can now seem how the cybernetic paradigm, according to which “the environment we live in has always been so radically modified that today we are forced to modify ourselves”, takes a material and dramatic shape.

One of the main motors of this process is so-called artificial intelligence, increasingly pervasive, which does not impose is will by force, but is moving into every sphere of our existence, without giving us time to understand where and when this process began, and especially makes it superfluous or impossible to understand its more profound processes.

In these months, we have been seeing how quickly the 5G network is being launched in the world, and how this merely represents the beginning of the overwhelming flow of the internet of commodified bodies. We have also seen in China the management and control of millions of people through the 5G network and other surveillance technologies, in order to handle the quickly spreading Coronavirus contagion. Control and management on such a vast scale has never before been seen o attempted. An experiment which closely involves the international scientific milieu, the one that wears a white smock over camouflage: never has such a huge laboratory been thought of before, and the old form of totalitarianism, in a large part of the world, is fading off to make way to soft control and management of bodies, more effective however than repression and barbed wire. As supporters of artificial intelligence and their transhumanist fans have repeatedly announced, the real strength and power of these technologies lies in the fact that they intervene in dealing with the new and most critical challenges the planet will be facing in the near future. We have become used to war as a model for reinforcing power and creating and managing new markets. Today, there is also something new: a cybernetic and transhumanist paradigm which expresses itself through algorithms, often leaving it to these to solve problems, something which is blended in the lab with surprising efficiency, where apps and prescriptions dressed up as suggestions sent by smartphone in China have turned millions of people into sanitary prison guards of themselves.

Around us, profound transformations need to be understood, the analyses we make with the usual interpretations are limited and reductive, they are not able to grasp today’s transformations, power evolves and so must our analyses: this is the basis for undertaking and assigning priorities to fight for. How can one fight something one does not know? What one cannot understand? There are fundamental epochal shifts going on, shifts we need to understand. We have to see in which direction power is moving, before it fully implements its projects, so we do not come too late, and especially so they do not find us once again unprepared.

It is with this spirit that we are organising this year a second meeting, scheduled for the month of July, in order to involve organisations and individuals from various countries already engaged in a profound and clear analysis of the present, and actively involved in opposition to the developments of techno-sciences. An involvement which may break the glass window of inevitability through which too many stare passively at the course of events. A meeting to reinforce critical thinking in discussion with other organisations and individuals, who may follow different paths, but share a common desire to understand what is going on around us.

We shall focus on smart cities, 5G networks, artificial intelligence, transhumanism, artificial reproduction of human beings, genetic engineering and redesigning of living beings through synthetic biology.

The programme, place of meeting and exact dates will be made known shortly.

Since this meeting is entirely self-organised and with very limited means, please help us spread this text wherever there may be listening ears and burning hearts, worried about the near future which is already our present.

Collettivo Resistenze al Nanomondo

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PDF Second international meeting:  [Eng], [It], translation to [Esp]

viernes, 14 de febrero de 2020

PDF: How to Destroy Cell Phone Towers - 325nonstate

Fourteen arson attacks against telecommunications and mobile phone masts in the Bristol and Bath area took place over the last decade. This is the DIY manual they used on their incursions.

Thank you comrades!

Health! PHkl/tctca
Source - PDF: How to Destroy Cell Phone Towers 325nostate 13.2.2020

PDF: How to destroy cell phone towers

How to Destroy Cell Phone Towers

Standard size cell phone tower, used by two or three cell carriers.
Usually on the front of the installation there will be a sign noting the companies.

2-3 comrades

Entry tools (Boltcroppers, Wiresnips, etc)
Gloves, Mask, Clean Clothes, Hat, Cap or Hood (for DNA traces)
Fuel (500ml, White Spirit or Kerosene preferred instead of Benzine/Petrol)
Fuel (100ml of Benzine/Petrol)
Firelighters, Several Lighters, Long Pole or Stick (up to 15ft)
Thick Rags/Towelling (to absorb the fuel)
Small Tyre which is easy to fit in a rucksack (from Wheelbarrow, Quad Bike, Moto etc)

Stage 1. Recon the target. Locate the weak point in the installation, which is where the network cables depart from the mast vertical and enter horizontally or similar into the electrical source, which is usually either a small reinforced building or box. The exposed cables may be located at ground level or up to 15ft up the mast for example. Note estimated timings, entry and exit points, security cameras, motion sensors, lighting etc. Aim to execute the action within 15 mins.

Stage 2. Check and enter the site, climb the mast if needed, cut the cable ties that bunch the wires together at the weak point you located earlier. Wedge the tyre in between the cables securely and stuff the tyre with rags and wrap some rags around the cables climbing up the mast from that point. Soak the rags inside the tyre and up the mast with fuel. Take care not to cover yourself with fuel traces, prevent unneeded forensic evidence and do not set yourself on fire. If you are using a pre-made timed incendiary device place it inside the tyre and set it. Climb down.

Stage 3. If using a timed device, leave the site immediately. If not, check the site and your exit points quickly. This second check is to prevent any detection, unnecessary injuries or death due to the extended nature of the action.

Stage 4. Light the fire using a pole or stick wrapped with fuel-soaked rags, Benzine is better here as the wind can get very strong where these mast are located usually. Light the rags inside the tyre from a distance, getting as far back as possible. If the tyre is small, then the fire is smaller, and detection is lessened. Practice operating in windy environments to get used to using fire at altitude and in difficult circumstances. Leave immediately.

Dispose of all materials used in the sabotage action and do not return to the site. Police scientific teams will extensively search the target’s area, entry and exit points, and routes to and from, for any trace of material they can use as evidence.

This recipe is open to be adapted and developed for use wherever it is needed, larger and more complex targets and systems need more developed plans of attack. Trial and error are the guide.

Against 5G & the world which needs it

lunes, 3 de febrero de 2020


我们知道,最近有更多人在阅读我们在中国的网站。 我们希望收到您的新闻,经验和想法。
例如,关于由新病毒引起的紧急状态。 关于香港的起义。 警察监视。 社会控制的新技术。 您可以写信给我们,让我们尝试将无政府状态传播到任何地方。




For our comrades in China:
We know that many more people are reading our website in China recently.

We want to receive your news, experiences and ideas.
For example, about the State of Emergency caused by the new virus. About the uprising in Hong Kong. Police surveillance. New technologies for social control. You can write to us and let us try to spread anarchy everywhere.
We want to understand the lives of Chinese dissidents, insurgents, anarchists, and revolutionaries in the 21st century.

For a new wave of solidarity and the Black International.

Contact us and we can use encrypted communication.