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jueves, 27 de marzo de 2014

What is the relationship between the World Economic Forum WEF and the Bilderberg Club?

What is in common between the World Economic Forum and the Bilderberg Club?

The World Forum Economic WEF held annually in Davos is the world's most important economic meeting. The Forum is made up of 1,000 corporations and companies. Among them, those who organize the event are 200 known as Industrial Partners, being 100 and only 100 selected corporations the Strategic Partners, corporations responsible to mark the annual and general objectives for the remaining 1000.

The Bilderberg Club is an exclusive club that meets annually to no more than 150 political careerists, business, military and university professors representing corporations and most powerful states of the West.

The goals of both organizations are basically the same: unifying political objectives, market sharing, organizing global cartels and monopolies and enhance their synergy. Also members of both repeated insistently. So a question must be asked, what is the relationship between them?

So far we have found that:
97 of 200 Industry Partners are at least also members of the Bilderberg Club.
48 of 100 Strategic Partners are also members of the Bilderberg Club.
The relationship between the two organizations is more than evident.

List of Industrial Partners of World Economic Forum 2014 also members of the Bilderberg Club



Barrick Gold Corporation- ¿? Bilderberg 2005




*EY, Young & Ernst- Bilderberg 2011


*FEMSA/Coca-cola- Bilderberg 2009


*GE General Electrics


Hitachi (Subsidiaria de GE)-Bilderberg!











Reitan Group (Eivint Reitan)- Bilderberg 2008


Showa Shell Sekiyu (subsidiaria de Shell en Japon, Jun Arai) Bilderberg 2013
Statoil (via Harald Norvik también CEO de ECON)- Bilderberg 2006








Yum! Brands- (filial de Pepsi co.)


In Red: Bilderberg Members also Strategic and Industrial Partners of WEF.
In Blue : Bilderberg Member that are also Industrial Partners of WEF.
Asterisk *: Strategic partners of WEF that are also Industrial Partners

The World Economic Forum WEF

The World Economic Forum WEF was founded in 1972 as what could be considered a great Club with a very unique Convenction, the largest informal gathering of entrepreneur, politicians and military in the world. Operational management is carried out by the companies themselves through the Schwab Foundation.

In 1000 companies Members only 200 are the organizers, and just 100 are the one who set the programs and plans. Corporations acquire membership by status, divided into three castes. In 2014:
- Strategic Partners, setting the general and annual targets, are 100 corporations of which all but one are also Industrial WEF Members
- Industry Partners are corporations organized industrial monopolies and cartels, price fixing and territorial spread . There are 200 corporations.
- Members of the Forum are about 1000 companies, under the umbrella, protection and in close collaboration with Industrial partners. Are organized in cartels waiting to be absorbed by the monopolistic Industrial Members.
There are more than 2500 guests from corporations and individuals, such as politicians, journalists, military cupula, high priests, celebrities, spot stars, NGOs ... anyone with particular interest for the Forum are allowed to participate.

FEM: The Bilderberg Club Project

In 1973 members of the exclusive Bilderberg Club, founded in 1953, set in motion a plan to expand its area of action and influence without increasing the number of members, which means increasing the number of monopolies among which should distribute the markets.
The Forum allows direct contact to companies of their own industrial sectors, closing thousands of agreements, both commercial contracts as political. The results are better than expected, the Forum remains the global market under control, manipulated, and provides fresh meat in the form of easily absorbed young companies.
Local industries, heirs of national oligarchies, room with transnational corporations spread until its absorption.

The formal part of the Forum is filled with the usual meaningless media circus, necessary to divert attention from the real purpose of the meeting: organizing international cartels, signing contracts, concerting on prices and buying companies with monopolistic purposes.

We are at war!
The fascist forces organized around its banks continue with their plans to raze and predate the world, and us within!

We now have the tools to get rid of their yoke. Let’s use them!

Organize the Assemblies! For the Libertarian Communism!

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