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viernes, 26 de abril de 2013

Criminalization of Popular Call 25-A: media misinformation against the people

Only taken a fast look at the headlines of national newspapers to know what the oligarchy and capital think about the demonstration call Congress Surrounds 25-A 2013:
El País
The Congress siege ends with 15 arrested and 14 police officers injured Fernando J PerzThe PP believes that Congress failed siege by the "strength" of the institutions
El Confidencial
The violence He besieged the Congress call off the protest Jose Maria OlmoThe violence of 'He besieged the Congress' disables an appointment with 1,400 riot
El Mundo
Four children among the 15 arrested during the attempted siege to Congress María Peral
Remand for three of those arrested for the siege to Congress
Within the "siege to Congress" Luis Nunez-Villaveirán
Posada urges judges to act against bullies << accordingly with their motivations >>. Attack on Democracy Ana I. Sanchez
La Vanguardia
Fails "siege to Congress' marked by heavy police presence
Posada described as "magnificent" policing in the siege to Congress
Violence on the call, arrested, deactivation, custody, harassing, siege. Radical and violent.
Constantly it is reiterates desunity and lack of support. If it was so the call would not be done. Another thing is that the new call reach prior levels.
They blamed the failure of the call to themselves, by violent, as if state agents were not involved, both the pen and the plumb thugs.
And finally there is no mention anywhere the repression on the call, despair and unemployment that led to the mobilization and for which that was proclaimed.
Such is the level of malaise that is capable of binding a heterogeneous mass that only has one thing clear: Change.

Police, hired assassins of the plumb
Police wounded, Soundness of institutions, 1400 agents, heavy police presence, urges judges, police magnificent performance.
As always, 14 minor injuries among the police, poor men, with 20 kg of antitrauma equipment had to stick people to open wrist. No mention even one wounded among the "radicals". Attributing an executioner victims characteristics serves to humanize and is part of routine handling.
"The police behave in an exemplary manner", right. Copy for its function: cause outbreaks of violence by creating extreme situations, humiliating and demeaning their victims. 1400 Psychopaths with truncheons orders is heartless violence in its purest form.
The government urges justice, so that attempts to justify violent intervention against the protesters. Is the valid Justification for all, this is a State of Right. They want to know what is right or not by mouth of a judge in order to enact a law to make their grimm acts Laws.

The media, the gunmen of the pen
Only see the negative characteristics of the protesters and their performance. Are only positives with the corps of repression: this Manichean good and bad, this childish simplification is called manipulation.
Again, the people without fear of reprisal is called radical and violent. While professional extortionists are as heroes of democracy, the world upside down. Manipulation.
And speaking of World upside down, the cave is worth noting the contribution of Luis Núñez-Villaveirán, pen assassin, in his blog for El Mundo.
The National Police began charges and the demonstration ended the way in which many of the attendees wanted: a merciless confrontation between radicals and the Security Forces of the State. There was a moment of relaxation, especially for agents. The huge congregation of journalists difficult loads and many of the radicals were hiding among them to throw stones.
The demonstration ended with the purpose fulfilled for most attendees, a showdown without meaning any legitimate political demand wanting to be achieved through violence. Many shouted, "they call it democracy and it is", the question is whether democracy is what happened on 25A.
The media continue to exercise its function of weaving reality. Exaggerating the features they are interested in each of the groups we convey the idea of ​​a cruel mob of protesters whose sole purpose is violence by violence, without reason or cause, violence finalist.

Nothing can be learned in the state and the oligarchy media. It's time once and for all, turn off the TV, radio and close their newspapers.

If you want to know what happened inquire at this link:
When Prometheus was unable to cross the chasm. About what happened yesterday in Madrid.

The movement has lost steam because there is no ideological substrate to lean.
Democratic society has tamed capitalism practice that has led us to this point, then we better not. Socialism and communism have betrayed its ideological and livestock population discredited through corruption. Unions are a reflection of affluence and privilege policy. Associations and groups are transformed into multinational NGOs.
The citizen, domesticated, still in shock, wondering what happens and why nobody does anything. Gradually taking place between misery and slavery. Refusing to see the reality: have been used and no longer serves the purposes of those who used them.

The future is clear stay the same and end up in misery or change.
Staying the same is easy, stay home, but not highly recommended. But to change something you have to know yourself, know what you want and how you want. Learn and implement it.

The only opportunity for improvement in the living conditions of the offers anarchism
The remaining policy options only provide changes of regimes and leaders, with the slaves themselves, us.
Since immemorial time, derived from the worst situations we are now, the anarchists have organized groups, trade unions, cultural associations, communes and cooperatives, among all try to shape our reality, so our speech is unaltered from the moment someone items as words.
Our goals are not the capital, not the market, nor the authority, nor the submission, and that is something that the capitalist mentality of citizens do not want to understand.

Read. Go to the Union. Organize and fight! Viva la CNT!

jueves, 25 de abril de 2013

State Violence, Violent State: No to State pacifism

Politicians and media, can not be separated because are the same, shows their criminalization strategy. Everything is TERRIRISM.

Saying that everything is VIOLENCE is an efective form of criminalization: demonstrations, rallies, banners, shirts, unions, escraches, surround the congress, 15-M, trade unions, organizations.

These simple argument serve to discredit all opposition group, peaceful or not, from NGOs to political parties. RADICALS!

For the State every citizen is radical, violent and terrorist by definition, therefore violence is allowed to avoid violence. The state is terrified, and defended with violence.

If everything is violence nonviolence, peace, does not exist, so we should not worry more to reach it. All groups are radical, even opossition parties, the most reactionary associations, so whatever is done will never be moderate.

If the State, politicians and media, accuse the population of terrorist and kept peaceful and conciliatory policy, people would understand why reject this terror and violence with which is charged.

But the State is the greatest purveyor of violence through looting, their repressive and terror Police Forces, narcoassassins, watchers and paramilitary groups. The impunity with which they act is such that the population languishes helpless and unable to defend themselves alienated from the aggressions of the state and its servants. Example 15-M Spanish movement.

His speech is clear: "we create reality." "Violence is a crime but we will exercise and we are legitimized thanks our law, the law of all." This fallacy is the way of justified, and there are people who agree.

It is our duty, because our lives are on it, to distinguish what is violent than not, what is right from what is not, we can not go any longer with their laws. His righteousness only works for them. It is their territory, their system, their farm, and we are their cows, pigs and chickens.

Pacifist mediated, radicals of moderation
The pacifisct mediated, moderation radicals, is that part of the people, the majority, who systematically rejects the use of violence by the people, arguing an mediated statist criteria, that comes in collusion with repressive state who exercise daily, and form the most reactionary, refusing to use a last resort effort to ensure their own survival and of his closest self-defense.

The pacifist domesticated, that to maintain its moderate image are able to lose some rights legacy that truly do not deserve.

They prefer to be called citizens. Far from being altruistic is a real flock that sing welfare receiving
humiliations; mental and physical victims of the system they defend.

Violence begets violence, but the submission made slaves.

The peacemakers consequential are needed more than ever, domesticated pacifist abound.

We must defend ourselves or end up like Greece, the example is clear.

Health and anarchy.

lunes, 22 de abril de 2013

U.S., the global terrorism factory and the bombing in Boston

Following the bombing of Boston Marathon it is see the consequences of American terrorist policy, its practical application as repressive apparatus and population control, both as internal as external.

1st - the authorities deployed all its repressive corps, heading by martial law  and recorded the city house by house applying a systematic scientific method of cleaning.
2 - Hand in hand with mas misinformation flowing through the torrent of noise and routine handling mixed with promises of more repressive measures and cuts in freedom rights.
3 - Finally Congress ratified by law enforcement measures, as was the resolution of the Patriot Act after 11-S, 2001, to be used with many different and arbitrary purposes.
In interview with Russia Today, mother (others say the father did not have access to video) of the two Chechens who have brought a halt to the authorities of Boston, says his children maintained ties with the FBI. "They know perfectly" "It's all an FBI sting."
A suitable mounting or terrorist training to release them at appropriate time in the Russian Caucasus for destabilizing zone by crimes. What happens [in Boston] is that sometimes the monster turns against its creator. Write down this information: they were "political" refugees.
As for conspiracy theories too gimmicky, the left side: most were invented for "movies" like the "death" of Bin Laden was dead long (suffering from an incurable kidney disease).
By the way what do you think the media would seid if the government imperialists Venezuela had declared a state of emergency in Caracas after the attempted coup of Caprilists [Enrique Capriles Right aspirant to venezuelan presidence]? In Boston it was decreed, but, and we continue to grow the list, sure there are curfews "good" and curfews "bad" and dictatorials. Chechen brothers and FBI

State Terrorism
The terrorists apparently were part of a prepared command, trained in the U.S. to operate in Chechnya. Uncontrolled or not acted in the only way they knew. Now begin to talk about their ties to al-Qaeda, another American genuine product.

Terrorism = population control through repression
Even when there is an incident like this, intentional or not, with a seemingly uncontrolled paramilitary cell, the state is able to make a profit. The state terror and distrust in the people is insane, and treat with maximum hardness, trying to straighten and mold it to his own image: a paranoid to irrationality and hiperindividualistic people . Thanks to this act, achieves closer "general freedoms", justify repression, and make people not reject it.

Terrorism = justification of the state as protector
The people, unarmed, consciously or not, is attacked by the repressive forces and paramilitary groups, terrorists, the state creates. So the state as an organization is a problem. Both believe the lies as expressed in the media and subjected to fear. The state justifies its existence as ultimate protector of enemies that he creates. Passed with ETA in Spain, went with the IRA in Irland and continue to happen all over the world.

TERRORISM = repression by the laws.
In a democracy the state is subject to written laws, not arbitration. The laws are the contract purchased by people as a code of conduct and forced to submit the rules or be punished. Even the most abject state ensures that its laws are the fairest. The people, overwhelmed by an unintelligible code is calm whenever the word Justice is named thinking that its case is Right and the state, and therefore society, will agree.

Terrorism was the attack of 11-S, after which enacted the Patriot Act or the National Defence Act, which has nothing to do with the struggle for justice and yes with population control in foreign countries. Yet the general feeling was relief. We later found out that the "author of the attack", Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda were American products.

Terrorism is called to what the authorities say, as pirating intellectual property is computer terrorism. Then make laws ASPA, CISPA and ACTA to control Internet content. It is known that under these laws audiovisual industry earn money and controlls network information.

The laws serve the one that issue, AND NO ONE ELSE. The greatest fallacy: the Constitutions.

Terrorism = adjective applied by State
Terrorism is a weapon that states have always used to justify. The television, radio or newspaper, his mass media mind controll, who determ who is terrorist and who is Resistance, Militia or Freedom Fighters.

The reason the knowledge and will enable us to overcome the programming to which we are subjected daily and that permeates a society cowed by an irrational fear of imaginary power of the state.

This new bombing shows that the people is only controled by terror.

United States is currently the cradle of fascism.

USA wants "find the russian clue" in Boston to extend antimissile shield, said, [russian]diputy .

viernes, 12 de abril de 2013

Thought: The Hugo Chavez's Bolivarian Oil Revolution

The Hugo Chavez's vision of many people can be idyllic: champion of people, re-elected five times, enacting the Constitution and thousand elections, fighting against the oligarchs, blamed coup in 1992, survived a coup attempt state in 2002, America's enemy, friend of OPEC, expropriating land, nationalization of oil. Finally socialist, son of the Bolivarian revolution, Castrist and Democrat. Loved by the media. Adored by the left.

It is not understand how, after 15 years of rule, left a country on the brink of bankruptcy in its fourth devaluation, estates expropriated stalled by bureaucracy, speculation, Caracas one of the 20 most expensive cities in the world, Venezuela, as rich country is dependent on imports of raw materials and manufactures most basic.

Yes, it is understable. Hugo Chavez was a populist military adorned with socialist smokescreens to carry an liberal state policy aimed at developing a market economy based on oil. Two were the oil company that left the Orinoco oil belt in 2007: Exxon Mobile and ConocoPhillisp. There were four remaining: Total, BP, Chevron Corp and Statoil which shared the cake with the state. Since then worse and worse.

Health and anarchy.

martes, 9 de abril de 2013

Solidarity: More than 2,000 immigrants held in detention centers in Greece

More than 2,000 immigrants held in detention centers in Greece have been on a hunger strike since April 6 to denounce the intolerable conditions.

According to the United Movement Against Racism and the Fascist Threat (KEERFA), more than 2,000 immigrants held in detention centers in Greece have been on a hunger strike since April 6 to denounce the intolerable conditions.

KEERFA activists said at a press conference on April 8, “The culmination of the poor detention conditions, the mistreatment and tortures migrants have to deal with in reception centers was the three suicide attempts which happened in Amygdaleza center in northern Athens last weekend”.

Two migrants attempted to commit suicide at the Amygdaleza detention camp. One drunk a bottle of shampoo and the other one cut himself with broken glass.

KEERFA coordinator, Petros Constantinou, talked about the inhuman conditions in reception centers, adding that hunger strikes have spread across Greece, while many police departments have turned into places of abuse for immigrants and refugees.

Local immigrant community leaders who also spoke at the press conference called on authorities to give them permission to visit with hunger-striking migrants at the detention centers and to provide them access to doctors and lawyers.

Photo: Police department in Drapetsona where migrants are held sometimes for more than 4 months. One toilet for 100+ people – no space to sleep or move.

domingo, 7 de abril de 2013

Sabotage tecnics: How to make and operate a Molotov Cocktail

- Let's see if we learn at once:
glass bottle, funnel, flammable liquid (petrol), pregnant liquor (motor oil), wick (cloth), tape. Lighter.
Protective wear: gloves, mask, googles.

The glass should be 1 liter. No smaller becouse could have no effect nor heavier becouse could have no range.
Mix with care: 1/3 gasoline, 1/3 motor oil, 1/3 air chamber to easy explode.
The wick is soaked in gasoline. Stands about 30cm.
Is plugged with adhesive tape.

Capping, transported without the wick evoiding leakage.
Transported wrapped in newspaper or foam to prevent breakage.

Handled with fireproof gloves, goggles covering the whole eye and possibly protective clothing.
Hold by the base, not the neck, but can throw off the wick.
Fastened with hand extended and throws light up with the opposite.
They strip immediately after switch on, if there is no risk of explosion.

The launch
It pulls from below, from the hip, never to shoulder height: if it fails to throw you not burn your face, but you must take cover.
Is pulled at 45 ° to reach far.
It pulls in 30 degree angle to splash more.
Point Blank range does not fail.

Before use field tests are recommended practices to prevent accidents and arrests.
Guaranteed presence bourgeois media and terrorism charges.
Tomorrow practical classes in the streets. -

lunes, 1 de abril de 2013

Chile Mapuche Represion: Silvana Lamilla letter from Temuco women's prison, arrested on 28March

March 30, 2013
Anewening greetings  for everyone I know, appreciate and are concern about the situation in which I have been involved at this time.

First of all thank you for the love, unconditional support of my mother, my dear son, brothers, family, multiple comrades, vegan friends with which we find ourselves, we recognize in everyday life, sharing the most beautiful thoughts, ideas, dreams creations in every moment, in every place where we live for if possible and impossible in reality a dignified, honest and free.

The deprivation of liberty and my fellow prisoner in the jail of Temuco, of course that is framed in the context of a crude policial performance, this time led by the know antimapuche  prosecutor and now ideas persecutor Miguel Angel Velazquez.

On March 28 at about 5:00 am. Were raided two homes of Temuko by repressive state-GOPE branch with verbal order for the alleged explosive device placement in both cases.

The result of the raid where I was was the destruction of property, seizure of computers, phones, cameras and money among other things. At the end of the operation we were informed arrested by status "drug trafficking". We were led to find injuries to the regional hospital of the city, then moved to the 8th police station where stayed with Other 10 vegan arrested over 30 hrs, not allowing go to the bathroom since 5:00 am. to 10:00 am approximately, refusing water or bathroom even to one of the detainees with 5 months pregnant.

In the extense detention and kidnapping were denied communicate by telephone with advocates , friends family and, in our case, we have not access to that right as arrested. I should note that in the 8th commissioner raped me dignity by not respecting my refusal to reject the blood sampling, for which I was raped, handcuffed and bound by two carabiners and two special forces polices to that proceeding.

Today March 30 I am accussed with 2 compaions with "explosive device" charged, sharing the module with other 48 prisoners of the capitalist system. After a formal indictment accused as "marijuana traffickers" (100gram can drugging 400 people) and hence, to three months in jail imprisonment while policial research confirms. These practices are old: nullify, discredit, and of course expose the image to the morbidity of the formal means of communication, in order to decouple the political performance and install common crime.

I am quiet, have had with the other prisoners a warm welcome from women solidarity, from a cup of tea, cleaning supplies, clothing, conversations, much joy despite the circumstances and continue to dream despite months, years from eternity of confinement, all cute, free and crazy!

I say goodbye until next writing. I'm here on the other side of the wall next to the other, with my spirit stronger than ever, strengthening my convictions and every dream darling ellxs tenderness.

See you soon, cuddles and hugs tight to my son, mother, brothers, grandmother, family in general, wenui, lagmien, compas and amigxs


AngryGreetings !
Silvana Lamilla
Political prisoner from March 28-Temuko
Kidnapped in CPF - Temuko warria.

Translated from: