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lunes, 29 de diciembre de 2014

(VIDEO) Thousands of protesters claims fredoom for the seven imprisioned by Pandora Antianarchist Operation

The largest demonstration was held in Barcelona, but the protest was conducted simultaneously in ten cities of the Spanish State. Greater police presence harasses the concentration convened in Madrid.

More tham 1500 protesters claim the Liberation of seven people imprisoned by Pandora Operation. Bcn
Jesus Rodriguez LaDirect

The more crowded march was the Barcelona one, but protest day was done simultaneously in a dozen cities in Spain.
Between 1,500 and 2,000 people attended the Saturday afternoon demonstration in Barcelona in a call from the Seven Imprisoned Support Assembly following the Pandora Operation. The march has started six quarters from Plaza Catalonia, followed closely by a dozen vans of Mobile Brigade (Brimo, antiriot hitmen). The police deployment, however, was minimal, as most of the Catalans Riot command are in holidays. The operational leader was a sergeants and not a sub-inspectors as usual, and was set only by two of eight Units based Sabadell. They was support by the ARRO unit ,  Barcelona pro-riots unit, who had been entrusted with the protection of Portal de l'Angel shopping center (own by "el Corte Inglés" fascist trust), the Justice Department and the CDC headquarters in Corsica Street.

Simultaneously held up to a dozen protests throughout Spain. In the center of Madrid a hundred protesters, 200 in Zaragoza and dozens Castellón, are some of the highest concentrations. Solidarity but also has internationalized and has shown today before the Spanish consulate in the capital of Slovenia and displayed in Lisbon tomorrow.

"Terrorist is who condemns us to a life of misery, not who rebelled against it," was the slogan that opened the event in Barcelona. Also shouting "The only terrorist is the Capitalist State" with the crowd went in and out of "El Corte Inglés" fascist shopping center and the ice rink that these days occupies the Catalonia Square. The journey of a mile walk along the Paseo de Gracia flow normally  with the fascist policemen vans at a distance. "Terrorism is not reached at the end of the month", "If touch one you touch us all" and "Ito ito, ito, the small bird to fall" in reference to the police helicopter hovering in progress at all the time and has inpirated some slogans more. The March reached Gran de Gracia. At this point where some protesters have broken with hammers crystals of banks, shops and a large hotel chains.

Banco Sabadell, La Caixa, Banco Santander, BBVA and Caixa Catalonia bank just ended with broken glass and some others multinational franchises apparel and a shop of gold and silver sales. The large windows of the "Hotel Casa Fuster" have been very damaged. It so happens that this building was the consulate of Nazi Germany in Barcelona in 1936, shortly before becoming the spring of 1937, the headquarters of the defense committee of the revolution driven by the CNT, FAI, the Libertarian Youth and the Iberian Communist Youth. Phalange took the building again in 1939. After the "Transition" period was the scene of a renewed dispute between the council and the local movement. The claim that there was both a social facility mitigated by the Catalan Socialist Party PSC, which chose to give the estate to Noga holding (based in Granada) license luxury hotel.

The sound of broken glass preceded a warning of "imminent charge" that the Mossos d'Esquadra issued by the speakers.

The sound of broken glass preceded a warning of "imminent load" that the Mossos d'Esquadra issued by the police van speakers. However, the MArch has reached Diamond Square and there has been called off, without oportunity to antiriot charge the bulk of the protest. Have been, however, some sliding between demonstrators and plainclothes agents. In one of these actions, Goya Street, a boy has been retained, has been identified and released.

To remember that Pandora operation, driven by the Mossos d'Esquadra Autonomic Catalan Police, unfolded the morning of December 16, fourteen searches of buildings ("Kasa de la  Mountanya", Libertarian Ateneo d'el Palomar, Poble Sec Anarchist Ateneo and eleven homes), eleven people arrested, seven of them imprisoned. Atorneis explained that some of them are dispersed and isolated under FIES penitentiary regime; they spend twenty hours a day completely isolated. Casta Judge Javier Gómez Bermúdez signed orders for admission to prison and, at the request of the Mossos d'Esquadra, agreed to the extend the secret summary of the investigation that began two years ago with multiple telephone interventions and monitoring.

As learned the direct drive of the Mossos d'Esquadra specializes in tracking the anarchist movement is still in force operating against the anarchist groups Coordinated (GAC), that supposedly would be the target of what the cabinet's press department Interior called "anarchist terrorism operation." Despite not being able to know the details of the case, through which the order was sent to prison seven anarchists learned that two of the signs would inculpatoris reading and distribution of the book "Against Democracy" and the use of the service encrypted e-mail server that offers Rise Up.
Democracy and the seven imprisioned anarchist. Mdr

The Spanish democracy not stops giving lessons. This morning of December 27 has been in Opera Square in Madrid, during concentration on solidarity with detainees by the under the eye judge Bermúdez before his so evident "anarchist terrorism".

Democracy that Goberment Delegate Cristina Cifuentes, and her well trained blue puppies understood as repression to anyone who disagrees with the postdictatioral regime. Massive identifications and an arrest, besides shoving and utter contempt for freedom. Meanwhile hundreds of pedestrians and citizens, those who will vote in their elections setting a good example in the "festival of democracy", spent long with purchases under his arm.

A concentration that almost has not even reached sixty minutes, with just one hundred attendees, but blue puppies well trained in rows with batons in their hands and helmets on belts, we assume that ready to democratize all the rebels that shout against this cruel, violent and chaotic system.

We have been filled with rage, because their violence is legitimized by law while our resistance causes the most horrible tortures. We have gone with the tension of having the most absolute trampling of human rights. But at the end of the day, we went with the joy of being accomplices of injustice.

Today in Opera, some deliver democracy, and the other fortitude, courage and solidarity.

Now, you should choose which side you're on.

Telecomunications and Computers Services Union (STSI)
[twitter]: @cntmadridinform
[facebook]: CNTinformaticaMadrid

viernes, 21 de noviembre de 2014

Anarchism after the First International

Expulsion of anarchists and dissolution of the 1st Interancional
After the break up within the First International, years will come in which anarchism as a mass movement will suffer a setback. However, still many notable publications and libertarian activities. But anarchism should understand that can not fall back on any doctrinal idea, and should try to influence social movements in promoting self-management in all areas of the life.

As seen, Bakunin's anarchism had its importance in the First International, but the split between authoritarian and antiauthoritarian was inevitable. Will be a country where the libertarian spirit of the First International came to life in the so-called Spanish Republic Workers Federation; thousands of workers organized adopted the collectivist doctrine of Bakunin. Moreover, the anarchist communism of Kropotkin was becoming a noticeable trend widespread in other European countries such as France, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium and England 1.

Relationship between Anarchism and Socialism. The 2nd International
However, in the rest of Europe around 1880, anarchism seemed to regress and social democracy prevail, covered in industrial development and the achievement of certain political rights. The parliamentary reformism, obviously, renounced to the social revolution and merely aspired to take over the bourgeois state and promote certain claims immediately. Meanwhile, anarchism retreated in the rightness of their ideas in small groups organized covert action, not necessarily violent, although it is sometimes encouraged. While some consider that these actions aroused the proletariat revolt, for example in France, his state of stupor, others saw the violence away from anarchism to workers parlamentarist 2 disappointed with socialism. Anarchism was a substance of truly revolutionary socialist party, so its retreat to isolated facts, sometimes appreciable and other vulgar, perhaps it is because in those years could see how the masses adopted the easy way, accepting the leadership in organizations and canceling and all revolutionary impulse.

The rupture in the socialist movement became increasingly irreconcilable: anarchism seemed to fall in the late nineteenth century in the violent action, while supporters of parliamentary intervention pathetically lost their revolutionary condition. Whatever think about anarchist violence of those years, most of the cases reactions against the cruelty of the system, have to be very critical of those who thought that was the only way to initiate social revolt. Unfortunately, these events were exploited by bourgeois society to mislead the public that this was all anarchists knew to do. Sadly, as was said by the historian of anarchism Max Nettlau, was the situation of isolation, that could not last many years as will run parallel to the flowering of the rich libertarian corpus resulted in three economic concepts arises: collectivism, communism and mutualism.

However there may be mentioned, despite this general situation, some important movements that fuse anarchism with socialist currents: in the France region of Lyon a movement supported by Kropotkin (1881-1882); an anti-parliamentary socialism in England, then become an ally of the anarchist ideas of William Morris (1879-1894); in Austria, a revolutionary socialist, anarchist, that influenced even the heirs of the Social Democratic Party (1880-1884); in the United States, an anarchist collectivism examples of Johann Most and Albert Parsons (1881-1886), as well as the Chicago martyrs executed at the end of 1887, or the movement of international reorganization initiated by Malatesta in Italy 1883 and 18843. Were movments that had to be of interest to members of other socialist currents and bring them closer to anarchist ideas. Unfortunately, it did not happen, partly because of government persecution, which ended with the aforementioned movements, and partly because of the attitude of many anarchist militants had withdrawn to isolated facts and doctrinal rigor somewhat oblivious to what should be anarchism.

Strengthened by the situation, the Social Democrats met in Paris in 1889 to resume the conference and prepare the ground for a Second International. While some anarchists still want to participate, they soon arrived conflict and two years later, at a conference in Brussels, libertarians were expelled without further contemplation. In the held in Zurich in 1893, the Social Democrats shielded against anarchist intervention in proposing that, for the future and outside of unions, would just be admit parties and associations that accept only the parliamentary action.

Rise of Anarchism: propaganda by deed, unionism, free schools, direct action, self-management
Anarchism, by its eminently social nature, could not be permanently lost in those isolated facts or in the least dogmatic temptation. Kropotkin, who at that time become one of the main theoretis, made a fierce criticism to mere "propaganda by deed" and asked retrieve the associative spirit of the First International. To unlink the working class from socialist parliamentary influence must remain militant anarchism in social movements. So that begins to germinate what would be the unionist side of anarchism. A militant Fernand Pelloutier, in a text of 1895, links the trade union with the future libertarian society; a "practical school of anarchism" to cancell all political power and governed by self-management. It will be seen by some as a return to its workers roots of anarchism trying to bring the masses by revolutionary way to teach the primary libertarian idea of direct action 4.

Of course, not all anarchists saw with good eyes this confident in the trade union action. In the International Anarchist Congress in 1907, Malatesta enter into controversy with supporters of trade unionism to warn of the dangers of reformism, the bureaucracy and the conversion of some militants in "permanent staff" and "union employees". Both sides had their reasons, first it seemed essential that anarchism participate in the labor movement. On the other, it was inconceivable that the union be enough by itself to transform society.

Whatever the case, the incipient revolutionary syndicalism that was born at that time was directed more against bourgeois democracy, and against all influence of an alienated proletarian class, than against an anarchism, that was seen economicly favorable self-management producers. During the years before the First World War, the revolutionary syndicalist French movement led to the General Workers Confederation, had great power and can be seen as the synthesis between anarchism and syndicalism (as of 1914 it'll be something else). The mature fruit of this synthesis, however, will be the Spanish National Workers Confederation, founded in 1910.

Capi Vidal
1.- La anarquía a través de los tiempos, Max Nettlau (Ediciones Júcar, Gijón 1977).
2- El anarquismo, Daniel Guerin (Proyección, Buenos Aires 1975).
3- La anarquía… op. cit.
4- El anarquismo… op. cit.

viernes, 24 de octubre de 2014

Mexican Anarchists Federation about Ayotzinapa School slaughtery: "bloody State Repression against students"

Mexico Anarchist Federation/Federación Anarquista de México

- To fellow students and teachers at Country Normal School "Raúl Isidro Burgos" Ayotzinapa, Guerrero: 
- To Relatives of the dead and kidnapped from the Country Normal School "Raúl Isidro Burgos" 
- To the people of Mexico: 
- Comrades: 

The bloody state repression against the Normal School Rural "Raúl Isidro Burgos" students in Ayotzinapa, Guerrero, 26th and 27th September 2014, murdered 6 companions, and 20 wounded 43 students missing. The killers were the Borought, State and Federal polices, supported by the Mexican Army. All three, Boruoght, State and Federal governments have conspired to carry out and cover up the infamous State crime. 

Our hearts are sore, it hurts the deaths of our brothers. It hurts the absence and forced disappearance of our peers. We grieve the pain of the relatives, classmates and teachers from the Normal Rural Schoorl "Raúl Isidro Burgos" of Ayotzinapa, Guerrero. 

We are outraged and rebels against the pain, death and the forced disappearance of our Ayotzinapan brothers. 

Fellow Rural Normal School "Raúl Isidro Burgos" their pain is our pain, their rebellion is our rebellion. We embrace as embraces a brother in arms. 

Living were taken, alive we want them back! 

Anarchist Federation - Mexico, October 2014.

Source-Portal Oaca vía LA TARCOTECA Contrainfo: Anarquistas de México sobre la masacre de Ayotzinapa: "sanguinaria represión estatal contra los estudiantes"

Spain Antimonarchical Call: Dignity Marchs to Oviedo 23th, 24th October against Real Larceny

We Unemployed, WE ARE REAL, we evicted WE ARE REAL, women who abort WE ARE REAL, we homelessness WE ARE REAL, precarious WE ARE REAL, patientes, WE ARE REAL, students ARE REAL, pensionist WE ARE REAL... Our RIGHTS and FREEDOMS ARE REALS.

And what is an UNREAL DECEPTION is the political and economic Power meeting at the Campoamor Theatre on 24th October under the umbrella of the successor of Franco monarchy to surrender him homage while holding, pushing and enriched with Neoliberal policies. Impoverish, repress us and kidnaping concepts such as DEMOCRACY.

Rally bigger each year. No place to hide for white collar villians.

24th October 2014, 17:00 H,  meeting as close to the Campoamor Theatre as we could, the place where meets the crap that lead all us to  misery. 

We want to BOOST THE SOCIAL CHANGE based on social justice and redistribution of wealth! 

WE ARE REAL Campaing aims to promote and contribute the 24th October mobilization  overflow the frame itself of the mere protest, surrounding and ridiculing the stale and elitist "dandruff caste" entrenched in Campoamor Theatre.


Dignity Marchs have called which is expected to be a mass mobilization in Oviedo next October 24 to coincide with the delivery of the Prince of Asturias awards. Collective from las Cuencas, Siero, Gijon, Avilés and Grado converge in the Capital of the Principade to public protest and visible around the Teatro Campoamor.

The concentration is part of the campaign We are Real driven by the 22M Marches Dignity Assemblies. The organizers, who officially presented on Wednesday the initiative, and have the support of groups from other regions who have confirmed their presence in Asturias on the day of delivery of the Prince awards.

We are Reales is not only reduced to a protest on the day of the award ceremony. During the previous week, the organization plans to develop various debates on the issues, in his opinion, most concerned citizens.

The collective 22M recalls that during recent years, has done a protest rally in the Square Escandalera in Oviedo coinciding with the ceremony of the Prince of Asturias Awards.
 "We protest against the cuts, layoffs, business closures, evictions ... and against waste and institutional farce that involves organizing the gala as a mechanism for legitimization of the monarchy," say the organizers. 
With the launch of the campaign We Are Real marches dignity join this protest and seek to promote a "mass mobilization and discussion of great social significance" to make visible the "real problems of social majority, its consequences and possible solutions. "

The assembly of the Dignity Marchs highlight that brings together representatives of the economic and political powers "that promote or support the neoliberal measures that have ended up impoverishing the population" in the ceremony of awards. Unemployment, precariousness, evictions, deprivation and cuts to public services such as education and health, the reduction of freedoms, racism, gender inequality, illegitimate debt, social injustice ... are just some of the problems denouncing the collective.
"The powers that have driven these neoliberal policies coalesce under the umbrella of the '78 monarchical regime. They do -continúan Saying convocantes- "to legitimize all together before the people, so they used to reward social tagging personalities far from their real social elite and opulence objectives." 
WE ARE REAL Planning

Asturias begin on 20th actions and Forum conversations by locations.

Day 23 Afternoon receive you come to other territories. 
18:00: Social Forum OUR RIGHTS ARE REAL
20:30: Roundtable: POWER TO THE MOST
23:00: Presentation: Principe of Cast Affair counter Awards
Day 24 Early in the morning breakfast and depart of columns walking towards Oviedo (about 17 miles per column) where we arrive at lunch. The columns will come from Avilés, Gijón, Mieres, Oviedo, Pola Siero ...
14:30 Reception of the columns in the Paseo de los Alamos, Oviedo
14:30 Lunch OUR HUNGER IS REAL in Oviedo (if weather permits in the San Francisco park)
17:00 H. Rally as close as we can to the Campoamor Theatre, where meets all the bastards that are leading us to misery. 
22:00: Concert "Our Dignity is Real": Gente del Pueblo, Dixebra. 
  Day 25 Breakfast and return to the territories. 

Bring sleeping bags.

Will set lodges and companions houses for those who can not sleep in sport centers but please report it previusly pto know where to place each one.

Nos vamos a Asturias – Las Marchas de la Dignidad convocan una movilización masiva el día de los premios Príncipe | Marchas de la DIGNIDAD 22M

domingo, 5 de octubre de 2014

The anti-fascist collective Algarada review victory against neo-Nazi center in Madrid

After a month and three days of fighting for a whole neighborhood, Tetouan distric reach to generate social pressure that permit expel out the neo-Nazi group who had occupied a building in the heart of the neighborhood known as "the Social Home". Must be clear that without the peoples pressure, that xenophobic group linked to far-right parties, would still be there. We believe that was a victory against fascism and racism.

Said that, from Algarada ["Popular  Riot" antifascist group] want to notice that we are proud of what happened during this month of Solidarity between Tetouan neighbors [Barrio de Tetuán] and other districts of Madrid, and the anti-fascist and anti-racist struggle that has developed. But, as antifascists, we can not stake there and boast after this, we must continue to fight every day against these violent and racist elements that have no place in our neighborhoods, and those who continue to fight every day as we were doing before. Fascism, racism and Nazism, are still there and are a great danger if we do not fight to their end.

Without organization, to reject these Nazi-fascist elements of our neighborhood would have been much more difficult, if not impossible, so we consider essential for every neighborhood to set an Coordination, in case of fact as in Teotouan happen again, to give a overwelhim, quick and organized response, cutting short the problem.

Therefore, we say and state loud and clear:


Source- Algarada via

Spanish version- LA TARCOTECA Contrainfo: El colectivo antifascista Algarada, de Tetuán, valora la victoria contra el centro neonazi. Victoria!

viernes, 3 de octubre de 2014

Canary Anarchist Federation, Victoria!: "Only by Mutual Support People can get what they need"

anti-evictions picket Members last Friday managed to prevent
 an eviction in the grancanario neighborhood Guanarteme
"Evictions can be stop when there is a real intention to do it. Only mutual support and direct action, not promises made by parties in campaign, enable the people to get what we need." 
This is one of the conclusions, as the Gran Canaria Anarchist Federation FAGC, Spain, that can be extracted from the action taken by a anti-evictions picket last Friday. Could postpone the eviction of a father and his son-Ignacio and Manuel - from their home -workshop in the popular neighborhood of Gran Canaria, Guanarteme.
"The Federation - explain libertarians - was calling  calling to picket for a week to prevent eviction, and dozens of neighbors and residents of the"La Esperanza Community"rode in several vehicles, a lot of miles to move up Guanarteme where was scheduled to happend"
"When we got to the place - continue to expose - the assembled forces were few. A majority were comrades from La Tomatera [Social Centre] and a minority of the 15-M Guanarteme Assembly [occupy] and the the Unemployed Assembly, while the rest were relatives of the affected, independent activists and some neighbors and curious."
Anarchists stand, finally, half of those gathered on the picket line were members of that community "La Esperanza", formed by a group of needy families, in February 2013, they were relocated by the Federation in a few blocks abandoned have been enabled to make in your home. 
A particular circumstance considered "creditable", because it is people who, in most cases, participating for the first time in one of these pickets.
"We highlight that people with no other ideology but mutual support went to confront abuse with no more goal than to do the right thing and prevent a family lost their home as had happened to them, since most of the residents of the Community have been evicted in the past. "

The Anarchist Federation points out, however, that the arrival of anarchists comrades with more experienced stopping evictions fortified the stand.
"They recommended closing the doors of the workshop as soon as possible and rally on the sidewalk where the property was located, deploy between the two possible entries, giving strategic and legal advice in case of detention, etc. The idea was to build a wall of meat that prevented police and judicial intervention. "
"At the time, -explican -. Appeared judicial commission that was soon repelled by the gathered. After this skirmish, which showed the police that his speech was inadvisable, the picket stood firm, without the fake withdrawal of Local Police and the commission offered us no reason to trust. One of the factors that made us remain vigilant was the presence of three secret police (the Information brigade) easily identified by their inexperience and low capacity to spot."
"Past the hour, according to the closure of the courts approached - added - became clear that the eviction was going to be postponed (later learned that this is not a victory, it is only a truce). Time for Banca March acept to negotiate with Ignacio, if such entity does not want its public image deteriorate and have to undertake a second round even more tough and bitter. "
Anyway, the Anarchist Federation also appreciates that the postponement of the eviction has ratified old analisys and allow to start new ones". "And not just us  but also to those involved in an action like this for the first time." For libertarians, these people could understand, in practice, that "by many political readings that attempt to do an eviction and by much desire for prominence there among some, anti-eviction picket must have, it seems obvious, a main goal: affected keeps home." [opposite to some antieviction pickets that just look for publicity with political purposes]
   Similarly - added - "have learn:
- That as important as the number of attendants picketing is the attitude and strategy;
- That the collective that monopolize press attention participation in front of the house [looking for publicity], such as PAH, can quietly refrain from intervening in such pickets even though the evicter is a bank and not an individual;
- That will to stop an eviction outweighs any other consideration, and
- Sometimes, although not desirable, more than twenty people from the other end of the island can supply the low participation of the neighbors in the neighborhood. "
   "Making a particular reading -holds- this eviction has also allowed many relocated in the Community" La Esperanza "be aware of their potential and that only direct Action and Mutual support, not campaign promises of the parties and their white brands [new political citizen parties], enable the people to get what they need. "
    "We wish- conclude - that this month Ignacio could negotiate in their favor and impose its demands. If not, we will come back to Guanarteme. More and stronger...". 
Source- "Solo con el Apoyo Mutuo el pueblo puede obtener lo que necesita"- vía Tarcoteca contrainfo
Comunidad La Esperanza - YouTube

For more information:
Anarchist Federation Gran Canaria: The Anarchist Federation GC already resettled over 70 people: 
Federación Anarquistas Gran Canaria: La Federación Anarquista de G.C. ya ha realojado a más de 70 personas
[YES WE CAN] The Gran Canaria Anarchist Federation and La Esperanza Community achieve to postpone a eviction: [SI SE PUEDE] La Federación Anarquista de Gran Canaria y comunidad La Esperanza logran aplazar un desahucio

lunes, 15 de septiembre de 2014

Bakunin: Nationalism, State and Religion

With its successes and failures, as every human being when exposed, understands and select the best option, Bakunin is not a thought or a static-action illuminated by the will of a god. Like many others who preceded him and will happen (as Berkman), the confrontation of ideas and practical exposure will pulish some of its edges, and others will remain to be ascertain for the following generations. One of this mean edges is the idea of culture used by many to justify the existence of the State. The political reality of a Europe bled in wars and preparing the next, did the father of anarchism understand the union of the Slavic peoples as the only possible solution, which has been used occasionally in the libertarian world as an authoritative reference to justify the current nationalism. But that was not the last word Bakunin spoke about the national question, he glimpse shortly after the trap of the so called "distinguishing characters".


Works in a point of his life, Bakunin argued: <<every people and even the most little ethnic or traditional unit has its own character, its specific way of existence, its own way of speaking, feeling, thinking and proceeding; and this idiosyncrasy is the essence of nationality, result of historical life and resume of the vital conditions of the people.>> In this kind of expressions remains those who above all political project aimed the independence of "their nation" through the creation of an independent State, with some ornament on the left. And those theorizing a life without State also see welcomed the independence of a territory culturally uniform.

But even in these times, Bakunin also says that <<we should put the Universal Human Justice above all national interests and abandon once and for all the false principle of nationality, recently invented by the despots of France, Prussia and Russia to crush the sovereign principle of Freedom.>>

Even then, defending the right of nations to develop without interference, Bakunin understands national freedom as "corollary" of the individual freedom by taking responsibility for their decisions, not as a above principle, which is how always ends up happening. This healthy and natural near to obsession Individual Freedom above political constructions, clear influence or affinity with Stirner, brings him to identify national constructions more as problem as solution, and over the years will clearly defend this position contrary to the demarcation of territories according to the dictates of the bourgeoisie or by the demonstrated strength in war.

The State

Since release from prison until the end of his days Bakunin expressed as this: <<The State is the younger brother of the Church, and patriotism. This virtue and worship to the State, is nothing but a reflection of divine worship ... the State has always been property of a privileged class ... but for the good of the State there must be a privileged class whoever interested in their existence, and is precisely this solidary interest of the privileged class with the State what is called patriotism ... the physiological element is the main base of any patriotism, simple, instinctive and brutal.>> Rounding out the deception the interest with the State of the privileged class is cover as popular interest, identifiying the aim of the poultry with the ​​farmer who eats one under the false premise that all are part of the farm.

As seen, State, Nation and Religion, go together to Bakunin and since then to those who identified with anarchism have join his program. Go hand to hand because Bakunin understands that this political form of organizing society is fundamentally authoritarian, and therefore sooner or later repressive of all freedom.

Power's self-preservation instinct leads Bakunin to suspesct of Marxist theory about the end of Statal structures in the last revolutionary stage. Bakunin spoke of the State as << a huge cemetery where [...] all the true aspirations, all the living forces of the country are abandoned to immolate and bury, generous, gently" and early warned the tendency to accentuate its totalitarian character. Even in periods of reduced pressure on individuals, as could make believe bourgeois democracies, Bakunin wary of wolves in sheep's clothing: <<instead of garanty for people, the representative system creates and guarantees the existence of a permanent opposed to people government aristocracy>>.

The russian revolutionary says that Universal Suffrage is simply a trap after which <<hides the really despotic power of the State, based on the bank, the police and the army>>, <<an excellent mean to oppress and ruin people in the name and under the pretext of an alleged popular will.>>


Material reality goes before ideas and therefore the State building as a form of government is obliged to seek justification for their despotic existence both in an idealized past of origin and common customs (nationalism) as in a third essential element: Religion.

In "Federalism, Socialism and Antitheologism", Bakunin drinks of the great atheist and anticlerical Enlightenment to strengthen its anti-authoritarian character refusing the mean dogma. Intend to liberate humanity from all coercive authority, it is essential to end with the ultimate source of authority, that is, the idea of ​​God. This will in being atheist if you want to be free, shared with Stirner, has been one of the central pillars of the libertarian movement despite the fanciful attempts to see in Christianism or even Islam common points that could coexist.

Rarely such a concise and clear deduction as presented in the Russian revolutionary "Federalism, Socialism and Antitheologism" work will be find:
"Unless one wants slavery, we can not and should not make the slightest concession to theology, [...] the one who wants to worship God must renounce his liberty and his human dignity:
God exists, so man is a slave.
The man is intelligent, fair, free, so God does not exist.
We dare the one able to get out of this circle."
We can not trivialize the intellectual and exemplar heritage receive from Mikhail Bakunin on these aspects if we want honor his memory as it deserves. And, above all, 200 years after his birth we are living a historic moment in which astonished the validity of the ideas for which he fought all his life.

Julia Reyero | CNT Newspaper
Source: Bakunin: nacionalismo, Estado y religión | Confederación Nacional del Trabajo

domingo, 7 de septiembre de 2014

Marx, Bakunin and the First International IWA

The different positions representing by Karl Marx and Michael Bakunin on what should be and how to organize the nascent labor movement not only marked the development itself of the First International, the International Workers Association IWA, but was also an expression of the two lines that henceforth, would mark the path of unionism.

One is called political and authoritarian of Marxist Socialism first, the Social Democrat after the Second International, and finally the Communist with the Third International sponsored by the Soviet Union and its appendix the International Trade Union. The other is the anti-authoritarian, collectivist first, anarch-communist afterwards, revolutionary unionism later, and finally anarcho-syndicalism.

The international organization of this second line was the IWA. Created in 1864 and rebuilt in Berlin in late 1922.

The clash has gone down in history focused on the figures of two senior representatives from each of the streams to the point which is attributed a key role in the decline and extinction of the first IWA. Today is the source of numerous writings in which the philias and phobias are distributed in equal part, depending on who wields the pen or pound the keyboard. Just take a look around the Web.

As often happens in these cases, and more with organizations involved, the colors of each are not exclusively black or white. Rather, walking all tones of gray. If accuse Bakuninist  of all kinds of intrigues and personal attacks, the same could be said against the Marxists. And about the doctrinal perspective or analysis of the events which they lived. As true as this 2014 and is the two hundredth anniversary of the birth of Bakunin's is also the hundredth fiftieth the founding of the IWA in London.

Based on this principle, we can focus on the Marx-Bakunin conflict from three different perspectives: the context in which occurred the birth of organized labor, their personalities and the influence of each in approaches to the development of the labor movement.

The context

The IWA was the first attempt to create an international organization of workers. The culmination of a long process whose roots can be traced to thirty years earlier. Its creation is the expression of awareness as a social group of workers from different trends and traditions. From continental communist to British unionists, through Italian Mazzini or Garibaldinist. Also present existing organizations and individuals. All united by the idea, expressed by Marx in his famous 1848 manifesto, synthesized in the slogan: Proletarians of all countries, Unite! That means break the ties with bourgeois organizations and face them in an internationally way. The working world would have its own organization. Hence the expectation, and fear, with which it was received.

From the first moment were evidents the differences in approaches represented by Marx, who gained control of the organization through its General Council in London, and the anti-authoritarian, mainly French groups oriented by Proudhon ideas. If the Marxist leaning on the powerful German Social Democracy section, from 1868 opponents had the presence of Bakunin who, with his International Alliance of Socialist Democracy, became part of the International.

The IWA appeared, not coincidentally, in a context of crisis and war. In 1870 France and Prussia went to war. The french king Napoleon III defeat led to the proclamation of the Third Republic, and in March 1871, the Paris Commune. Were milestones. There were others, like the case of Russian Nechayev, where action and interpretative differences between the two currents were reflected. The staged issues such as homeland defense by Marxist and Bakunin pan Slavism, the role of the Commune and its pertinence. Recurrent matter. In 1869, at the Congress of Basel, they had already faced about the issue of worker participation in politics and the creation of a labor party. The accusations of adventurism and authoritarianism come back.

In 1872 the IWA met in The Hague and the Marxist achieved that Bakunin were ousted. Split was served. That same year the expelled met in Saint Imier. Little tour had both internationals. The Marxist, that had moved  the General Council to New York, in an attempt to keep it under their control, took a languid life until its formal demise in 1876. The bakunista also had not many more activity. In 1877 it held its last meeting in Ghent.

Clash of personalities: Marx and Bakunin

Certainly the life of societies due to structural causes and economic situations. But do not forget that the men and women protagonists and their personality and modus operandi have their own role. Karl Marx and Mikhail Bakunin doctrinal and organizational differences represent in the first labor movement is not a mere transposition of a history of "great men" are kings, politicians and labor leaders. Were ideological and organizational differences, that also involved their characters, personal issues, origins and cultural prejudices.

It seems they met in Paris in 1844 where they hold a good relationship but were never intimate. It was difficult to do so for a sentimental idealist and a doctrinaire scientist. Soon their differences appeared. In 1848 they faced about the Slav uprisings against German rule. The Russian and German dug their tomahawks. Marx accused Bakunin of "Russian agent" and the second to the first of pan-german and "corrupted by power." They spent more than three decades until a new meet in wich the differences continued now within the IWA. The intellectual and the action-man faced again.

Two strong personalities struggling to assert their views and influencing his colleagues. Hence the role played by the news about the activities of each other for the development of the labor movement. Not that these were the most important, but it played a role. About their actions, their people, circulated all kinds of rumors, information and counter information. Including the struggle for control and guidance of the IWA. The march of history is not inevitable, alien to their actors.

Nor should forget that were both "men" rather than "historical figures" representing trends. Their actions can not be seen from the standpoint of absolute truth or a sign of eternal identity. Even from the perspective of the consequences of their approaches. Probably  their own uncertainties and passions played a role. Like today, they stand in a crossroads that faced by proposals and projects.

The ways of unionism 

But beyond personalities and situations, which underlay the debate between Marxist and Bakunin was the model and the roads that would take the nascent labor internationalism.
- On one side the centralist and political of the London General Council controlled by Marx.
- Alternatively, in the other the defender of the autonomy of the sections, federalist and opposed to create workers' parties proposed by Bakunin.

A fight that would end even conditioning the existence of the IWA. The first sought the conquest of political power to stablish socialism with a transitional period of "dictatorship of the proletariat." The second wanted the destruction of political power and advocating abstention and non-participation in that field.

Under these finalists and organizative differences underlay others. In first place the relevance of "the authority". For Marx it was a guarantee of effectiveness. For Bakunin a way to perpetuate the control of men. Second is the role given to different social groups as revolutionary subjects. For the first it was the working class, the proletariat who would carry the process through the organized action lead by the science of dialectical materialism, a doctrine that reflects the interests of the working class. For Bakunin, the peasantry also had a role to play, and the individual and collective action compete with such "scientific" principles. But not only pesants, also individuals from other social groups. Against Marxist class ideology, anarchism emphasized the role of the individual.

Bakunin died in July 1876 in Bern and Marx in London in March 1883. Today, 150 years after the creation of the IWA have enough perspective to evaluate. First that finally ended prevaling Marxist approaches in European trade unionism. Political action was drifting to its current marginal situation. When they had the opportunity to occupy the State, as in Russia in 1914, ended up developing an exterminator totalitarianism. In second place, where Bakunin approaches prevailed, as in Spain, workers associations continued to be the revolutionary catalyst that led to the Spanish Revolution 1936-1939.

Source- Marx, Bakunin y la Primera Internacional: CNT via LA TARCOTECA Contrainfo

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Proletarian class death: China to mass produce industrial robots

With the robots mass production is time to forget the romantic idea of proletarian taking the means of production. There is no one left! They all have been swept away! As peasants were swept and substituted by harvesters and fertilizers. How are we going to take in a revolution the mass production if the production has been relocated? There is only left pure class struggle between rich and poor, owners and precarious; and restart from the ground to build up our destroyed networks.
China to mass produce industrial robots
China's first industrial robot production line is expected to start operation in the northeastern city of Shenyang this month.
SIASUN Robot and Automation Co. Ltd. will be the first to jump start China's industrial robot production with an annual capacity of 5,000. Their facilities will produce robots applied in welding, hauling, assembling, stacking, grinding and polishing, according to Qu Daokui, the company's CEO.
He said the production line is undergoing tests and the exact date of operation is yet to be announced.8 The application of robots has expanded from the high-end industries such as automobile and electronics manufacturing to traditional industries, including metal processing, bathroom hardware, food and drinks, said Qu, who is also director general of China Robot Industry Alliance.
China became the world's largest industrial robot market in 2013 with 37,000 industrial robots sold in the country, accounting for 20 percent of the global market.
Rising labor costs and aging population have prompted the application of industrial robots in China, which at the same time boosts the intelligent transition of the manufacturing industry, said Ding Han, an academician with the Chinese Academy of Sciences.
The progress of the Third Industrial Revolution Era, due to robotic and electronic advances, is evident an increase of global unemployment, even in the today industrialized countries in Asia despite its growth, that drops constantly. The gradual and progressive substitution of labor leads to reconcentrate and hyperaccumulate capital, unable to invest in other activity that not means accumulation. Accumulation that promise to paralized the all economy as it is happening. 
The industry will continue its slow evolution relocating to Africa, the last market, seeking ever lower wages. Countries that fit, like Germany, USA, China and Russia just keep producing high technology whose benefits are sufficiently concentrated to operate in these locations. The rest of industries will be swept away and replaced by ghettos and debris. 
Our is a society bereft of knowledge, of the productive means and finally freedom. We no longer serve to the powers interest, and that is the why we will be swept away like fleas if we do not regain the usurped by police and armies system power. Sovereignty. Empowement. Organizing is not a question of rights to defend public services. Planning alternatives have to be part of our short-term strategy. 
We are at war!

sábado, 30 de agosto de 2014

Asia meeting Introducing the IWA

During the first weeks of August, Asia, took place in a series of presentations and discussions on unionism. Many sections of the AIT showed their topics and took part in meetings and roundtable discussions with a wide range of activists from Hong Kong and Taipei.

In addition a presentation and discussion on the principles and practice of anarcho-syndicalism and a presentation on IWA, its history and its organization. Seven IWA Sections participated, presenting briefs about themselves and how they are organized. There were many examples of successful direct action, accompanied with videos. There were explanations on how some organizations choose to conduct a campaign and also some examples of social protests or activities that have been committed Sections, from mass protests in Brazil to cooperatives in Spain or the tenant movement in Poland.

The event generated lots of discussion and exchange. Also get to learn about the local realities of Hong Kong and Taiwan, setting Extra meetings with activists. A separate meeting on anti-gentrificatión movements which took part some of the Hong Kong activists was held, sharing their experiences.

Colleagues who participated in the organization and events evaluate them positively, wishing to continue the dialogue, and produce some more basic texts aimed at the people of that region.

We thank all those who helped organize the events in these cities, to everyone who helped with the spaces, translation, food or simply showed their hospitality. Also Thanks to those who attended the meetings, organized extra events and shared their local experiences! We hope to see you again and to hear from you soon.

News of great importance in order to create a truly global internationalism able to coordinate effective actions against the Masters and Powes. Courage, comrades, we expect your sections!

Also made important, if belated, as it is in this area of the world where industries and machines are placed, and in order to move to Africa, the latter market are located now. 

From tarcoteca all the support and encouragement to colleagues. This road is not easy, but it is the correct. There are no shortcuts to emancipation, only work to ourselves and living the anarchy day by day.

viernes, 29 de agosto de 2014

Nazi squat Ramiro Ledesma Madrid burned and painted. 30th aug call to antifascist action

Arson to the fascist social centre and wrote "Get out of our neighborhoods" on the facade
Get out of our neighborhoods!

Nazi squat ‘Ramiro Ledesma’ in Madrid burned and painted with slogan-threat. Fire was set at the door of the fascist social centre and a slogan written “Get out of our neighborhoods” on the facade. The industrial building was ‘squatted’ early last week by a group of Nazi-Fascist “Republican Social Movement” (MSR), in the district of Tetuan, Madrid, named ‘Ramiro Ledesma’, and it suffered an assault in the early hours of yesterday.
El Hogar Social Ramiro Ledesma de Tetuán, amanece incendiado y con pintadas

Popular Call to antifascist action
Anti-fascist demonstration in Tetouan district against the occupation of a building by the neo-Nazi party ideology MSR.

Saturday, 30th August 2014 at 18:00. From the Plaza de las Palomas (officially Plaza del Canal de Isabel II).
Fascist out
they stealth our neighborhoods
Tetuan worker and multicultural

To remember that there was another social center occupied by fascist in Barcelana that had to be left due to the pressure of the nieghbourgs in june. Casal Tramuntana fuck you off!

viernes, 22 de agosto de 2014

8th International Brigade Carlos Palomino in Dombass Appeal : International Brigades are Back!

From- Comunicado de la Brigada Internacional Carlos Palomino by Tarcoteca contrainfo
To all the anti-fascist of the world.

To the working class, the exploited and dispossessed everywhere.

To all the proud fighters of rebel dignity.

To the good-hearted people.

To the unaffordable to discouragement.

Comrades ... ..the time is now.

Are months that we watch the inhabitants of the Donbass, eastern Ukraine, suffer. Neo-Nazis have taken the power; fed, trained, organized and led by the USA, by the governments of Europe and NATO in their darkest interests. Meanwhile Obama smiles like a clown, and Europe shows the neo-Nazis in Kiev as a "honorable indignates". Torture, rape, killings and bombings, hover over all who are an obstacle to their plans. Anti-fascists, communists, anarchists and russian speakers in Ukraine are being savagely murdered.

The official media of the world, partners in crime, hide, lie, distort and manipulate to not let all of us know what the "democracies" of the West are doing.

They say that separatist are terrorists, but do not show the images of children dismembered by indiscriminate bombing of civilians by the hands of such "democrats" of Kiev advised by American military experts.

Ukraine suffers the cancer of fascism spreading all around, with all that implies. People who still has a good heart is rised up in arms, forming the Self Defense People's Militia, integrated by the whole working class ... men and women who do not want to reveal their homes destroyed or their sons death.The Popular Workers Donetsk and Lugansk Republics, the Novorrosia Federation, has been proclaimed, and its intent is clear, they will not give up against the fascists, and only leave Donbass feet ahead. 

Well, we, the anti-fascist of the Spanish State, we've seen powerless our comrades burned alive in Odessa, we have observed crying with rage how babies perished under shrapnel bombs, we've seen again waving the swastika flag destroying everything in its path ... Enough! We decided that WE WILL NOT BE JUST WATCHING. 

We are honored to announce that the International Brigades HAVE COME BACK. 
Nearly 80 years ago, when all the world left us alone against Franco, Hitler and Mussolini, more than 50,000 workers from over 54 different nations left everything to come to fight and die in our land, for our freedom, for our future and ... and is time it is time History put us to the height. Seven brigades were formed in Spain in 36 ... here are the first steps to the Eighth in a new century, with the same essence of social struggle. 

We call of of you who has feel the blood boil with rage demanding justice in the depths of your hearts, you rise there where you are and came with us to fight alongside the indomitable Donbass. Come fight with us! Let's shout in the face of imperialism that our fellows ARE NOT ALONE!!! They need us! need fighters, need health carers, need drivers, money, supplies ...

Across Europe, far-right resurgence fueled as always by imperialism and soon will knock on the door of your house. We can not wait for the concentration camps finished built.

It's time to stand up against all exploiters worldwide. In Madrid, Donetsk, Berlin, London, New York, Moscow, Beijin, Sao Paulo, Lagos, Rome, Paris, Cairo...

It is time to shout to the world that we are not tired, not even yield, that we will fight and we will not let them crush us... because we have a new world in our hearts, and that world is growing this same instant.

It my be that we do not get back to see our families, our friends ... but if we do not stop them now, there will be no future for anyone.

Brothers proletarians is now or never! 

And to conclude this message, we want to send a message to all fascist, neo-Nazi and imperialist of the world:

Prepare. You have your days numbered. Wherever you dare to re-extend your empires of misery, terror and greed, wherever you to try to keep repress the peoples, wherever you show your head, you are going to meet us face to face, armed and determined.

Such villains who bombard children and olds... do not deserve life!
Wherever injustice, fear and pain, that are your features, try to emerge from its sewers, you will crush against the iron wall of the antifascist struggle.

We will cross oceans, will cross continents, will sail the skies to go to the barricades hand gun to take our place.

Because you fascist may have the power, money, and strength of arms... but are worthless against the force of reason, against the love of solidarity and against our revolutionary hate. You will be swept away. We have absolutely no fear.

What must be understand is that fascists have one only end ... total destruction.

From now you will find "Stalingrads" in all cities.

See you at the barricades! 


* You have complete freedom to translate this statement into all the languages you want.

sábado, 7 de junio de 2014

jueves, 29 de mayo de 2014

Barcelona struggles timeline: people organized around the historical squatter Center Can Vies evicted. No eviction without response.

Some 500 activists begin rebuilding Can Vies Social Center. 31/5/2014 
People form a human chain to carry the debris to the evicted headquarters of the Sants district

spanish version
first publish 29.5.2014, last edition 1.6.2014
Barcelona: The eviction of the historical Self-Menaged Social Centre "Can Vies" on May 26 unleash a wave of demostrations. On 28th night 7.000 people in Sants Square. More tham 60 across the country. 
Riots brings 30 detentions at the moment. A bulldozer, a ban of Catalonian 3TV, a ban of Barcelona Underground Service burnt as an undeterminated ammount of containers an banks. Catalonian Police Director has resign after the last policial interventions.
Conscient of people aweak , fighting neighborhood.
Joint the call: Can Vies supporting Concentrations have been repeated for third day. This time, the protests have spread throughout the spanish State territory. 29/05/2014
An estimated of 60 demonstrations in different locations in the Catalan Countries. Despite the rain, at 7pm have begun the first concentrations in Cornella, Badalona or Gamonal distric (Burgos).
About 8pm have joined the demonstrations in Igualada (100 people) , Berga (50), Terrassa (100), Caldes de Montbui, Vilanova and Geltrú, Vilamoura, El Vendrell (80), Barbera del Valles (60), Esparreguera, Montcada i Reixac (60), Granollers (60) , Manresa (150) , Mataró (70), Ruby, Olot (20), Mollet, Sant Cugat del Vallès and Sant Quirze, Olesa, Valls, el Garriga, Cardedeu (30), Sant Feliu de Llobregat (50) or Tortosa.
Can Vies: The reason for the police force in Barcelona.
La voz como arma 29.52014
These days, as reflected in this blog ("Unknow set fire to the excavator that was used to demolish the CSO building Can Vies, evicted yesterday" and "the CSO Can Vies evicted in Barcelona"), the Sants distric, and by domino effect much of the Barcelona city and other Catalonian towns, lives moments of revolt and solidarity after the eviction on Monday 26 of the squatter social center Can Vies. Historical reference for the antagonist social movement in the Catalan city, with 17 years of experience, fight , free and rebel culture, which has lead to build strong ties to the neighborhood, creating a solidarity network that has paid off in the different demonstrations these days. Thousands of people of all ages had shouted against speculation and lack of spaces from which to rethink and transform the existing relations in an anti-capitalist and self-managed way. While, other fewer, less patients, more passionated and thirsting for strike back and return to sender a little of the anger that the dogs of the system spread every day, had smashed banks and attacked police and mass media journalists, made barricades blocking train traffic. People had set fire to the demolition machinery parked in the area of ​​the squatter.

A worthy vengeance that has not stop yet, and continuing today with new demonstrations, and will follow which many qualify as "Can Vies Effect " which comes from social networks as "the new Gamonal", referring to another recent example of massive neighborhood mobilization in this Burgos city distric, where the neighborhood  solidarity brings to a permanent cessation of the works for a new, useless and expensive boulevard. Calmed conflict but no the consciences of the residents.

The totalitarianism of "their cities" do not fit with who have inhabited or known gaps of mercantilism, full of life and passion, dreams and hopes. Where neither boredom nor the monotony of status-quo have no place, venturing into new ways of politics but above all, to interact and disobey. 

To the Masters: your cities are sad. You want places without participation, where everything is automated and ready to keep us allienated from our needs and the resources we need to truly satisfy, dedicated to the hypnotic and absurd work to keep us turning in gears that make screens, fences and new desires to use and pull, synthetic experiences, electric household comfort and unattainable ideals of life while pursuing gradually lose breath and self-esteem. To finish in the peat fades faceless crowds walking downcast sorrounds by windows lined streets, cameras and publicity. An sterile stage of peace, security and harmony that breaks so easely as shops and banks windows whenever the system programming failure, and the mass ceases to be to become free people who pool their efforts and organize autonomously to end the social zoo and clash the miserable living conditions it imposes.

Now, the comrades of the anti-development and libertarian magazine Argelaga publish in his blog a text about Can Vies, his role in Barcelona turned into tourist brand, the eviction and the answers give in the street. After receiving the email, I leave it for reading, reflection and debate. For other texts, information and news publication, visit the blog of Argelaga here.
Can Vies: The Reason for the police force in Barcelona. 
ArgelagaMay 28, 2014
When the force of reason is subbmided by reason of strength, not everyone can talk about Law or Rights. In this situation the law is arbitrary and its implementation does not follow the "rule of law", but a state of abuse where violence is monopolized by the government to serve privileged interests. In this case the abuse resistance is legitimate. Moreover, the right to resist and defend themselves is really the only Right. Therefore, from the point of view of freedom, dignity and reason, the true sources of law, the protest against the demolition of squatted and self-managed space Can Vies, in Sants district, can not be more justified. Its demolition was not a pretext for "intolerable itinerant minorities violence" take advantage of the unrest "as the authorities, and the policial trade union UGT, say: it has been simply a sign of institutional barbarism, blind, wild ans widespread represive violence.

The metropolis called Barcelona is not a comprehensive settlement organized by a community of people as when it was founded; nor is a industrial city full of blue collar workers as it was before; the overcrowding Barcelona is only an open and peaceful consumer space, where every human movement must be regulated and controlled to ensure transparency and function. Who rules in Barcelona are not neighbors, but a political and financial caste, verticalist and authoritarist. An usurping parasitic caste, making the urban management their privileged way of life. What counts for leaders is the "Barcelona brand". To give a neat and calm image, such as a mall or a theme park, good for business, shopping, leisure commodified and tourism. It is evident that the spectacle of a consumable Barcelona needs a space without contradictions and ambiguities, completely subdued and set for the buyer.

The new urban model not allow the existence of truly public spaces, without mediation or barriers. And forget the horizontal management: everything must function as a hierarchical and monitored scenario where technology, ordinances, street furniture and urban development are at the service of plunderers leaders. The exercise of authority under these conditions is essentially police; at this stage, is confused with political repression: management, monitoring and order are the same thing, so the Government rules everything, from public order to council. The policy is then not a matter of policy, but the relentless security forces. All political and social problems that this aberrant model city constantly causes will never be recognized as such, since the population has no right to complain about "the best of all worlds". The only response from the dominant power, hijacked of popular choice, is violence.

It is clear that on the issue of Can Vies, city officials never intended to offer alternatives aside of official bureaucratic circuit. Every meeting was poured to manipulation and deceit, because proposing such unacceptable controlled space in which they really wanted to remove as place for people. The disproportionate police presence to enforce the eviction proves it. 

Master had neither think about the intervention of other groups or the neighborhoods to support the Center. Nor solidarity from other districs would expect, as happened in the early morning. So that the "unjust order" forces were initially surprised. Where was the ultrasonic cannon and why not shoot immediately "foam" bullots? The police trade union SMT-CCOO wondered that, as must to be said that repression is a mercenary work whose employees are covered by the state agreements. The answer everyone has seen. Almost military occupation of the distric, indiscriminate police violence, arbitrary arrests and injuries ...

All the mediatic efforts of Barcelona Mayor Trias, public order Councilor  Espadaler and Councilman Sants-Montjuïc district Jordi Martí, was directed, first, to support any violent policial action. Police, the "defender of property rights" and "executing an order of Supreme Court". In fact, they have not explained too much: "Bad thing is that  if the police has to justified their facts" Espadaler, " security forces have reason. When mossos act is becouse a reason" Trias. them, the politician efforts was also directed to present the protests as the work of infiltrating violent groups, with the idea of ​​splitting between peaceful protest and radical, "anti", in order to "find ways of consensus" with some and beating and jailing others. It's an old political tactic that comes up when the violent force has not given all the desired result. The leader demagoguery suck but that is. We do not blame the authorities for lack of subtlety when the only need is the lack of scruples!

Can Vies was a stone in the shoe of power in Barcelona. And it seems that this has not been easily removed. Resistance has been exemplary in many ways, proves that there are people that do not fit the slave behavior they impose. This is cause for joy. Today there are plenty of concentrations. Trust in the near future to have many others!
The struggle continues. Visca Can Vies!

Six arrested in Barcelona after a night of riots over Can Vies eviction . 27/5/2014

Night moved in Sants district due to incidents occurred after a new demonstration of about 500 people against eviction and demolition of the squatted center Can Vies beginning, being called late in the afternoon. The incidents were spread overnight to other distrits in the city and have resulted in six detainees. (SEE PHOTO GALLERY )

About 500 people gathered in the evening on the streets of Sants to protest the eviction, with the participation of dozens of neighbors, clapping from the the balconies, shouting " You touch Can Vies touch us all " and " combative Barrio" .
On Monday , following another demonstration , there was burning container and furniture as well as a mobile unit TV3. Tthe police identified a dozen people and arrested two . One will go to court on Wednesday and another was released with charges .

The social center Can Vies Barcelona, evicted Monday by police after 17 years of operation, has begun to be shot down minutes after the end of the police operation, in which twelve young people have been forcibly removed from inside the house, where six of them had barricaded or chainning. Police have concluded the eviction of self-managed social center can Vies, in Sants district, at 19:00 hours on Monday 26, after getting expelled from the dwelling at 12 youth. At least one of the young, who have been taken by officers, had barricaded himself behind a concrete wall built, protected by gas bottles, and has broadcast a video of the themselves.

Pass the eviction , there have been clashes between officers and youth groups, after finishing the demonstration in Sants district, to protest against the police operation. Two youngs have been arrested during the riots.