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La Tarcoteca

sábado, 26 de diciembre de 2015

Support Anarchist Prisoner Peter Simpson

Support Pete
Pete Simpson was remanded on the 17th December 2015. He is awaiting trial for ‘violent disorder’ after being attacked & arrested by police at an anti-cuts mayday demonstration in Cardiff, South Wales. He is on trial with another co-defendant in January 2016. Pete has spent the last several months with an electronic tag, his freedom severely restricted, and a change of bail address led to the court remanding him to prison.
Please write to Pete at: Peter Simpson A6060CF, HMP CARDIFF, Knox Rd, Cardiff, WALES, CF24 0UG
Stamps, envelopes, writing paper & books are also welcome. As well as any donations. Banner pictures, dedicated actions & other forms of solidarity are also invited from comrades across the world.
We also recommend using if you are writing from abroad.
For any queries please email
For the latest updates visit:

martes, 15 de diciembre de 2015

New International Anti-fascist Fund for Prisoners Has Already Supported Dozens

A new project is raising funds for anti-fascist prisoners – covering medical bills, legal expenses, and even funeral costs. Donating at least $20U.S./€20/£15 or more allows you a voice in funding decisions.
Check out their quarterly report below which details who they’ve helped and how, and find out how to donate to this amazing project!

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In its first six months, The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund has:
Supporters can now make regular monthly contributions of any amount automatically by signing up here.  This is the best possible way to support the Fund and the anti-fascists and anti-racists it provides much-needed material aid to.
Here is who the Fund has supported so far:

Valentin is an anti-fascist in Bremen, Germany that was imprisoned for defending himself and his friends against an ambush by a gang of nazi scum. Valentin was released from prison in November 2015.

Sergi is a Spanish anti-fascist currently facing a lengthy prison sentence for defending himself at a protest against a neo-nazi concert.

Stephen was charged with “breach of peace” for standing up against a KKK rally in Columbia, South Carolina, USA in July.

Eddien was also charged with various “crimes” for confronting the KKK at the same action Stephen attended.  Eddien was released from prison in September 2015.

Jeremiah was at a concert when two neo-nazis showed up and started making trouble.  Jeremiah confronted them and was nearly stabbed to death by one of the racist scumbags.

Paul is a German anti-fascist who was arrested at a July anti-Pegida action for the “crime” of carrying a flag with a flagpole the police was decided was “too short.”  He was released from prison in September 2015.

Maxime Bugsel was a young anti-fascist from Bruay-La Buissière who was shot to death late one night in August 2015. We were honoured to be able to help his family pay for his funeral expenses.

Vlad Lenko is an anti-fascist in Belarus currently serving a six-year prison sentence for defending himself against neo-nazis.  We contributed to his legal defence, which hopes to mount an appeal of his brutal sentence.

An anti-fascist woman from Melbourne, Australia who was fined $1200 for her part in confronting the racist UPF in Bendigo in August 2015.  Thanks to us and other donors, her fine was paid in full!  More info here.

Oleg Serebrennikov is a Russian anti-fascist that was severely injured by nazi boneheads in 2004.  While he hasn’t let that stop him from standing against racism, his injuries have required expensive ongoing treatment that the Fund is helping him pay for.

Joel is a Swedish anti-fascist that defended an peaceful anti-racist demonstration from a violent attack by neo-nazis.  Joel is currently serving a severe sentence for his heroism and is due to parole in 2017.  He also received a fine of 40000SEK, which we are helping him pay.
The Kungsan 15 are fifteen Swedish anti-fascists who were charged with various “crimes” for defending themselves and others against attacks by neo-nazis at an anti-racist march in Kungsan, Sweden.  Two were acquitted but 13 of them received severe sentence of four-to-eighteen months in prison plus a cumulative total of 350,000SEK in fines.
HELP US HELP OUR BROTHERS & SISTERS IN THE FIGHT AGAINST HATE!  If you agree that fighting hate is not a crime; if you believe that anti-fascism is self-defence; and if you want to show real solidarity with your fellow antifa, please make a donation to The International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund and encourage people you know to join you in donating.
You can make a one-time donation via paypal here.
A donation of at least $20U.S./€20/£15 gives you a voice in the funding decisions.
Please help us help our friends in the antifa movement!  Donate to the Fund and spread the word!

viernes, 4 de diciembre de 2015

Terzo incontro per la critica del Nuovo Ordine Mondiale. NATO . 12 dec Bologna

Gli italiani sonno chiari: NATO Dissoluzione!
La macchina del caos lavora senza sosta creando i “fatti” secondo i propri principi e facendo, a suo modo, anche la nostra storia.
Per definizione, il suo operare non può riconoscere limiti e confini visto che, come è stato ammesso da fonte interna autorevolissima, “the american homeland is the planet”.
Sebbene in queste ultime settimane venga effettivamente contrastata sul teatro siriano dall’intervento della Russia di Putin, essa mantiene nel suo ventre oscuro copiose riserve velenifere e notevoli capacità metamorfiche che la rendono comunque temibilissima e nemica irredimibile di qualunque popolazione.
Lo si vede, forse meglio che in passato, proprio in Europa, dove per l’affondamento di qualsiasi speranza di “risveglio politico globale” si serve senza scrupolo, fra le altre, dell’arma di distruzione chiamata “accoglienza dei migranti”.
In questa situazione l’Italia, che rimane a livello planetario uno dei massimi terreni di sperimentazione per la macchina del caos, potrebbe senza paradosso rivelarsi uno degli avamposti strategici decisivi nel quale, in un futuro nemmeno troppo lontano, si giocheranno le sorti dei processi di affrancamento dal doppio giogo dell’Unione Europea e della NATO.