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jueves, 19 de septiembre de 2013

CNT-AIT International Call: 1st October day of action against Santander bank worldwide. Stop spoil! Stop slavery!

CNT-AIT International call: October 1st day of action against Banco Santander worldwide
Unions from Regional Centro Federation of the CNT-AIT have organized several protests Isban company, Santander Group and solidarity acts with the union conflict that began in Madrid a few weeks ago against the Isban company, Santander group.
In Isban headquarters in Boadilla del Monte, Madrid unionist have demanded the reinstatement of dismissed companion when constitute a union section and public and judicial denounce the abuses of the managers. The workplace of the represed worker in the illegal assigned company has also been decorated for the event further angering executive managers. After ordering the removal of the banner and get a negative, the steering personally undertook the requisition. 
The conflict continues to increase without the company shows signs of willingness to dialogue . After the dismissal of union delegate section Isban CNT- AIT, revolutionary unions worldwide federated in the  AIT are starting to spread the message of the workers in struggle and prepare coordinated actions.
On 1 October, the International has called for a day of action against Banco Santander worldwide.
 ISBAN: missery, slavery and fear
Isban, owned by the overpowerful Santander group property of Emilio Botin, is the umbrella company that sustain a network of "cannon fooder" provider companies that act as temporary employment agencies and set cheap and precarious labor.
More than 10,000 employees worldwide are illegally transferred to Isban, so to fire someone simply inform the temporary employment agencies on duty . No cost to the bank, of course, as according to them it is not a redundancy but a " project change" in the "fooder" company, that normally choose to dismiss the worker or transfer it to another "customer" company.
Through this practice get millionaires benefits  saving in hiring and firing, while maintaining dozens of companies under their control. All obey its guidelines as none wants to lose a "client" as profitable. Some even give up to 100 % of its employees to the bank , weaving a network of illegal subcontracting mafia.
The climate of fear and helplessness that Isban workers live is absolute , fearing homelessness to minimal protest. This facilitates the acceptance of surreal working hours, overtime and mandatory shifts, schedules and work schedule as, categories and wages below the roles played and countless more outrages.
SANTANDER GROUP: greed, corruption and spoiling
Recently there have been hundreds of irregular dismissals across the Santander group, framed in what workers have denounced as undercover Redundancy Dismissal Procedure. Computer Services offices and Santander Isban CSA Back-office ( SBGM ) staff have seen their rates reduced to 50 % in a few months. In addition, the elected workers to leave the bank have been less rentanbles and most vulnerable. The outsiders (workers illegally transferred), short-time mothers and displaced workers abroad have been the preferred targets for cuts. With the collusion of government and scab unions, massive job destruction comes out practically free for Santander group.
And all this despite the Santander Group has not only losses but made ​​a profit of € 2,255 million in the first six months of 2013, almost 30% more than in the same period of 2012. An extremely hypocritical attitude clashes with the group advertising image which boast of lifting the country thanks to the trust in people and the future. A future of millions of people led to unemployment and poverty. 
It is not the first time the tyrannical methods of the billionaire Emilio Botin are reported, but so far has not been done justice. In 2008 the Supreme Court filed by defects in the process the case against Botin and other bank executives for the irregular buying of Banesto bank. In 2012 the National Hearing filed the famous case of Swiss accounts after the Botin family disburse € 200 million to "regularize the situation."
Recently have uncovered new atrocities committed by this multinational giant as promoting subprime mortgages that caused the current economic crisis. The credit institution UCI, Santander Group , awarded for years unaffordable loans. We were not living beyond our means, the bank was mortaging above our means: to take advantage of defaults after foreclosing and evicting the most vulnerable.
It is curious that in early 2008, when the word crisis was not yet on everyone's lips, Santander sold almost all its real estate. Even the luxurious Majadahonda financial city, bank headquarters with over 160 acres of offices, hotels and even a golf camp was sold and maintained rented since then. The Botin CEOs knew what had generate and protected their interests by selling at a good price before the bubble burst.
Other liens have contributed to the growth of the assets of the business group. While the boom lasted brick, the bank provided loans to builders millionaires , some of them involved in the case of urbanism corruption Malaya case. After the fall of the construction sector, the bank foreclosed on their properties, which now are gived to the new generation family who hire their mortgages .
Other notorious case is the extortionate interest charges college students through Santander Bank accounts that are automatically engaged when enrolling in universities that have agreements with the group. Again Santander uses his position of power to bleed the people that have made ​​him a millionaire .
In this anti-workers policy, Santander interests collide now with equals organized workers . The dismissal of the delegate of the National Confederation of Workers CNT at Isban has triggered the rapid escalation of the conflict, because the violation of freedom will not be tolerated here or any where.
The whole world will learn about the Botin family 's dirty laundry and Santander Grupo. We never gave up and they will not get shut up with their bribes and their repression .


miércoles, 11 de septiembre de 2013

Russian cells of CCF and ELF carry out a coordinated attack on highway construction site in Moscow

Two Moscow cells of ecoanarchists carried out a coordinated attack on highway construction site in eastern Moscow that ended in torching of two bulldozers. The action took place on 08/09/2013. First we came upon some construction workers who were busy burning fires at their wheeled houses near the forest. So initially we were tempted to fuck them up and torch their houses with tools and personal belongings. But turned out that our mutual desire to clean karma was stronger than inclination to spoil it, so we didn’t touch the slaves. We torched their vehicles.
As usual, we acted with impudence: we did our black deeds right in front of workers and passer-by car drivers. So we apologized to the guy who almost got into a traffic accident because flaming dozer hypnotized him so much.
We take this opportunity to remind you that roadworks at the site continue. Moscow region is teeming with projects like this one, when trees are uprooted and earth is covered in bitumen. The more roads there are – the less we got left to live. This is not okay with us. Good luck to those who are brave. Death to those who are not.

martes, 10 de septiembre de 2013

Portishead: Responsibility claim for major arson of police firearms training building and attack on security service vehicles (UK)

The (under construction) Police Firearms Training Centre in Black Rock Quarry, Portishead, situated directly beneath the Avon and Somerset Police regional headquarters was our target on the night of 26th August, and we left it with flames licking high. The facility is intended to serve forces across the South West.
After climbing into the quarry we used accelerant to burn the major electrical cables at five junction points throughout the complex, and doused and lighted a pallet of electrical fittings and wires. More than twelve hours later the fire is still burning. It put smiles on our faces to realise how easy it was to enter their gun club and leave a fuck you signature right in the belly of the beast, with a curious fox as our only witness. 

On the same night others of us attacked two vehicles near St George, Bristol with paint stripper and by slashing the tyres - one G4S and one Amey. In the UK and globally G4S provide prison and security services and profit from many aspects of prison society. Amey, in a joint venture with GEO transport prisoners in England and Wales and run courthouses in Bristol and North Somerset.

In the City around us the lock down increases; there is a general atmosphere of rising fear and powerlessness; there is more and more surveillance, and security guards with handcuffs appear on more and more doors. Tensions across the world are simmering as people lose faith in the system. As a response to this insecurity the state is militarising it's police with firearms, remote control drones and 'non-lethal' weapons that regularly kill. At the same time they develop the preventative 'soft cop' buffer of community support officers, liaison teams and so on, that are more fitting with the democratic image. They even get some help from leftists such as John Drury from Aufheben with his contributions on crowd control, who is as terrified of the unmanageable as the ruling classes are. The British state is a world leader in counter-insurgency techniques. Their expertise is the result of generations long brutal colonisation, like in India, Kenya and to this day in Ireland.

Two years after the major UK riots we think an important door was opened for radical and combative refusal of our daily existence on a wide scale. For those of us who took to the streets it was a breath of clean air in the dungeons, a reminder that the encroachment and control is not complete. Even when the apathy and isolation seems to have taken hold again we continue our attacks. The police and security industry specialise in making us feel powerless in our own lives, and making these attacks goes a long way to overcoming this feeling.

This is also our way of marking two years that Bristol anarchist Badger has evaded capture after the riots. Stay free, keep fighting!

Speaking of which, the night of our action coincides with the announced start of the planned cull of wild badgers in the South West of England. Through attempting to facilitate the cull and stop resistance the police shore up the interests of agricultural industry and the land owning classes. We hope this will be one of many rebellions against this slaughter. Because the state and corporate security forces are integral to this world of exploitation and authority.

Our best wishes to the Greek anarchist Kostas Sakkas in recovery from a successful hunger strike for pre-trial release after 30 months on remand.

The struggle will continue until all are wild and free.

-Angry Foxes Cell in collaboration with ACAB

domingo, 1 de septiembre de 2013

Phoenix Project #5 : ‘ICR-FAI-IRF / Free Mandylas and Tsavdaridis Cell’ take responsibility for the incendiary attack against a school for police in Balikpapan, East Kalimantan (Indonesia)


We will not talk about “unfair prosecutions”, about “the climate of terror against those who fight”, nor about the “new totalitarian-ism” and things like that. That’s because we know that none of these is new. These are simply snapshots of the ancient war between two incompatible words: on the one side lies the disgusting world of the Authority, of the submissive crowd and of the social cesspit and on the other side, the anarchist insurgents, the insubordinate fighters of the Negative, those who do not bow down to nobody. We will neither talk about the others. The ones who these days feel secretly happy and relieved. Now it’s not the time nor the place to do so. They should bear in mind, however, that the time will come to talk about these things. -– Freedom To The Wolves of The North
When we said “nothing is over”, it’s not only just words. Our threats will turn into action, time by time, every second we get the chance. And every time, we will bring our actions closer to your face. Directly in front of your guns, uniforms and prison – repressive tools that are often used to kidnap our revolutionary comrades. We will never let you sleep well, because our war is not over yet.
With this letter, we take responsibility for the arson against a school of police in Sudirman St, Balikpapan, on 24 August 2013. We put the incendiary device with timer in front of that school and let the fire do the rest. We chose this target after we received news that Greek pigs invaded Steki Nadir and kidnapped two comrades because of several attacks by different cells of FAI/IRF. Our action is the direct revenge against the pigs everywhere, not only in Greece.We salute with fire our two brothers who are accused in our international project of revenge: Phoenix.
We have nothing more to say to you, because we will let the fire explain it. And for every inch in your step that invades our freedom, we will hit you back more violent than before.
This action also to salute our comrades: Conspiracy of Cells of Fire: Imprisoned Members Cell, our beloved ones Alfredo Cospito and Nicola GaiHans Niemeyer,Juan, Marcelo and Freddy, to the Kozani 4, and to the prisoners of war in Italy(from ArdireShadowThor, etc) and prisoners of war in Chile. Because every comrade is in our black hearts.
Free Mandylas and Tsavdaridis Cell

mass media link and photo:
For further information, this time the police can’t say that this fire was caused by an electrical fault, as there was no electricity in the building at the time. In total, seven different classes totally burned down.
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