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miércoles, 26 de febrero de 2014

Chile: An undercover cop conducting arson attacks to incriminate Mapuche

Infiltrated Police Agent admits authorship of fire outrages in Araucania, Chile. Diario Uchile Journal 15.2.2014, Oriana Miranda via antimilitarista Grupo Tortuga

The declaration of a protected witness who confessed having infiltrated the Mapuche communities for fire attacks by police instructions, marked the trial of two minors charged under the anti-terrorism law, who were eventually acquitted.
The Oral Criminal Court unanimously acquitted Angol Marileo Luis and Patricio Queipul, accused of violence in the Araucanía in the case called "Quino Toll " in 2009 and tried under the Terrorism Act despite being under age at the time.

The Audience had already been acquitted seven adults, while both kids had remain in custody during the course of the investigation.

Under this view, Raúl Castro Antipán ,  protected prosecution witness, stated in court on tuesday. Confessed to having made four arson attacks and other qualified as " terrorist " acts when worked as undercover police agent, aiming Mapuche leaders to frame. "Castro Antipán told to judges have been infiltrated by police in the Mapuche movement and under this condition have committed crimes such as illegal possession of firearms, arson and assault to a toll ," explained the Jesuit priest Luis García Huidobro.

Between 2009 and 2011, with President Michelle Bachelet and Edmundo Pérez Yoma as Homeland Minister, thirty villagers were in prison because of the testimony of Raul Castro Antipán as "delator compensated " by the Chilean Terrorism Act, heir of Pinochet fascist dictatorship. Both Luis Patricio Marileo as Queipul have remained in Angol Prison for over a year, even after having as primary evidence of a crime they did not commit the words of this undercover agent working for police.

In this situation, the journalist and writer Pedro Cayuqueo said that "for many people in southern Chile is not news what's happening with this protected prosecution witness", impunity, detailing the history of trials in which Raúl Castro Antipán participated. "This guy already participated last year in a trial in Temuco, where he also was the trump card of the Office. With his testimony was intended to incriminate the Mapuche comrades were finally all acquitted. He now participating in a new trial not only realizes an irregularity that has to do with due process here in the south , but also poverty of evidences that account Prosecutor to try imprison commoners" accused.

In his view, there is clearly a political intention behind the persecution of Mapuche activists determined by the anti-terrorism law that has been challenged by various human rights organizations at national and international level . "The application of this law violates the due process and procedural guarantees of the Mapuche people. What more proof of that is palpable, for example, in this case the use of protected witnesses who are confessed criminals who benefit from the provisions of the Terrorism Act, for example, leniency, to be used as tools of persecution the community leaders. It is unfortunate that the prosecution has to resort confessed criminals to attempt to imprison the leaders and that is something that should draw the attention of the authorities  "he added . This confession corroborates the allegations raised for years by the Mapuche people, human rights organizations and civil society , on the use of undercover agents with the aim of provoking riots that allow the arrest of social leaders.
Release: Autonomous Community Temucuicui confession to undercover police agent

The Mapuche Chilean territory, like many other regions, it mattered little to the state. Away from civilization, left to fend for decades took important first when mining corporations laid their eyes on those distant lands. Suddenly the territory appreciated. Worth millions. There was only one problem, there was an Indian tribe that survived the extermination refused to leave those lands. Again the Criminal State, used to mass murder and torture after decades of fascist dictatoship, would clean the area undesirable for corporations. Started a new genocide, this no longer ideological, like Pinochet operation condor directly racist in true fascist style. With what is not told that the Mapuche people resist .

The corporacioenes beset for years the Mapuche territory as well underline in his writings. 'Mining Ventures Inc.' from China and 'A Grade Trading' from USA peseen exploitation rights. The Mapuche people is a cohesive and warlike people, who assert their rights. The usual tactics do not work with them, so corporations must resort to even more the dirty war to achieve its production goals.

After years of ups and sabotage police recognized in charge of the police to bring before this war of attrition. The police is the hand of the corporations as the state is the guarantor of their interests.

All kinds of cover and represive techniques and tactics has been applied to the Mapuche people, from institutional to paramilitaries. But in 2005 the Chilean Government approved the Terrorism Act , which seems to be made to suit the desires of corporations and the needs of their hounds, police, to legitimize repression. If already did what they wanted without explanation, was it necesary?

For those who do not know: the Mapuche people is characterized by a philosophy and ideology as close to anarchism could be considered a libertarian people.