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jueves, 29 de mayo de 2014

Barcelona struggles timeline: people organized around the historical squatter Center Can Vies evicted. No eviction without response.

Some 500 activists begin rebuilding Can Vies Social Center. 31/5/2014 
People form a human chain to carry the debris to the evicted headquarters of the Sants district

spanish version
first publish 29.5.2014, last edition 1.6.2014
Barcelona: The eviction of the historical Self-Menaged Social Centre "Can Vies" on May 26 unleash a wave of demostrations. On 28th night 7.000 people in Sants Square. More tham 60 across the country. 
Riots brings 30 detentions at the moment. A bulldozer, a ban of Catalonian 3TV, a ban of Barcelona Underground Service burnt as an undeterminated ammount of containers an banks. Catalonian Police Director has resign after the last policial interventions.
Conscient of people aweak , fighting neighborhood.
Joint the call: Can Vies supporting Concentrations have been repeated for third day. This time, the protests have spread throughout the spanish State territory. 29/05/2014
An estimated of 60 demonstrations in different locations in the Catalan Countries. Despite the rain, at 7pm have begun the first concentrations in Cornella, Badalona or Gamonal distric (Burgos).
About 8pm have joined the demonstrations in Igualada (100 people) , Berga (50), Terrassa (100), Caldes de Montbui, Vilanova and Geltrú, Vilamoura, El Vendrell (80), Barbera del Valles (60), Esparreguera, Montcada i Reixac (60), Granollers (60) , Manresa (150) , Mataró (70), Ruby, Olot (20), Mollet, Sant Cugat del Vallès and Sant Quirze, Olesa, Valls, el Garriga, Cardedeu (30), Sant Feliu de Llobregat (50) or Tortosa.
Can Vies: The reason for the police force in Barcelona.
La voz como arma 29.52014
These days, as reflected in this blog ("Unknow set fire to the excavator that was used to demolish the CSO building Can Vies, evicted yesterday" and "the CSO Can Vies evicted in Barcelona"), the Sants distric, and by domino effect much of the Barcelona city and other Catalonian towns, lives moments of revolt and solidarity after the eviction on Monday 26 of the squatter social center Can Vies. Historical reference for the antagonist social movement in the Catalan city, with 17 years of experience, fight , free and rebel culture, which has lead to build strong ties to the neighborhood, creating a solidarity network that has paid off in the different demonstrations these days. Thousands of people of all ages had shouted against speculation and lack of spaces from which to rethink and transform the existing relations in an anti-capitalist and self-managed way. While, other fewer, less patients, more passionated and thirsting for strike back and return to sender a little of the anger that the dogs of the system spread every day, had smashed banks and attacked police and mass media journalists, made barricades blocking train traffic. People had set fire to the demolition machinery parked in the area of ​​the squatter.

A worthy vengeance that has not stop yet, and continuing today with new demonstrations, and will follow which many qualify as "Can Vies Effect " which comes from social networks as "the new Gamonal", referring to another recent example of massive neighborhood mobilization in this Burgos city distric, where the neighborhood  solidarity brings to a permanent cessation of the works for a new, useless and expensive boulevard. Calmed conflict but no the consciences of the residents.

The totalitarianism of "their cities" do not fit with who have inhabited or known gaps of mercantilism, full of life and passion, dreams and hopes. Where neither boredom nor the monotony of status-quo have no place, venturing into new ways of politics but above all, to interact and disobey. 

To the Masters: your cities are sad. You want places without participation, where everything is automated and ready to keep us allienated from our needs and the resources we need to truly satisfy, dedicated to the hypnotic and absurd work to keep us turning in gears that make screens, fences and new desires to use and pull, synthetic experiences, electric household comfort and unattainable ideals of life while pursuing gradually lose breath and self-esteem. To finish in the peat fades faceless crowds walking downcast sorrounds by windows lined streets, cameras and publicity. An sterile stage of peace, security and harmony that breaks so easely as shops and banks windows whenever the system programming failure, and the mass ceases to be to become free people who pool their efforts and organize autonomously to end the social zoo and clash the miserable living conditions it imposes.

Now, the comrades of the anti-development and libertarian magazine Argelaga publish in his blog a text about Can Vies, his role in Barcelona turned into tourist brand, the eviction and the answers give in the street. After receiving the email, I leave it for reading, reflection and debate. For other texts, information and news publication, visit the blog of Argelaga here.
Can Vies: The Reason for the police force in Barcelona. 
ArgelagaMay 28, 2014
When the force of reason is subbmided by reason of strength, not everyone can talk about Law or Rights. In this situation the law is arbitrary and its implementation does not follow the "rule of law", but a state of abuse where violence is monopolized by the government to serve privileged interests. In this case the abuse resistance is legitimate. Moreover, the right to resist and defend themselves is really the only Right. Therefore, from the point of view of freedom, dignity and reason, the true sources of law, the protest against the demolition of squatted and self-managed space Can Vies, in Sants district, can not be more justified. Its demolition was not a pretext for "intolerable itinerant minorities violence" take advantage of the unrest "as the authorities, and the policial trade union UGT, say: it has been simply a sign of institutional barbarism, blind, wild ans widespread represive violence.

The metropolis called Barcelona is not a comprehensive settlement organized by a community of people as when it was founded; nor is a industrial city full of blue collar workers as it was before; the overcrowding Barcelona is only an open and peaceful consumer space, where every human movement must be regulated and controlled to ensure transparency and function. Who rules in Barcelona are not neighbors, but a political and financial caste, verticalist and authoritarist. An usurping parasitic caste, making the urban management their privileged way of life. What counts for leaders is the "Barcelona brand". To give a neat and calm image, such as a mall or a theme park, good for business, shopping, leisure commodified and tourism. It is evident that the spectacle of a consumable Barcelona needs a space without contradictions and ambiguities, completely subdued and set for the buyer.

The new urban model not allow the existence of truly public spaces, without mediation or barriers. And forget the horizontal management: everything must function as a hierarchical and monitored scenario where technology, ordinances, street furniture and urban development are at the service of plunderers leaders. The exercise of authority under these conditions is essentially police; at this stage, is confused with political repression: management, monitoring and order are the same thing, so the Government rules everything, from public order to council. The policy is then not a matter of policy, but the relentless security forces. All political and social problems that this aberrant model city constantly causes will never be recognized as such, since the population has no right to complain about "the best of all worlds". The only response from the dominant power, hijacked of popular choice, is violence.

It is clear that on the issue of Can Vies, city officials never intended to offer alternatives aside of official bureaucratic circuit. Every meeting was poured to manipulation and deceit, because proposing such unacceptable controlled space in which they really wanted to remove as place for people. The disproportionate police presence to enforce the eviction proves it. 

Master had neither think about the intervention of other groups or the neighborhoods to support the Center. Nor solidarity from other districs would expect, as happened in the early morning. So that the "unjust order" forces were initially surprised. Where was the ultrasonic cannon and why not shoot immediately "foam" bullots? The police trade union SMT-CCOO wondered that, as must to be said that repression is a mercenary work whose employees are covered by the state agreements. The answer everyone has seen. Almost military occupation of the distric, indiscriminate police violence, arbitrary arrests and injuries ...

All the mediatic efforts of Barcelona Mayor Trias, public order Councilor  Espadaler and Councilman Sants-Montjuïc district Jordi Martí, was directed, first, to support any violent policial action. Police, the "defender of property rights" and "executing an order of Supreme Court". In fact, they have not explained too much: "Bad thing is that  if the police has to justified their facts" Espadaler, " security forces have reason. When mossos act is becouse a reason" Trias. them, the politician efforts was also directed to present the protests as the work of infiltrating violent groups, with the idea of ​​splitting between peaceful protest and radical, "anti", in order to "find ways of consensus" with some and beating and jailing others. It's an old political tactic that comes up when the violent force has not given all the desired result. The leader demagoguery suck but that is. We do not blame the authorities for lack of subtlety when the only need is the lack of scruples!

Can Vies was a stone in the shoe of power in Barcelona. And it seems that this has not been easily removed. Resistance has been exemplary in many ways, proves that there are people that do not fit the slave behavior they impose. This is cause for joy. Today there are plenty of concentrations. Trust in the near future to have many others!
The struggle continues. Visca Can Vies!

Six arrested in Barcelona after a night of riots over Can Vies eviction . 27/5/2014

Night moved in Sants district due to incidents occurred after a new demonstration of about 500 people against eviction and demolition of the squatted center Can Vies beginning, being called late in the afternoon. The incidents were spread overnight to other distrits in the city and have resulted in six detainees. (SEE PHOTO GALLERY )

About 500 people gathered in the evening on the streets of Sants to protest the eviction, with the participation of dozens of neighbors, clapping from the the balconies, shouting " You touch Can Vies touch us all " and " combative Barrio" .
On Monday , following another demonstration , there was burning container and furniture as well as a mobile unit TV3. Tthe police identified a dozen people and arrested two . One will go to court on Wednesday and another was released with charges .

The social center Can Vies Barcelona, evicted Monday by police after 17 years of operation, has begun to be shot down minutes after the end of the police operation, in which twelve young people have been forcibly removed from inside the house, where six of them had barricaded or chainning. Police have concluded the eviction of self-managed social center can Vies, in Sants district, at 19:00 hours on Monday 26, after getting expelled from the dwelling at 12 youth. At least one of the young, who have been taken by officers, had barricaded himself behind a concrete wall built, protected by gas bottles, and has broadcast a video of the themselves.

Pass the eviction , there have been clashes between officers and youth groups, after finishing the demonstration in Sants district, to protest against the police operation. Two youngs have been arrested during the riots.

miércoles, 21 de mayo de 2014

List of Spanish Alternative Media and counter information

People abroad sometimes try to find reliable information about many facts but finds a wall of lies and smokscreen set by the Mass Media. This are some of the most popular alternatives that will help you to climb this wall and reach your own  conclusions.

Servant of Masters - Servants of People

Alternative Spanis Media and Counter information
General information and actuallity:

domingo, 18 de mayo de 2014

CNT accomplish Mercadona paid half a million euros in compensation to affiliates

Mercadona, main spanish chain of Malls company, has had to pay about half a million euros in compensation to 12 fired employees and laid off members of CNT Trade Union working in Xativa and Alzira, Valencia.

In December 2013, CNT Valencia and Vall d'Albaida initiated a trade dispute against Mercadona by multi disciplinary workers dismissal  in several Valencian regions. These disciplinary dismissals were based on totally nonsense excuses as take a date off cupcake from garbage.

CNT began publicly denouncing and informative campaign about the dirty tricks used by Mercadona and the abject strategy behind that was leading to disciplinary dismissals in the company, most cases workers over 20 years working for the company, to avoid paying any compensation while recruiting new employees in precarious as usual in this same stores.

After several months of protests in different parts of the region of Valencia and a State Fight Day in several cities, Mercadona was forced to negotiate with the dismissed without even approaching trial date. The Human Resources Department took special care to negotiate with each and every one of the 12 members and affiliates of CNT, coming very close to offering amounts to "unfair dismissal compensation". CNT has not needed to use or wait for Judges to resolve the situation, through mobilization and direct action has achieved its immediate objectives.

The payment of about half a million euros from Mercadona, has shown once again that disciplinary dismissals that were undertaken were totally unjustified for people who had spent half his life working in the company. Has also served to demonstrate that unionism practiced CNT is more relevant than ever, and is still an effective tool for workers, even against such powerful companies such as Mercadona.

CNT  to remember to the company owner Juan Roig that the trade dispute can not be closed nowday because there is still an farewell affiliate (Encarni) still pending to take her compensation or negotiate with the company a fair resign. The Union will continue until the end of their demonstrations in different districts and towns of Valencia, until the company gives the final step to close the conflict.

The anarcho-syndicalist union warns that protests against Mercadona are working for growing in membership and presence in different supermarkets in the city, as well as to raise awareness of the abusive practices that occur in workplaces and to promote boycotting it.

CNT Valencia
CNT Vall d' Albaida
National Confederació the Treball

Source CNT Valencia/Vall d'Albaida
The romance between CNT and Mercadona was love at first sight marked by a kiss 9 years ago, in 2005, with the first Confederal conflict.

At this moment Mercadona is so scary about judiciary negative publicity that could accept whatever to avoid it. Is time to hit harder to this bully gigant before strengthen!

Congratulations companions. Nothing will pay the suffering these bastards have done, but will take time for them to forget this counterhit. We will never understand why money is so important to them, but certainly we have kick them in a place where it hurts a lot.

Union, Action and Self-management!
Long live the workers' struggle! Viva la CNT!

# BoicotMercadona | Down with wrongful dismissal and harassment of Juan Roig and his minions

Source- LA TARCOTECA Contrainfo: CNT consigue que Mercadona pague medio millón de euros en indemnizaciones es

domingo, 11 de mayo de 2014

Defenseless people!: Mexican Government controls Self-Defence groups by enlisting in Narcopolicial units

The assimilative capacity of capitalism is unrivaled.

Thousands of Mexican vigilantes are ready to become part of a new Rural Police force. The Government expects bring 20,000 members of self-defense groups under its control before transform in an army  EZLN or FARC-style. RT

Mexico is a vital country for illegal trade in all America, and an springboard to Africa and Europe for distribution. Land route and must funnel for cocaine and marijuana into the United States. Source of cheap labor and maquila fields. As good corporations, the territory was divided into clans that maintain a visible legal part, public officers, politicians and bushinessman, and otherwise illegal businesses. Gives them benefits that employees in electoral campaigns and many businesses. Military, Police, Media, Government and Judges complicit is absolutely necessary for black market to flow drugs at a good price and continue the orgy of money.

From 2006 with Vicente Fox PM, USA steps up its War on Drugs in Mexico, which serves as excuse to militarize the country, applying his beloved martial law, fill the pits and definitely lower production costs, to delocalizate American industries, and transport their goods.

After years of abuse the people slowly manages to organize their self-defense groups, Autodefensas: peasants, armed neighbors who patrol their counties in far west style. What started out as popular initiative leads to a paramilitary organization, with all that that implies. In Michoacan self-defenses act as mercenary armies offering effective protection to mining companies for example.

Now in 2014 the regional government of the Mexican State of Michoacán establishes a plan of assimilation, driven by DEA, sponsored by Peña Prieto narco presidente, and perpetrated by their own leader. After the talks this Saturday Watchers of self-defense began handing out blue uniforms and Americans assault rifles. From vigilants to agents. Around 3,300 over an estimated 20,000 watchers, swore office as narcopolice. They state will stop anyone carrying weapons from now.

The betrayal of the leaders
The Council of Self-Defense Forces dismissed a founder and spokesman of the movement, Jose Mireles, on Thursday after he was involved in the killing of five civilians.

Another founder of groups, Hipolito Mora, was arrested in connection with the murder of two other vigilantes. Mora admitted on local radio that the vigilante organization had been infiltrated by organized crime.

After the brief purge, proclaimed leader of the watchers Estanislao Beltran, nicknamed "Papa Smurf," ​​said his fight against (rival) cartels had just begun. "With this change we are already part of the government."

Populism: the mistake strategic that cost them the fight
The self-defense, ordinary people, villagers, terrified at the escalation of violence and tired of the siege, are more concerned about protecting the territory of the mafias tham fight the cause of the situation. This "neutral" Fight of interest for all, with an apparent lack of ideology and philosophy, populism, has been a critical strategic error, allowed mafia to infiltrated, bribed and manipulated them. First sign could be seen at the moment  self-defence groups professionalized as paramilitary groups. Them starts with a mercenary behaviour. The lace is put their own leader Estanislao Beltran accepting Government manipulation. The 360º turn is already done, as police and army have been natural extension of the mafias, causing the state of calamity in which people find themselves, and also the cause of creation self-defece groups. Now the people is with the same army and police but without self-defense groups!

The underlying problem was never violence or trafficking or corruption. They are terrible, but they are effects, are collateral, incidental, not the cause. The cause is the system and its values, the way and the why of doing things, and the philosophy and ideology that sustain it: money above human beings. This is the not reached conclusion and therefore problem that can not be remedied, preferring to use the methods of the enemy, the Masters, tham the brain. In their imaginary someday will become rich and enjoy the luxuries shown on TV. In reality remain ditch meat or maquila fooder.

The Autodefeensas are being assimilated, slowly succumbing to the temptation of a cancerous life within the system, either in government, and rampant corruption in certain areas of the territory. Police/mafia regain control over lost territories, restore black market trade routes and reintroduce the genocidal system against which they fought so long and so much blood and suffering cost.

The assimilative capacity of capitalism is unrivaled. It's called money.

If you do not live as think, you think as you live.
For Autgestión and For real Self Defense!

viernes, 9 de mayo de 2014

Pharmaceuticals and corruption: the Glaxo Smith Kline planetary scandal. GSK

The Glaxo Smith Kline corporation is agaisnt the wall. The British pharmaceutical giant company is reaping corruption allegations around the world, tirelessly and the consequences are reflected in the financial results. ilfattoquotidiano it April 26, 2014

What is GSK
The corporation is a GSK is one of the so called Big Pharma es, a heavyweight in drug production, such as Augmentin, Seretide, Zantac or Zovirax. It is a leader in the biological studies, with thousands of staff scientists and regular published in the journal Science. Even though it is more know by their mafia methods.

Latest hits

Lebanon and Jordan April 2014, black market of drugs
On April 16, the Wall Street Journal (via TheGuardian ) writes that was in possession of an email from company personnel in stating that he bribed local doctors with abroad conferences that never took place and free drug samples that doctors could directly sold to patients in black. 200 people are charged. The company self defends by saying that the corporation is infinitely greater tham this spot and that these are isolated incidents.

Iraq in April 2014, infiltrated in the Ministry 
On 6th April a whistleblower informed about the shady business of GSK in the Middle East. Snitch reveals to the Wall Street Journal (via thetelegraph ) that the company  secretly recruit  Iraq Health Ministry executives as Sales Reps. 16 doctors and pharmacists working for the government.  Also speak about payment of travel expenses to international conferences, and  substantial bribes offers to doctors who prescribed their products. As expected, GSK wins contract with the Iraqi Ministry of Health for the provision of the Rotarix vaccine against gastroenteritis. Ministry officials with their whole families go on vacation in Lebanon with the company expense payments.

China 2013, productivity rate targets
In July 2013, a scandal broke out in China es. Here the British multinational spent 320 million pounds, about $ 480 million, to purchase medical class with money, travel and sexual favors.

One of its four executives arrested in July, director of business development, Hong Huang admitted to police that the GSK headquater in the UK had set them rhythms annual sales growth of up to 25 percent, between 7 and 8 percentage points above the industry average in China points. To achieve these results the company linking wages to turnover of each employee, so that he who does not meet the objectives could lose thousands of yuan a month. elEconomista es

Poland 2010-2012 , generic prescribing and training programs and mobbing
An investigation in datail by the BBC  program Panorama revealed that in Poland the regional manager of Glaxo Smith Kline and 11 doctors are under investigation for alleged bribery in the white robes gave a poke with prescription of anti asthmathic Seretide.

The incident took place four years ago and the complaint is against a former representative of the company, Jarek Wisniewiski. Just at this period (2010-2012) the British pharmaceutical giant said to be engaged in a national training program on asthma for doctors. But Wisniewiski denies: the money  intented to the program is actually use to pay doctors assured complacent increase medication prescriptions. Speaking to the BBC the ex employee expresses blunt: "At the meeting said I paid for the course and needed more  Seretide recipes, then realized exactly why I was paying".

Another former GSK representative who prefers to remain anonymous, said that on one hand the company pays the money to doctors to attend conferences and courses that does not exist and moreover physicians increase sales of the drug. A quid pro quo bluntly. Wisniewiski confirms: "hundred pounds should produce a hundred new recipes product."

Add to it, Wisniewiski not acted of his own accord: the dirty tricks employed was imparted by the regional manager. In fact, according to the unease with the situation, he was marginalized and threatened with dismiss by the regional heads of the company. GSK admits retaliated and punished its employee, mobbing, in 2011. A report published in the States Multinational website showed that in 2013 only 161 violations of law committed by staff in the departments of Political Marketing and sales and 113 complaints. The result was 48 people have been fired or left their jobs "voluntarily".

United States 2012 , overprescribing and false studies

The record bill is in the United States : in 2012, the company pays $ 3,000 million for bribing doctors in exchange for prescribing antidepressants by unauthorized indications. In addition GSK also pleaded guilty to failing to take into account studies showing the ineffectiveness of some of its drugs.

Fraud concerns especially three products.
One is the Paxil, GlaxoSmithKline which " sold " falsely as an antidepressant for children, as it had never been approved as such by the health authorities.
Another is the Avandia, an antidiabetes sold without warning of the risk of certain side effects.
And the third is the Wellbutrin, a drug to treat severe depression GSK sell as a solution to "be thinner or have more sex," said Carmen Ortiz, Massachusetts Attorney . Peru21 es

Corporative Mafia strategy
With the media on their side of GSK 's strategy is to pretend the charges are isolate and disengage from those involved, and especially minimizing the problem of removing suspicion located in headqater in London.

To this a few days ago the corporation sends new managers to ensure that sales are made in a proper way trying to clean the face, as if the mafia practice depended solely by individual representatives of global orders and not from the top of the organization .

In December 2013, Andrew Witty, CEO of GSK, was interviewed by the New York Times once again repeated that his company now promises act of goodwill and not give more money under the table to physicians. But the damage is done and no one can guarantee they will not be repeated .

Corporations only see numbers where is people, money numbers. If the human ideal corporation defends is a medicated person, an ill person, have to rethink what is a human.

It is our responsibility to find the way to apply the medical knowledge in a human way, as corporation just treat human as cattle. Self-managed health!