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sábado, 26 de octubre de 2019

MILICIANAS - Anniversary /80/ Aniversario (1936 - 1939)

Source - MILICIANAS - Anniversary /80/ Aniversario (1936 - 1939) by Bookata LLC — Kickstarter oct 2019

Their war will never be forgotten - A photo book celebrating women contribution to the Spanish Civil War

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On the 80th anniversary of the end of the Spanish Civil War in 1939, we are asking for your support in bringing to life some of the most iconic republican posters and photos of milicianas in a beautiful photo-book, contextualized with timeless quotes from women who fought in World War II.

Selected testimonies from veteran Soviet women soldiers were chosen from The Unwomanly Face of War by Svetlana Alexievich, winner of the 2015 Nobel Prize for Literature. The brilliant work was translated in English by Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky (used with permission).

Con el 80 aniversario de la tragedia que rodea el fin de la guerra civil española en 1939, solicitamos su apoyo para reavivar fotos y carteles de milicianas – representaciones republicanas más emblemáticas de la época, en un hermoso portafolio contextualizado con citas intemporales de mujeres que lucharon en la Segunda Guerra Mundial.

Los testimonios de las soldadas veteranas soviéticas fueron seleccionados por Svetlana Alexievich, ganadora del Premio Nobel de Literatura 2015, en su famoso La guerra no tiene rostro de mujer. La brillante obra fue traducida al inglés por Richard Pevear y Larissa Volokhonsky (usando con permiso).
Many supporters of our first project, the 2019 Spanish Civil War Republican calendar, have asked for more posters and photos of these powerful women, represented in vintage propaganda.
We will create a beautiful book featuring 80 vintage posters and photos of powerful women figures.
Muchos de los amigos de nuestro primer proyecto (el 2019 calendario republicano de la Guerra Civil española) no han pedido más carteles y fotos de estas heroicas mujeres, representadas en propaganda de época.

Con este proyecto crearemos un hermoso libro con fotos y carteles antiguos representando poderosas figuras femeninas.

From her heel to her revolver the image on our cover is one of a courageous strong woman, capable of everything. Our book wants to be a showcase for a certain feminine type that leads to the defense of specific combat values. Cannot think of a better representation of the contemporaneous Spanish women and their struggles.
 Desde el talón hasta el revólver, la imagen de nuestra portada es la de una mujer valiente y fuerte, capaz de todo. Nuestro libro quiere ser un escaparate para cierto tipo femenino que conduce a la defensa de valores de combate específicos. No se me ocurre una mejor representación de las mujeres españolas contemporáneas y sus luchas.
To view our first project: 
 Because milicianas are at the heart of our projects. We want their memory to live on. This is our way to show our admiration for their feats and sacrifices. 
Las milicianas son el corazón de nuestros proyectos. Queremos que sus memorias sigan vivas. Este ideal es nuestra manera de mostrar nuestra admiración por sus hazañas y sacrificios.
Our MILICIANAS Project is done with a modest budget and a small infrastructure (there are just two of us, in Montreal, and Bergamo). We exist to print, promote, and preserve works of literary vision, to foster a climate of cultural preservation, and to disseminate books in a way that benefits the arts and freedoms. We focus on reviving content that have gone out of favor or out of print, publishing works from around the world, and, with this project in particular, championing the work of young female artists.
I want to give special thanks to Dario Carta, our Italian graphic designer partner, and his tireless energy in bringing this idea to life. He's also a visual artist whose current progressively engaged projects can be found here: (

 Whether you contribute $5 or $100, your will play a part in creating this work of art history and placing it on the shelves and walls of freedom-loving citizens, immortalizing these outstanding women.
If the project isn’t fully funded during our Kickstarter campaign, you won’t be charged (and the photo-book won’t be published). You can always change or cancel your reward level before the campaign ends.  
Whether or not you fund this project, sharing this link will contribute to its realization.  
Not in a position to donate? Please know that word of mouth is instrumental in raising awareness and funding. Each person who shares this link bellow will contribute greatly to the making of our republican calendar.

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