La Tarcoteca

La Tarcoteca

sábado, 30 de agosto de 2014

Asia meeting Introducing the IWA

During the first weeks of August, Asia, took place in a series of presentations and discussions on unionism. Many sections of the AIT showed their topics and took part in meetings and roundtable discussions with a wide range of activists from Hong Kong and Taipei.

In addition a presentation and discussion on the principles and practice of anarcho-syndicalism and a presentation on IWA, its history and its organization. Seven IWA Sections participated, presenting briefs about themselves and how they are organized. There were many examples of successful direct action, accompanied with videos. There were explanations on how some organizations choose to conduct a campaign and also some examples of social protests or activities that have been committed Sections, from mass protests in Brazil to cooperatives in Spain or the tenant movement in Poland.

The event generated lots of discussion and exchange. Also get to learn about the local realities of Hong Kong and Taiwan, setting Extra meetings with activists. A separate meeting on anti-gentrificatión movements which took part some of the Hong Kong activists was held, sharing their experiences.

Colleagues who participated in the organization and events evaluate them positively, wishing to continue the dialogue, and produce some more basic texts aimed at the people of that region.

We thank all those who helped organize the events in these cities, to everyone who helped with the spaces, translation, food or simply showed their hospitality. Also Thanks to those who attended the meetings, organized extra events and shared their local experiences! We hope to see you again and to hear from you soon.

News of great importance in order to create a truly global internationalism able to coordinate effective actions against the Masters and Powes. Courage, comrades, we expect your sections!

Also made important, if belated, as it is in this area of the world where industries and machines are placed, and in order to move to Africa, the latter market are located now. 

From tarcoteca all the support and encouragement to colleagues. This road is not easy, but it is the correct. There are no shortcuts to emancipation, only work to ourselves and living the anarchy day by day.

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