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domingo, 18 de mayo de 2014

CNT accomplish Mercadona paid half a million euros in compensation to affiliates

Mercadona, main spanish chain of Malls company, has had to pay about half a million euros in compensation to 12 fired employees and laid off members of CNT Trade Union working in Xativa and Alzira, Valencia.

In December 2013, CNT Valencia and Vall d'Albaida initiated a trade dispute against Mercadona by multi disciplinary workers dismissal  in several Valencian regions. These disciplinary dismissals were based on totally nonsense excuses as take a date off cupcake from garbage.

CNT began publicly denouncing and informative campaign about the dirty tricks used by Mercadona and the abject strategy behind that was leading to disciplinary dismissals in the company, most cases workers over 20 years working for the company, to avoid paying any compensation while recruiting new employees in precarious as usual in this same stores.

After several months of protests in different parts of the region of Valencia and a State Fight Day in several cities, Mercadona was forced to negotiate with the dismissed without even approaching trial date. The Human Resources Department took special care to negotiate with each and every one of the 12 members and affiliates of CNT, coming very close to offering amounts to "unfair dismissal compensation". CNT has not needed to use or wait for Judges to resolve the situation, through mobilization and direct action has achieved its immediate objectives.

The payment of about half a million euros from Mercadona, has shown once again that disciplinary dismissals that were undertaken were totally unjustified for people who had spent half his life working in the company. Has also served to demonstrate that unionism practiced CNT is more relevant than ever, and is still an effective tool for workers, even against such powerful companies such as Mercadona.

CNT  to remember to the company owner Juan Roig that the trade dispute can not be closed nowday because there is still an farewell affiliate (Encarni) still pending to take her compensation or negotiate with the company a fair resign. The Union will continue until the end of their demonstrations in different districts and towns of Valencia, until the company gives the final step to close the conflict.

The anarcho-syndicalist union warns that protests against Mercadona are working for growing in membership and presence in different supermarkets in the city, as well as to raise awareness of the abusive practices that occur in workplaces and to promote boycotting it.

CNT Valencia
CNT Vall d' Albaida
National Confederació the Treball

Source CNT Valencia/Vall d'Albaida
The romance between CNT and Mercadona was love at first sight marked by a kiss 9 years ago, in 2005, with the first Confederal conflict.

At this moment Mercadona is so scary about judiciary negative publicity that could accept whatever to avoid it. Is time to hit harder to this bully gigant before strengthen!

Congratulations companions. Nothing will pay the suffering these bastards have done, but will take time for them to forget this counterhit. We will never understand why money is so important to them, but certainly we have kick them in a place where it hurts a lot.

Union, Action and Self-management!
Long live the workers' struggle! Viva la CNT!

# BoicotMercadona | Down with wrongful dismissal and harassment of Juan Roig and his minions

Source- LA TARCOTECA Contrainfo: CNT consigue que Mercadona pague medio millón de euros en indemnizaciones es

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