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La Tarcoteca

jueves, 17 de octubre de 2013

Noelia Cotela Riveiro letter, Kidnapped in state killing centers in Spain

Posted by boletintokata on October 8, 2013

First it is remarkable to say that unfortunately I'm not "a tortured prisoner" I am "another tortured prisoner" in this supposedly rule of law and democratic country. From the dungeon where I am, in an isolation bunker, where I have spent six years locked up by the only fact of rebelling against the injustices and atrocities that the executioners make us here within to the ones with courage enough to reclaim, to uprise and make them hardly earn the bread they receive from the state for mistreating, violate our rights, physically and mentally torturing, or even killing with complete impunity.

Using the abstract term of "reinsertion" State keeps me 23 hours a day locked in a dungeon of three meters square. Having to go to a cage-like courtyard where barely get sun and, of course only because the outlawed FIES regime remains [Special Chase Inner Files, forbidden prisoner classification still in use in Spain]. Scattered from my family , my land and far away from my loved ones. This is the prison underworld of which no one speaks for fear of not being believed.

Doing a quick review of my stay in these killing centers I want to relate my passing through, and public denounce the facts that happens, here. C. P. Brieva Prison: the jail where reigns the inmates submission and prevails the word of the executioners. In this prison I have been tortured, have break me a wrist bone which took 30 days plaster, fruit of the usual daily beatings. It keeps me totally incommunicated (phone, parlor, meetings, and mail) as usual, even jailers reporting my mother in order to maintain my isolation. I have been handcuffed, mechanical restraint and stranded many times, after being tortured, and the night of 23th October 2012, after being handcuffed, I woke up to feel the hands of a state servant touching my body. How nobody do nothing? Because this rotten oppressive system encourages the perpetrators enjoy impunity. I'm still alive, but many brothers and comrades have been cruelly killed when "theoretically " serving sentences. Induction to suicide by restraining the oppressive jail regime; aggressions out of hand that kill us (after we appear hanged as if suicide) adulterous methadone to nullify (and clean way to kill us, "overdose"), humiliation, vexes and even vegan comrades die in prison for deny applying the "Terminal Illness patient release" Art.

C. P. Brieva , CP Picassent , C. P. Albolote ... death camps and slaughterhouses of the State. We are 75,000 prisoners in Spain, with too much pain, torture and suffering (as prisoners as relatives). so I want to call the bonds of solidarity that unite to urge and fight for the abolition of torture, the abolition of prisons and the FIES regime, and for anyone else have to live these experiences that marks for life. Let us join voices and fists in live or death to fight for our rights and our freedom.


Noelia Cotelo Riveiro , CP Albolote in Granada