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lunes, 1 de abril de 2013

Chile Mapuche Represion: Silvana Lamilla letter from Temuco women's prison, arrested on 28March

March 30, 2013
Anewening greetings  for everyone I know, appreciate and are concern about the situation in which I have been involved at this time.

First of all thank you for the love, unconditional support of my mother, my dear son, brothers, family, multiple comrades, vegan friends with which we find ourselves, we recognize in everyday life, sharing the most beautiful thoughts, ideas, dreams creations in every moment, in every place where we live for if possible and impossible in reality a dignified, honest and free.

The deprivation of liberty and my fellow prisoner in the jail of Temuco, of course that is framed in the context of a crude policial performance, this time led by the know antimapuche  prosecutor and now ideas persecutor Miguel Angel Velazquez.

On March 28 at about 5:00 am. Were raided two homes of Temuko by repressive state-GOPE branch with verbal order for the alleged explosive device placement in both cases.

The result of the raid where I was was the destruction of property, seizure of computers, phones, cameras and money among other things. At the end of the operation we were informed arrested by status "drug trafficking". We were led to find injuries to the regional hospital of the city, then moved to the 8th police station where stayed with Other 10 vegan arrested over 30 hrs, not allowing go to the bathroom since 5:00 am. to 10:00 am approximately, refusing water or bathroom even to one of the detainees with 5 months pregnant.

In the extense detention and kidnapping were denied communicate by telephone with advocates , friends family and, in our case, we have not access to that right as arrested. I should note that in the 8th commissioner raped me dignity by not respecting my refusal to reject the blood sampling, for which I was raped, handcuffed and bound by two carabiners and two special forces polices to that proceeding.

Today March 30 I am accussed with 2 compaions with "explosive device" charged, sharing the module with other 48 prisoners of the capitalist system. After a formal indictment accused as "marijuana traffickers" (100gram can drugging 400 people) and hence, to three months in jail imprisonment while policial research confirms. These practices are old: nullify, discredit, and of course expose the image to the morbidity of the formal means of communication, in order to decouple the political performance and install common crime.

I am quiet, have had with the other prisoners a warm welcome from women solidarity, from a cup of tea, cleaning supplies, clothing, conversations, much joy despite the circumstances and continue to dream despite months, years from eternity of confinement, all cute, free and crazy!

I say goodbye until next writing. I'm here on the other side of the wall next to the other, with my spirit stronger than ever, strengthening my convictions and every dream darling ellxs tenderness.

See you soon, cuddles and hugs tight to my son, mother, brothers, grandmother, family in general, wenui, lagmien, compas and amigxs


AngryGreetings !
Silvana Lamilla
Political prisoner from March 28-Temuko
Kidnapped in CPF - Temuko warria.

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