La Tarcoteca

La Tarcoteca

domingo, 23 de octubre de 2016

Chronic and Advances in the International Anarchist Congress in Frankfurt 2016. Anarchists of the World Unite!

All we individual and collective anarchists around the globe are not alone, there are thousands of comrades scattered throughout the world and fighting, dreamers, freethinkers and nonconformist, wishing to organize:

Our efforts can be coordinated by the IFA!

We encourage everyone to contact! It's free, without compromis and as easy as participate in a global campaign a year. Each one in its own way and according to its possibilities, formal or informal, all the comrades are important.

Through microorganization of global decentralize network, we ants will chop down elephants.

Health! PHkl / tctca
Tarcoteca Translation of: "Construir redes, fortalecer las luchas, Congreso Anarquista Internacional en Fráncfort" Tierra y Libertad, sep 2016, IFA-FAI

Its concluded the intense anarchist meeting in which participated hundreds of fellow delegates in the four days of discussions, labs and projects, during the International Anarchist Congress held in Frankfurt from 4th to 7th August 2016.

New South American organizations have joined to the IFA (International of Anarchist Federations) galaxy: the Valdivia Local Anarchist Federation  from Chile, the Initiative for the Brazilian Anarchist Federation and Mexican Anarchist Federation, during the Congress, while the Greek APO (Anarchist Political Organization) has request to joint. New organizational networks that enhance the possibility of social transformation in antiauthoritarian terms, particularly in Latin America.

Kurdish , Azeri, Turkish, Dutch, Croatian, Portuguese, American, New Zealand, Cuban, Dominican, Salvadoran and Venezuela anarchists realities have participated enriching the four days.

The times of collective discussion alternated with small groups workshops, to ease the confrontation and debate between present realities.

Coordinate the struggles and experiences, confront the international macro-process who looks enworsening in everyway from environmental conditions of life to the exploited classes work, in addition to the continuous reduction of the spaces of freedom together with the set of increasingly imposed policies by authoritarian governments and states, have been the focus of discussions and laboratories of Congress.

We have lacked spaces to compare experiences, to project and develop common campaigns against militarism, repression, patriarchy, solidarity and migrants support.

We will experience the success of these campaigns only over time and fight, but the fact of meeting and coordinate between geographically distant realities has already strengthened and enriched the experience we are carrying out on a local or national level.

The struggle for freedom and anarchy does not stop.

Get Organized!

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