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sábado, 22 de marzo de 2014

Spain- 22M "Marches of Dignity": Routes, columns, demonstrations, rallies. In formative coverage and Reporting.

[Es] Marchas de la Dignidad: Recorridos, columnas, movilizaciones, concentraciones 
You can see the route, arrival and  travel of different columns, as well as acts and scheduled after Saturday 22 concentrations. It is very clear that this does not end the 22M, but is the starting point of a process that should not stop until you leave.
Against the Troika and the debt. Scram then all!

For our fundamental rights and services
For bread, work and housing. For Dignity

CNT is there
Out Getafe at 9.00 h . - Sports Victoria Kent - Avda Federica Montseny - Carretera Villaverde Alto 10.00 h - 10.30 h Alcocer Bridge . - Crossing Villaverde Bajo 11.00 h . - Avda Andalucia - Córdoba Avda 12.00 (12 Octubre) - Madrid River Bridge (Legazpi) 13.00 h -14.00 h (Dinner) - Paseo Delicias - Atocha 15.30 .

 ASTURIES, GALIZA - BIERZO , Cantabria , Castile and Leon COLUMNS

Out Aravaca ( CEIP Rosa Luxemburgo ) at 12:00 - Moncloa 13.00 . - Plaza España 13.30 . - Jacinto Benavente 14.45 h . - Arrival  Atocha at 15.00 h .

 CATALAN , ARAGON AND NAFARROA COLUMNOut of San Fernando de Henares at 10.00 Town Hall Square - Plaza de las Madres Coslada May at 10.30 h . - Parking Greece 12.00 h . - Paradise Park (San Blas ) 12.30 h . - Linear City 14.00 h . - Plaza Manuel Becerra 15.00 h . - Independence Square 15.30 . - Arrive 16.00 Atocha. ESTREMADURA COLUMNOutput Metro Carabanchel Alto at 11.00 h . - At 1230 h . Plaza de Porto - 13.30 h . - Puente de Toledo - Arrive Atocha at 15.00 h . Basque Country LA Rioja , BURGOS COLUMNExit Metro Station Manuel de Falla at 8.30 h . Alcobendas - At 1200 h Plaza de Castilla - Plaza de Isabel II Canal at 12.30 h . - Callao 14:15 .Sol - Jacinto Benavente 14.45 h . GALICIA COLUMNCheck to Chamartin train and exit at 13.30 to Plaza Castilla - Castellana - Atocha VALENCIÁ COUNTRY - MURCIA REGION COLUMNOutput Rivas - 9.00 h . - Check the Avenida Federico Garcia Lorca at 10.30 h . Vallecas neighborhood . - Arrive at the Red Square in Vallecas 12. 00 h . - Departure at 13.30 h . Avenida de Buenos Aires , Avenida de la Albufera and City of Barcelona - 15.00 h Arrival at Atocha .ABROAD COLUMNDeparture 14.00 h . Plaza de Lavapies, c / Valencia, c / Miguel Servet , 270 Glorieta Ambassadors skirting , Ronda de Valencia and Ronda de Atocha , ending in the aforementioned Emperor Charles V Square (Plaza de Atocha)DEMONSTRATION Atocha - COLÓN SQRDeparture 17.00 h . From Atocha Columbus . Banner header clinches Statue of Velazquez ( Prado) . Colón Sqr landed at about 19.00 h .where the main event will take place.



2 Calle de Antonio Maura, Loyalty Square will border on its southern side , turn right on Paseo del Prado , we will turn right on Plaza Loyalty continue for a few meters turn left and take the side of Paseo del Prado, turn right on Calle Juan de Mena to Ruiz de Alarcón street to # 2 street Antonio Maura , 2, the tour described repeat it to 13:30 .


Paseo de la Castellana , 162, Ministry of Economy, we will move to the Ministry of Finance and Public Administration , continue along the Paseo de la Castellana surrounding the Glorieta de Cuzco , heading to the Paseo de la Castellana 67, Ministry of " Employment and Securitysocial " Ministry of Public Works and then by the Paseo de la Castellana and Paseo de Recoletos we will go to the Bank of Spain and followed No. 18-20 of the Paseo del Prado, Ministry of ' Health, Social Policy and Equality ," in all ministries and Bank of Spain make a short stop where aUTHORITIES bouquet will be heading to @ s @ s citizenship by PA .


Publico TV- La Tuerka: 22M a partir de las 18h Público TV - La Tuerka

Acampada Sol- 22M Retransmisión de las Marchas Indignadas #22M en Ágora Sol Radio – Radios Libres
La haine: 22M Sábado a partir de las 14hs: Seguimiento
Periodistas 22M- Periodistas del #22M

Periodistas en las MArchas, facebook- Periodistas con las Marchas de la Dignidad | Facebook 
Agora Sol Radio-

Agora Sol Radio- @AgoraSolRadio


 Marches 22M Legal Team

Colleagues who will coordinate the service, and the other lawyers, and who will contact the ICAM designation if the legal team Marches 22M shall be as follows :
Antonio Segura Hernández, Col. Nº 63.488.
Juan Moreno Redondo, Col. Nº 71.539
Ismael Sánchez Jiménez Col. Nº 116.908    
Raquel Libertad Jiménez Moreno Col. Nº110.674


RTVE news blackout on the  of 22-M Marches

The pro-government follows that began in TVE after the rise to power of the Popular Party and the series of desidnations and dismissals which consolidated control of the public entity is acquiring a new phase. The intent of the news Executives to create a contemporary journalists writing plubliser related, as happened in Telemadrid or Canal Nou, to end the dissension within TVE. According to the linguist Teun Van Dijk, control of the public media can be done in different ways, from the mandate on what to publish or not to forms of pressure who follows inconvenient editorial. But the best and most effective is the proper selection of personnel.
"If the media employ journalists who have similar ideologies and attitudes to theirs, then no kind of mind control you need: simply be consensus about what is interesting, what is news and how they should be treated different topics "
The proximity in speech of the government propaganda and that existing in TVE and other Mass Manipulation Media is once again evident in the zero coverage given to the March of Dignity until his arrival in Madrid. Concealing information is a tactic that manipulation mass media used to prevent, for example, the extent of a problem. Hide the fact that various columns of citizens are addressed from different points of Spain to converge in Madrid on 22M can prevent people who knew of the initiative to join the marches and so do most powerful protest against the government.

Professor Teun Van Dijk expressed the role of television in society as one of the leading exponents of the creation of a hegemonic discourse .
"If our speech can cause people to have their owns beliefs and thus indirectly control their actions, so that they respond to our best interests, we have successfully manipulated through written text or speech."
That is why the best way to prevent the march of Dignity acquire notoriety and people to join them, it is not attacking them, as this may cause a current of empathy and a sense of togetherness . Best to avoid the spread of the protest is to ignore it. The silence on the marches until they have reached there amadrid has caused many citizens who do not know of its existence, largely informed by the television, until they can no longer be part of them.

Spanish television made ​​no mention of the Marches of Dignity in the days before the arrival of the Colums to Madrid. On 19 and 20 March, the TVE silence on the protests has been absolute. No shortage flowery pieces on the arrival of spring, but none on arrival marching citizens  to Madrid to demonstrate for bread, work and housing.

The announcement of the death of Adolfo Suarez [ex-president] has served as an excuse for today underestimate any information on TVE arrival in Madrid of the Marches of Dignity , an excuse that it was not necessary in the days before and has cheated citizens of any information about the event that will culminate on 22 in Madrid.

The information you have given today , March 21 , the newscast of TVE on Dignity Marches were already in Madrid has been limited to a queue - speech - on images of 22 seconds. In it the presenter read the text on some images of the gear in which lay a few dozen people . The queues were preceded by a story about Bankia and then spoke of fraudulent EREs.

The mass manipulation media prefers kill Suarez tham cover the Marches of Dignity. #22M @DebatAlRojoVivo#EstoEs22M

Criminalization in other mass manipulation media
On the other hand , the silence  used bt TVE has been and supplemented with the usual criminalization of protest that other media have been used assiduously to insult the legitimate right of expression of citizens protesting against the government. Both "el ABC" and "la Razón" news papers have chosen this path that makes up the story of propaganda for the Government. First ignored, then criminalize. For ABC, the relevant about the marches was the existence of squatters and anti-systems that will provoke riots, while the main news for La Razón was the existence of lawyers to protect citizens in the event of problems in the demonstration. Which form part of a plo not clarified by the media.
What are planning? 22M is gathering attorneis for detainees

The international body says yes to the request of the organization of the march of Dignity to be present at the confluence of the columns in Madrid. On Tuesday will deliver a report about the development of mobilization.

[The question is, What is to monitor whether hosts can not take action then? This is another make up using a useless organization that only serves for democratic face wash to feed media indoctrination]

It is not the first time that the OSCE is concerned with respect of rights and freedoms during demonstrations in our country. During the last "Surround the Congress" demostration, organized by the Platform 25-S under the slogan " Jaque al Rey ", on 28th September, the Government of Rajoy "invited to leave", put away, the six observers arguing that the government considered " unconstitutional, " said protest.

This reaction of the Spanish government did not like the Agency, which condemned the attitude of the government in a statement in which he warned that this "sudden opposition of the Spanish authorities "caused "some concern about the intentions" they might have during the protest.
"Like any member of the OSCE, Spain is committed to ensuring the right of assembly and the work of international observers " recall from organizing marches , a task "critical to ensure that freedoms are respected ," they add.
So, during the meeting next Tuesday , all violations of fundamental rights that occur will be reported .

The Government Delegation in Madrid, directed by Cristina Cifuentes, has deployed a military police presence than any previous organized to protest killers , and will feature 1,750 policemen branch from prodisturbios Unit included over 100 agents infiltrated .

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