La Tarcoteca

La Tarcoteca

viernes, 10 de mayo de 2013

State Assassins

The state needs people willing to everything for money to last in time. Fiend oligarchs dominate. A legion of assassins protect them. These are thugs who kill by bounty, wage or head. By extension their necessary accomplices.

Police, army and fascist
are the bodies that underpin the subjugation of the people, maintaining social order and preventing changes. In their language there is no middle: either you're with them and you're a patriot who follows orders blindly or a traitor who must be eliminated.

Churchs indoctrinates the people imposing their morals and habits based on ignorance and lies. Dictates what is good or true and what is not. Target social objectives. Their commitment with power is absolute, because church is the power because has more tham sufficient capital. They redeem the sins of the murderers on behalf of the state. Kill because the State dictates is right, is just follow orders.

Fascists act as a cancer in society, as part of different groups and spreading their beliefs. Beyond, are quarry that nourish the various Enforcement Agencies and from "the reaction" that will stop any revolutionary attempt.

The Police is responsible for maintaining the social and political order daily. Civil outlaws, armed and trained in military tactics in any killing tecnic.

The Army is the safeguard of the ruling classes in case the police fails. Is the parasite deceit in humanitarian aid.

Armed, dangerous and unpunished, so are the assassins of the state.
Neither army nor police, nor Fascists, nor his accomplices!

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