La Tarcoteca

La Tarcoteca

lunes, 13 de mayo de 2013

Solidarity: First speaking following the release of Joaquin.

1st May Madrid
Sunday the 12th, past 14 hours, the companion Joaquín left through the doors of the Courts of the Plaza de Castilla - Madrid, finally released by his captors, provisionally until a judge is believes with the right to judge, and who knows if ordered by "acting" against the authority" to get their kicks and be captured.

Outside court a concentration was performed at 12 hours, called even without knowing whether the partner was in those units or if he would release. As know, there has been no information on the status of the comrade by their kidnappers, denying that information not only to his attorney but also his family.

Joaquin says that in the Leganitos Police Stationprison was tortured. No wonder at all, because torture is necessarily one more mean for those who beat, captures and imprisons others. Many companions have received him out of court. Joaquin is free.

As usual in our way of being, this incident will not be the case. Touching one is play the entire Confederation.

From here solidarity thank both Madrid and the rest of the state and outside.

Even with different languages ​​understand the same meaning .... MUTUAL SUPPORT AND SELF-ORGANIZATION TO THE FINAL EMANCIPATION.

We not negociate, we not silent ... 

We will keep on reporting and publishing photos and videos of all detention as the "picket" held yesterday in Leganitos ..

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