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La Tarcoteca

lunes, 30 de abril de 2012

Open front against immigration in Spain: 6 xenophobic measures.

    The fiscal offensive launched by the government is so aggressive that it focuses all the attention and masks another tragedy, open struggle against immigrants.
I think << previous government had "excessively loose" interpretation of standards on family reunification and rootedness. >> Fatima Bañez, Minister for Employment and Social Security. 7/2/2012
    Six  are the most striking xenophobic measures, not the only, that has taken or will take in short this right-wing government against the immigrant community for pride of the far right:
    1 - Removal of foreign health insurance card to the unregulated documentation, effective from Sept. 1, 700.000 affected.
    2 - Will be an offense give jobs to undocumented workers, without be registered in Social Security or without having obtained proper work authorization. Included domestic workers without a contract, around 190.000 women affected.
    3 - Modificaionen of assumptions in rootedness.
    4 - The Express Deportation . Practiced illegally for years, a bill is announced to normalize, streamlining of procedures and quick expulsion of unregularized or criminal recorded foreigners.
    5 - It is anticipated the reform and hardening of the Organic Foreinger Act before the end of the year.
    6 - Payment in kind, housing in exchange for the mortgage balance. Regulated in the "Ten Commandments of Good Practice" for banks.-Unlike in USA, whe you buy a house with a mortage, banks give you money. If you can't pay banks calculate the real prize of your property. If is less tham the mortage you have to pay still the diference-. Burdened by debt, pushed by unemployment, foreign workers choose to return to their places of origin. In these cases the banks, seeing that the debt collection can be extended in time accept as payment the property itself. The plunder perpetrated confirms the spoliation and ruin of foreing worker. The government did not opt ​​for other many measures, just take their propertis, often unique heritage.

   Fascism has been installed in Spain and nobody can stop it.
    The government sees problems where previously seen only benefits: foreign workers, considered slave labor hand, with no rights or benefits, submissive, now out of work, just consume public resources. Solution: expel all, divide their assets and transform the remaining population into the new slaves, prisoners in the country, put down by government Armed Forces.
    Social forces are unable to cope with this wave of repression taken on all fronts. Years of alienation have been asleep barely awaken consciences. Repression is total: political, economic and social.
    In those settings nor the indigenous or migrant community are able to oppose sufficient resistance. A society in shock that not yet assimilated the changes occurring around them. A real tragedy.

   Call for organization
    Comrades, do not flee from this territore that have helped to build and is as much yours as anyone living in it. Do not let these fascists get their way. We can cope them, once was made and other will be made again. The struggle is hard but it has its rewards.

Comrades, Organize and fight! Together we can beat them!
Tear down the borders! Fall down the flags!
The current immigration law is governed by Royal Decree 557/2011 of 20 April, approving the Regulation of Law No. 4/2000 on Rights and Freedoms of Foreigners in Spain and their social integration, after the amendments made by Act 2/2009. BOE-A-2011-10599.

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