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miércoles, 26 de octubre de 2016

Work Speaking Tour on the Iberian Peninsula - Crimethinc November Tour

Source- Work Speaking Tour on the Iberian Peninsula | CrimethInc. Far East Blog
Spanis version

We published Work at the beginning of 2011, at the onset of the social movements precipitated by the economic crisis of 2008. The idea was to update the critique of capitalism for the 21st century, starting from lived experience rather than dusty theory. Over the following years, the authors traveled throughout the Americas and Europe, comparing notes with other participants in the demonstrations, riots, and revolutions that ensued.

The book has since appeared in German, Russian, Serbo-Croat, Korean, and most recently, Lithuanian. Congratulations to our Baltic comrades!

Now, to mark the publication of the Spanish edition of Work, our comrades there have organized a speaking tour visiting nine cities around the Iberian peninsula. What is really new about capitalism today, and how should this inform the ways we organize to stand up for ourselves? What can we learn from the limits that previous movements have reached? Could we really do away with work, profit, and property, or at least make it possible to imagine a world without them? Join us for a lively discussion.

November 5: Aldarull, Ateneo de Gracia, Barcelona
November 8: La Central, Barcelona
November 9: La Pantera Rossa, Zaragoza
November 10: La Fuga, Sevilla
November 11: Bakakai, Granada
November 14: Katakrak, Iruñea
November 15: Louise Michell, Bilbo
November 16: Biblioteca Subversiva Crimental-La Revoltosa, Gijón
November 17: Cambalache, Oviedo
November 18: Traficantes, Madrid
November 19: 1314, Madrid

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