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La Tarcoteca

martes, 25 de agosto de 2015

Solidarity Manifesto: For the victory of the turkish and kurdish popular resistance movements

We support the manifesto promoted by several Iberian libertarian organizations in support of the Kurdish autonomous regions. Our suspicion by organizing an army is as large as our desire to see an independent and libertarian region. Respect and encouragement to those who fight! 
To the Victory!

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As it is already known, turkish Kurdistan (Bakur in kurdish language) has being living a low profile war for several weeks. It is a conflict between, on one side, the turkish state – ruled by the nationalist and the president Recep Erdogan islamist party AKP – and the kurdish people and turkish left on the other side. 
The conflict began under the false pretext of fighting the Islamic State IS, that as it is known it's been years it operates from Turkey, with the complicity of the turkish state. Therefore, these operations against the jihadists have turned into an open war against all the leftist opposition, both turkish and kurdish.
The groups and collectives that sign this document condemn the repression against those towns, districts and communities that refuse to live under an indignant oppressive regime
We are inspired by a truly respect for the capacity of the kurdish and turkish popular movements to carry out a brave resistance, able not only of striking back the attacks of the turkish armed forces but also to set up a popular self-government, everywhere they can do. In this sense there are several towns, villages and districts that have announced the people's self-government as Varto, Silopi, Silvan, Cirze, Semdinli, Dogubayazit... and some other places that are ruled by a people that refuses to recognise the authority of AKP government, that wants to change the Constitution to hand full power to president Erdogan.
We note that those self-governments are not necessarily meant to remain in time, and are very conscious that their challege will be angrily answered by the turkish state. Those self-governments in some places are popular assemblies, in other BDP and HDP political parties, in other HPG, the kurdish liberation movement guerrillas or in other, as in the rebel neighbourhood in Istambul, Gazi, the same local left revolutionary movement who boosts the counterpower as far as it may be possible. All those examples, and many others, talks loud of what does it mean to be a strong and organised people in every level.
We believe that their exemple of struggle and dignity must be claimed on the same way by the european left as does with other better known historical events. The conflict has turned into a generalization of local counterpowers that rule their own territory, with the potentiality this implies.
A way to be solidary is spreading news about the massacres the turkish government is committing against the people as well as denouncing its alliance with the Islamic State. 
We must protest about that as much as we can, and also support humanitarian efforts to that area, refuge of hundreds of thousand people who are running away from the Iraq and Syria wars and who are right now crossing to Greece, therefore creating an scandal in a blind Europe before the serious problems its own imperialist politics of the last years is bringing. 
Finally, we shoud support the present situation of popular power that we wish it may spread to new areas, as well as we support the hunger strike of the kurdish political prisoners in the turkish prisons.
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I signed too.

Greetings, comrades in struggle!

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Welcome to the front comrade.
Barbarie has many faces. Crime only one.