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La Tarcoteca

viernes, 29 de agosto de 2014

Nazi squat Ramiro Ledesma Madrid burned and painted. 30th aug call to antifascist action

Arson to the fascist social centre and wrote "Get out of our neighborhoods" on the facade
Get out of our neighborhoods!

Nazi squat ‘Ramiro Ledesma’ in Madrid burned and painted with slogan-threat. Fire was set at the door of the fascist social centre and a slogan written “Get out of our neighborhoods” on the facade. The industrial building was ‘squatted’ early last week by a group of Nazi-Fascist “Republican Social Movement” (MSR), in the district of Tetuan, Madrid, named ‘Ramiro Ledesma’, and it suffered an assault in the early hours of yesterday.
El Hogar Social Ramiro Ledesma de Tetuán, amanece incendiado y con pintadas

Popular Call to antifascist action
Anti-fascist demonstration in Tetouan district against the occupation of a building by the neo-Nazi party ideology MSR.

Saturday, 30th August 2014 at 18:00. From the Plaza de las Palomas (officially Plaza del Canal de Isabel II).
Fascist out
they stealth our neighborhoods
Tetuan worker and multicultural

To remember that there was another social center occupied by fascist in Barcelana that had to be left due to the pressure of the nieghbourgs in june. Casal Tramuntana fuck you off!

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