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La Tarcoteca

martes, 11 de marzo de 2014

Solidarity: [photos] #22M Columns of Dignity Marches moving towards Madrid. CNT posture

Hundreds of people moving to Madrid in the 22M. Columns converge in Madrid against the Troika, cuts and due to the situation in the working class
Hundreds Thousands of people participate in the Marches of Dignity that are traveling across the state to merge on 22 March in Madrid with the slogans:

"No payment of the debts. Cuts no more. 
Troika governments Out. 
Bread, work and house for all "

The March are organized in Columns that come from Galiza, Asturias, Cantabria, La Rioja, Catalonia, Alcaniz, Navarre, Aragon, Castellon, Valencia, Alicante, Santa Pola, Murcia, Extremadura and Granada. The Cordoba one will add up next 14th.

March Map
North-east ColumnNorth-east ColumnNorth-east ColumnTorrelavega, Cantabria. North-est ColumnNorth-west ColumnNorth-west ColumnNorth-west ColumnNorth ColumnNorth ColumnAlicante. East ColumnAlicante. East ColumnValencia. East ColumnShouth ColumnShouth-east Column

With crystal clear. 22M: CNT on the way, CNT fighting
[We publish this statement filled with pride]
Marches Dignity should be a most massive and forceful step we are able to build, step it will be necessary to continue and where social movements and the more militant trade unionism should take center stage, moving towards the convening of a general strike with a real capacity to reverse pro working class policies that we are suffering .
The CNT will participate in this mobilization. We are confident that together we will be able to send a clear message to the political and economic powers as well as the leadership of the official scab Unions . This message is that social peace is over and that the rights and freedoms of plundering the workers will be not for free. The fight is on the street, and spreads. We hope this day will serve to awaken society, to join the protest and organize.
The CNT clearly states that do not share or support the clear electoral scope and political means that some actors 22M claim offer to the working class as a solution to their problems. We reject that are intended to harness the energies and hopes of change and redirect the struggle of people to vote impasse.
Neither the dignity and freedom will be negotiated for any new leader emerged from the polls in the system. We must be ourselves and no delegate to anyone who end up conquering new and greater rights. And to do that we can not bet again by means of the established power, because we will be betrayed as has historically occurred. Will only be possible to take the path of dignity when power resides in the assemblies, away from political and union hierarchical model of elections and parliaments, released and committees.
This path has left us absolutely clear that capitalism can not handle more layers of makeup or reforms and their disappearance is the only reasonable scenario. We must fight for a social revolution able to transform from the ground up this society based on inequality, the only way to regain our dignity.
We will meet on the streets on 22, but the fight must continue. From 22M, to the First of May, to the General strike. Drive forward a Unionism based on direct action, federalism, solidarity and self-management, a tool able to stand up to capitalism, to transform society: anarcho-syndicalism. The CNT can be your tool of struggle.

Dignity, rebellion and social revolution!
The fight is on the street ,the 22M everyone to Madrid!
Hundreds of people march, thousands of people follow them.
No peace for us because the caste harass to crush and to finish enslave us completely.
No peace until we get rid of the parasitic caste and self organize our lives.
From tarcoteca encouragement and all the support we can. Your way is our way


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