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jueves, 19 de septiembre de 2013

CNT-AIT International Call: 1st October day of action against Santander bank worldwide. Stop spoil! Stop slavery!

CNT-AIT International call: October 1st day of action against Banco Santander worldwide
Unions from Regional Centro Federation of the CNT-AIT have organized several protests Isban company, Santander Group and solidarity acts with the union conflict that began in Madrid a few weeks ago against the Isban company, Santander group.
In Isban headquarters in Boadilla del Monte, Madrid unionist have demanded the reinstatement of dismissed companion when constitute a union section and public and judicial denounce the abuses of the managers. The workplace of the represed worker in the illegal assigned company has also been decorated for the event further angering executive managers. After ordering the removal of the banner and get a negative, the steering personally undertook the requisition. 
The conflict continues to increase without the company shows signs of willingness to dialogue . After the dismissal of union delegate section Isban CNT- AIT, revolutionary unions worldwide federated in the  AIT are starting to spread the message of the workers in struggle and prepare coordinated actions.
On 1 October, the International has called for a day of action against Banco Santander worldwide.
 ISBAN: missery, slavery and fear
Isban, owned by the overpowerful Santander group property of Emilio Botin, is the umbrella company that sustain a network of "cannon fooder" provider companies that act as temporary employment agencies and set cheap and precarious labor.
More than 10,000 employees worldwide are illegally transferred to Isban, so to fire someone simply inform the temporary employment agencies on duty . No cost to the bank, of course, as according to them it is not a redundancy but a " project change" in the "fooder" company, that normally choose to dismiss the worker or transfer it to another "customer" company.
Through this practice get millionaires benefits  saving in hiring and firing, while maintaining dozens of companies under their control. All obey its guidelines as none wants to lose a "client" as profitable. Some even give up to 100 % of its employees to the bank , weaving a network of illegal subcontracting mafia.
The climate of fear and helplessness that Isban workers live is absolute , fearing homelessness to minimal protest. This facilitates the acceptance of surreal working hours, overtime and mandatory shifts, schedules and work schedule as, categories and wages below the roles played and countless more outrages.
SANTANDER GROUP: greed, corruption and spoiling
Recently there have been hundreds of irregular dismissals across the Santander group, framed in what workers have denounced as undercover Redundancy Dismissal Procedure. Computer Services offices and Santander Isban CSA Back-office ( SBGM ) staff have seen their rates reduced to 50 % in a few months. In addition, the elected workers to leave the bank have been less rentanbles and most vulnerable. The outsiders (workers illegally transferred), short-time mothers and displaced workers abroad have been the preferred targets for cuts. With the collusion of government and scab unions, massive job destruction comes out practically free for Santander group.
And all this despite the Santander Group has not only losses but made ​​a profit of € 2,255 million in the first six months of 2013, almost 30% more than in the same period of 2012. An extremely hypocritical attitude clashes with the group advertising image which boast of lifting the country thanks to the trust in people and the future. A future of millions of people led to unemployment and poverty. 
It is not the first time the tyrannical methods of the billionaire Emilio Botin are reported, but so far has not been done justice. In 2008 the Supreme Court filed by defects in the process the case against Botin and other bank executives for the irregular buying of Banesto bank. In 2012 the National Hearing filed the famous case of Swiss accounts after the Botin family disburse € 200 million to "regularize the situation."
Recently have uncovered new atrocities committed by this multinational giant as promoting subprime mortgages that caused the current economic crisis. The credit institution UCI, Santander Group , awarded for years unaffordable loans. We were not living beyond our means, the bank was mortaging above our means: to take advantage of defaults after foreclosing and evicting the most vulnerable.
It is curious that in early 2008, when the word crisis was not yet on everyone's lips, Santander sold almost all its real estate. Even the luxurious Majadahonda financial city, bank headquarters with over 160 acres of offices, hotels and even a golf camp was sold and maintained rented since then. The Botin CEOs knew what had generate and protected their interests by selling at a good price before the bubble burst.
Other liens have contributed to the growth of the assets of the business group. While the boom lasted brick, the bank provided loans to builders millionaires , some of them involved in the case of urbanism corruption Malaya case. After the fall of the construction sector, the bank foreclosed on their properties, which now are gived to the new generation family who hire their mortgages .
Other notorious case is the extortionate interest charges college students through Santander Bank accounts that are automatically engaged when enrolling in universities that have agreements with the group. Again Santander uses his position of power to bleed the people that have made ​​him a millionaire .
In this anti-workers policy, Santander interests collide now with equals organized workers . The dismissal of the delegate of the National Confederation of Workers CNT at Isban has triggered the rapid escalation of the conflict, because the violation of freedom will not be tolerated here or any where.
The whole world will learn about the Botin family 's dirty laundry and Santander Grupo. We never gave up and they will not get shut up with their bribes and their repression .


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