La Tarcoteca

La Tarcoteca

jueves, 25 de abril de 2013

State Violence, Violent State: No to State pacifism

Politicians and media, can not be separated because are the same, shows their criminalization strategy. Everything is TERRIRISM.

Saying that everything is VIOLENCE is an efective form of criminalization: demonstrations, rallies, banners, shirts, unions, escraches, surround the congress, 15-M, trade unions, organizations.

These simple argument serve to discredit all opposition group, peaceful or not, from NGOs to political parties. RADICALS!

For the State every citizen is radical, violent and terrorist by definition, therefore violence is allowed to avoid violence. The state is terrified, and defended with violence.

If everything is violence nonviolence, peace, does not exist, so we should not worry more to reach it. All groups are radical, even opossition parties, the most reactionary associations, so whatever is done will never be moderate.

If the State, politicians and media, accuse the population of terrorist and kept peaceful and conciliatory policy, people would understand why reject this terror and violence with which is charged.

But the State is the greatest purveyor of violence through looting, their repressive and terror Police Forces, narcoassassins, watchers and paramilitary groups. The impunity with which they act is such that the population languishes helpless and unable to defend themselves alienated from the aggressions of the state and its servants. Example 15-M Spanish movement.

His speech is clear: "we create reality." "Violence is a crime but we will exercise and we are legitimized thanks our law, the law of all." This fallacy is the way of justified, and there are people who agree.

It is our duty, because our lives are on it, to distinguish what is violent than not, what is right from what is not, we can not go any longer with their laws. His righteousness only works for them. It is their territory, their system, their farm, and we are their cows, pigs and chickens.

Pacifist mediated, radicals of moderation
The pacifisct mediated, moderation radicals, is that part of the people, the majority, who systematically rejects the use of violence by the people, arguing an mediated statist criteria, that comes in collusion with repressive state who exercise daily, and form the most reactionary, refusing to use a last resort effort to ensure their own survival and of his closest self-defense.

The pacifist domesticated, that to maintain its moderate image are able to lose some rights legacy that truly do not deserve.

They prefer to be called citizens. Far from being altruistic is a real flock that sing welfare receiving
humiliations; mental and physical victims of the system they defend.

Violence begets violence, but the submission made slaves.

The peacemakers consequential are needed more than ever, domesticated pacifist abound.

We must defend ourselves or end up like Greece, the example is clear.

Health and anarchy.

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