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martes, 20 de enero de 2015

Spain: McDonald's Boicot. Stop Abuses!!! CNT-IWA

 After more than five years working in this company, our colleague Saray is named delegate of the CNT union McDonald section in León city. At the moment she decided begin her unionist activity the company executive direction fired her straight away.

Is know by all the low product quality this company sells. However, is less known  its contempt to workers rights and phobia to their employees organized. It seems that this company is only interested in money. For McDonald's, health and working conditions of workers means nothings.

For these reasons, we call all McDonald's workers to organize themselves and defend against corporate abuses.

We also appeal to customers to pressure the company and require the rights of the workers and not to consumme until they reinstate the dismissed companion.

Boicot McDonald's - Sindicato de Oficios Varios de León (CNT-AIT)
McDonald's picket report

As expected, both Friday 16 at pm and Saturday 17 at pm and Sunday 18 at am, call by CNT, a group of people meet at the entrance of McDonald's in Papalaguinda walk, León city, Spain. The reason is the open conflict we have with this infamous company for the dismissal of the Union Section delegate in this workplace.

The owners of this franchise tried to spot what is a clear trade union repression case with a disciplinary dismissal. His only goal is to eliminate the organized action of workers and get rid of the companion without pay one euro. What no employer expected is we to faced the firm organized, and we standing at the entrance of the business reporting their abuses. We will continue with this kind of actions, performed directly by workers, until the problem is resolved.

We will come back next week on Friday, Saturday and Sunday to fight McDonald's abuse. If the company stands on its attitude we will expand concentrations to the other restaurants in the area. Since CNT we send a help call to other workers to boicot and not to consume at Mcdonalds in support.
Crónica concentraciones en McDonald's - Sindicato de Oficios Varios de León (CNT-AIT)

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