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La Tarcoteca

viernes, 25 de mayo de 2018

Political Reprisals Denounce The Spanish State In The European Parliament (video)


The difficulties of the Spanish State institutions to justify their repressive escalation abroad are increasing.

The complaints due to trials against Journalists, singers, separatist, communists or simple twitterers has arrived to the point that some of them have managed to get their voice heard in the European Parliament itself.

During the last Thursday morning, the rapper Pablo Hasel, the members of La Insurgencia and Resistencia Film or the journalist of La Haine and Kaosenlared Boro LH participated in a conference on the attacks on freedom of expression and press in Brussels by the Green Group .

In their appearances, the reprisals denounced the political nature of the processes opened against them.

The attached video shows on these lines the moment in which Boro LH breaks a picture of Franco, Kings Juan Carlos and King Felipe VI. "Franco I, Franco II and Franco III", the journalist pointed out to make this symbolic act in defense of freedom, for which other young people in the Spanish State were also prosecuted.

After the conference, Boro LH and Pablo Hasel shared in the social networks a picture and a message in which they glimpsed a justified skepticism about what can be expected from the institutions of the EU imperialist project, while appreciating the importance of having been able to count on an international showcase to spread his complaint

"Agur Brussels !! Not much is known, but at least they heard us #EuropaNosVaAOir - in Brussels Airport".

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