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La Tarcoteca

jueves, 20 de octubre de 2016

The CNT-AIT Barcelona gives a 700 million slap to 'El Corte Ingles' Leviathan corp. Victory!

Tarcoteca Translation of:

The CNT-AIT Barcelona hits a 700 million € slap to 'El Corte Ingles': IECISA ban to work in the public sector for 3 years and lose its contracts

The Union Section of CNT trought the 'Department of Territory and Sustainability of the Catalonian Generalitat' [regional government agency] has managed, after 6 years in conflict, to the ban the contract of 'Informática El Corte Inglés' (IECISA) by the public sector for 3 years. This prohibition, enacted by 'Work Inspection' also affects 2 filian companies, Serikat and Cast-Info, and covers contracts and subcontracts with Local, Regional and National Administrations in any member State of the European Union.

To remember that the three companies and the same Catalonian Generalitat were sentenced in 2013, with a final judgment in 2015, for illegal move of workers and null dismissal due to the vulneration of Fundamental Rights (freedom of association, right to strike and right to judical protection). These facts are considered as Very Serious infringements and reason for disqualification under the 'Act on Public Sector Contracts'.

These 3 companies, whose anti-worker and abusive practices are widely known in the tecnology industry, and allied with the political mafia, have spent years looting the Public Coffers. Once again it shows that State and Employers go hand in hand with the aim to enrich at the expense of the Worker.

During the conflict ECI tried to buy the comrades with insulting amounts of money, them were move and finally fired away without even paying the current on course. After the judical sentence to reincorporate to work in 2013, the Human Resources dept decided to deny access to their workplace, paying payroll without going to work for 2 years, since the company is not interested in workers who defend their dignity. Nevertheless, they still stood, facing down the outsourcing mafias and their lackeys in the Administration.

All unpleasent happened to the companions and all the time invested, have been worthwhile as the beating that means for ICA not work for 3 years for the public sector will remind for long time the labor dispute with the CNT. And that is becouse the most of the 700 million euros annual billing by IECISA came from public contracts. Hundreds of millions of euros of losses because of their arrogance in believing that three precariuso could never face them. We also want to emphasize in the lucrative contracts with wich CTTI (a Generalitat public company) has awarded Cast-Info, how the 'General Council of Judiciary Power' [the highest judical institution in Spain] is one of the mean Serikat customers, or its more recent contract worth € 1 million with the Catalunyan Parlament.

Now they loose the cushy contracts. At least for 3 years these parasites will not get rich from the public money and we have been able to demonstrate the profound contempt we feel for all of them. We've made a deep wound and we still dream to completely finish them.
No Pity for this Merciless capitalist!
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*El Corte Inglés is one of the 3 most important Comercial Center corporation in Spain with deep links with fascism, the PP Far Right party on Government and Media. Policial and Militar supplier, also in deals with the ISIS, with 150.000 uniforms. Is an IBEX mafia member and part of his capital comes from the throatcutter Al-Thani Qatar monarchy.

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