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La Tarcoteca

miércoles, 7 de septiembre de 2016

"Why The UK State Loves War." - annarky's blog

Source- annarky's blog.: Why The UK State Loves War.
Why is the British state so in love with war? 

Well it is all to do with money flowing into shareholders bank accounts. The UK is now the worlds second biggest arm exporter, the arms industry in the UK is massive, and the state will always promote, support and assist, big business. The arms industry is nothing if there are no wars. We in the UK now sell more weaponry than China, Russia, or France, without brutal conflicts across the globe our exports would fall. Like all big corporations, the arms industry is not at all fussy to whom they sell their death products. Two thirds of British arms exports go to the Middle East, an area that is awash with death and destruction. An area where sanity and compassion would do its damnedest to reduce the amount of destructive weaponry sloshing around. With a cavalier attitude the arms industry, with the British state’s blessing, sells weaponry to most of the countries listed as “not free” on the report “Freedom in the World” by Freedom House. The UK state also gives its blessing to the arms industry’s sales to 22 of the 30 countries on its own human rights watch list.

With our booming arms industry we are pouring fuel onto the explosive conditions in the Middle East, aiding and abetting despot regimes, but what the hell, its is simply a matter of equating lives with profits, and to the state and its corporate buddies its a no-brainer, people are expendable, profits mean power and wealth. Can anybody find any rational argument for continuing this festering cancerous system of capitalism. The world is being brutalised, poverty is endemic and unimaginable wealth flows continuously into the hands of a small army of greedy, cold blooded, pampered parasites. All this with the states blessing and protection. When will we ever learn?

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