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jueves, 18 de febrero de 2016

KJA – Congress of Free Women call for 8th March (Kurdistan)

Source- 8-March-invitatıon.pdf seen at, 8.2.2016

Dear Women from all around the World; With great legacy inherited from world’s women movement, the women’s freedom struggle in Kurdistan build over great sacrifices continue to advance against male dominated mentality in the last 40 years. We call on all women from around the world to join us in solidarity and raise the common struggle together this 8th of March; on the day of resistance and struggle of women.

Today, the state of Turkey carries out a brutal massacre and adopted measures of destruction targeting especially women’s will and bodies against the perspective of democratic nations and the emerging self-government areas based on the strong will for equality and freedom. This March of 8th, we would like to stand against these attacks of the state of Turkey with common and joint dynamism of women’s organizations from all around the World.

We, women from KJA, will be commemorating the traditional İnternational Women’s Day of Struggle and Solidarity with series of activities and action between March 1st and 8th. Last year we organized various events and activities in 240 different district and towns. With the growing resistance and struggle we will commemorate 8th of March with even more enthusiasm.

As KJA; we dedicate this 8th of March to the glorious resistance of women all around the world and in particular to three Kurdish comrades Seve, Pakize and Fatma massacred in Silopi on January 5th 2016 and to all women who lost their lives in self-governance resistance.

This year’s 8th of March will be launched under the slogan of “We are constructing autonomy, marching towards the revolution with the spirit of resistance of Sakine, Ekin, Seve!”. A week long program of commemoration will start on March 1st in Silopi and will be finalized on 8th of March in Diyarbakır. We invite all our friends to join us in our week long program of activities and action in accordance with the spirit of resistance of the era planned to take place in 100s of different districts and towns.

In this context, we invite a representative from your organization to join us in our program of activities between March 1st and 8th to greet and show solidarity with women’s resistance in Kurdistan. We would appreciate greatly your written and visual messages of solidarity unless you are able to attend. We will ensure that the messages of solidarity will be shared with women of Kurdistan and all around the world through the meetings and the media.

Long live women’s solidarity!
Long live 8th of March!
Kongreya Jinen Azad - KJA Free Women’s Congress

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