La Tarcoteca

La Tarcoteca

martes, 17 de noviembre de 2015

Only in Spanish Public TV: RTVE mistakes Galactic Rebel Allianz with Al Qaeda

Despite it could be an hoax for the spanish audience it is not. When "La Mañana" RTVE program was give the information about the attacks on the claimed capital of DAESH Raqqa they give as good the connetion of theAl-qaeda, DAESH and the Galactic Rebel Allianz.

Look at 1:38:56-
Hilarious if there were not lives and people suffering.

This is not the first time spanish public televisión gives weird, unconfirmed, censored or manipulated information.
"Las Mañanas de la 1" mitakes the new Star Wars trailer with bombing images of France in Syria
The incident adds up to a chain of stupidity in the SPANISH MEDIA

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