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jueves, 3 de septiembre de 2015

Spain: International Call to Action against "Juncture Trident 2015" NATO maneuvers

Tarcoteca adds to the international appeal from the various Spanish state anti-military organizations to demonstrate against the military exercises organized by NATO armies in October and November 2015.

Apart from the facts highlight below there are two capital facts we do not want to pass unnoticed.

First is that the spanish Minister of War and Arms Dealing Pedro Morenés qualify the maneuvers as "high visibility" (es). And that's what they really are, a publicitary campaign. The maneuvers serve to many functions: control, propaganda, training and capital diversion, but the real school of death is at the war front. These maneuvers are an triumphal propagandistic walkover. Is in our hands subverting this propaganda and ruin the campaign, bringing protests on the media front page and sending a message of hope to mankind.

The second is that the propagandistic manouvers not only point to threat Russia or China. As if dealing with dogs using a childish conditioning based rewards and punishments to make things clear through the inclusion of the Fascist Democratic Ukraine. They offer prizes to their lackeys making them participate in the military system, profits and financing their armies and fascist parties. The fascist dogs wait anxious for their bone, their opportunity, in Poland, Hungary or the Baltic countries. Those who do not follow the script know what are facing: a coup. Is the case of Ukraine itself, Belarus, Moldova, Macedonia and Bulgaria.

We want to leave it clear to these corporations mercenary criminals  that despite all their weapons or even if they keep throwing bombs on us:
No Pasaran!

Translation/ Traducción: Tarcoteca spanish version

Published 3.9.2015, las edition 24.9.2015
This is a text Based on: Call to Action against NATO maneuvers "Juncture Trident 2015"
We have add and we have delete. If you want the original: Original: Insumissia 01.09.2015 with its own eng version at

From October to November 6, 2015 will take place the NATO High visibility maneuvers "Trident Juncture", mainly in Italy, Portugal and the Spanish State. With the participation of more than 36,000 killers from 30 different states, the maneuvers will be "the most important NATO exercise during 2015" and "the largest NATO deployment after the "Cold War" in the last decade, according to the own Spanish War Ministry.

War scenario: you are the target
Nato call him collateral
More than half of the criminal force, 20,000 mercenaries, will be deployed at eight points of the Spanish State: the  San Gregorio (Zaragoza) and Chinchilla (Albacete) National Training Centers, the 'Alvarez de Sotomayor'  Maneuvers and Shooting field (Almería), the Sierra del Retin Amphibious Training Camp (Cadiz), Albacete air bases, Son San Joan (Palma de Mallorca), Torrejon (Madrid) and Zaragoza. Also the US Marines from Moron de la Frontera participate in the "super maneuvers".

When will be the manouvers?
The maneuvers will have two distinct phases:
- one of command center and "simulated post war" situation (Command Post Exercise, CPX, from 3-16 October), which will take place within the headquarters of the participating states,
- and another real stage exercise (Live Exercise, LIVEX, from October 21 to November 6, 2015), in which different naval, air operations, ground offensive, amphibious landings, paratroopers launches actions in urban environment, interventions in CBRN environment [nuclear, radiological be tested, bacteriological and chemical] and performance of special operations forces, among others.

In the Spanish state most of the military will be deployed at San Gregorio HQ (Zaragoza), although Andalusia also has an important role during the maneuvers. At the moment, they have already built a large camp in Zaragoza Air Base for up to 1,600 cannon fooders.

With these maneuvers NATO will implement the lessons learned in the criminal war and occupation of Afghanistan. Will practice how to militarily intervene in northern Africa with larg force, focus in the invasive aspect. Will test how to get control of water, minerals, hydrocarbons and natural resources in a context of profound environmental degradation and energy shortages.

Focus on Africa
NATO is interested in Africa bacause of the potential conflict related to climate change and because it has a great wealth of natural resources: minerals (platinum, chromium, manganese and cobalt, among others) and hydrocarbons which represent a large proportion of the global reserves.

In the game of power on Africa Spanish state has an important role, such as maintaining the security of natural resources transport routes (from Red Sea and the Horn of Africa), in addition to its own military and economic interests. Therefore the vast majority of the Spanish State military missions takes place on the continent or Middle East. Spain is responsible for controlling the "southern border" of the European Union, to stem the migration of people fleeing poverty or war, ensuring that the effects of the policies of exploitation of the continent do not impact on European strength. The Spanish State is the spearhead of NATO in Africa [as seen in Libia war].

Message to Russia, China and glorification of fascism
But the NATO exercises are designed to send a message of strength and pressure to Russia through partial or indirect wars on its neighboring territories. In this respect the participation of Ukraine - is not formally a member of the alliance- is more than significant. Trident Juncture not only serves to show Russia the NATO's military ability (and willingness), is also used to train the cooperation with the Ukraine Fascist Armed Forces. However, the main message is not for Russia, much less for the Islamic State, Al Quaida and others, whose existence and armed actions are used as justification and war propaganda. It is more likely that the main message is for China, a country with strong economic and strategic interests in Africa. China is now investing in many African countries, building infrastructure to ensure natural resources supply - especially minerals. To stop China's expansion in Africa, the main competitor of the member states of the Atlantic Alliance, is one of the hidden reason of these "supermaneuvers". All this is part of the imperialist competition between the military powers and their dependence on the commercial interests of transnational corporations.


Trident Juncture maneuvers protect only a privileged minority, increase global military spending at the expense of vital investment in social and humanitarian needs, such as fighting the dramatic consequences of the capitalist crisis, remedy environmental degradation, promote fair trade, solidarity or economic cooperation for the overall development of the planet. Only in 2014 world military expenditure was 1.8 billion dollars, while in 2016 the State Spanish will waste 24,489.96 million € in preparation of war and social control. Nowday the 5 countries with the highest military spending in Western Europe are France, UK, Germany, Italy and the Kingdom of Spain.

Their "supermaneuver" increase insecurity in the world and particularly to us, positioning ourselves as main stage of war operations. We bring the war at "home", we become collaborators of the NATO crimes, and therefore the target of war foes, encourage terrorism, social division, racism, fear ...

Armies and these maneuvers all represent a bloody burden for the world progress. Are means of irrational destruction, of economic domination, of ideological and to "conquest of power" we need to free ourselves for the good of mankind and Earth.

Therefore, and due to its high relevance, we call for global solidarity and cooperation of societies in the struggle for real democracy, social and environmental justice and sustainable redistribution of wealth and resources the planet.

We call for civil disobedience and direct action against Trident Juncture 2015 NATO maneuvers.

Several groups are preparing protests and civil resistance during the development of "supermaneuvers". We ask for your support and cooperation. We also invite to decentralization and self-management the protest (Organize your own disobedient action and get coordinate with the others).

From the pacifist and anti-militarist movement in Andalusia there are several initiatives to organize civil disobedience actions in Barbate from 30 October to 3 November (against Sierra del Retin Amphibious Training Camp) with the support of Antimilitaristic Alternative MOC and the Antimilitaristic European Network.
In Zaragoza we are organizing protests from 3 to 6 November (San Gregorio Camp will be again protagonist of the militarist barbarism).

It is urgent to show our rejection of war and the new threat of NATO. People have the power and responsibility to stop the greed and violence, improve our fragile little world.

Zaragoza, Planet Earth, to September 1, 2015.

Liason Contact : Mambrú [AT]

Andalusia Liason: Andalusia [AT]

More information will be regularly updated on the web "Insumissia" (, section "NATO maneuvers" Trident Juncture "2015".

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