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domingo, 2 de agosto de 2015

CNT Statement: Solidarity with all those fighting against authoritarianism and autocracy in Turkey and Kurdistan

Source: En solidaridad con todos los que luchan contra el autoritarismo y la autocracia en Turquía y el Kurdistán- Confederación Nacional del Trabajo CNT

Indignation has take the streets of Turkey after the suicide bombing outrage from the fundamentalist murderers of Daesh (ISIS, Islamic State) in Suruç, and the following cynical, shameful and criminal attitude adopt by the Turkish government. Them mass demonstrations and violent clashes in almost all Turkish cities, from Istanbul to the Kurdish areas, expresing the anger of a population that rebels against the bonds of complicity, increasingly evident, that joined the Erdogan's government to the Al Baghdadi's Caliphate. The official response has been swift: arrest of hundreds of Kurdish and leftist militants, bombing PKK positions in Iraq and the YPG in northern Syria and, in general, a violence that finish with the peace process and the ceasefire in force these last years. No mistake, that some of the air raids and arrests have been directed against the Daesh and their supporters in no way means that these are the main objectives of the offensive. If anything, these are only excuses for the cynical attitude of the Turkish government, whose response to the slaughter of Suruç is to mob the victims support groups and arrest the relatives of the deceased. 85% of those arrested following the attack are members of pro-Kurdish or leftist groups, the remaining 15% are salfists. What it was once a suspect is now a shouted secret: the State and the Turkish Government collaborate with Daesh in their fight against the secular and revolutionary forces in Turkey and Kurdistan.

On the one hand, the 32 deaths and dozens of injuries among the brigadist who gathered in Suruç to address the reconstruction of Kobanî are a clear message to all laics and progressive sectors of the Muslim world: for religious fundamentalists, all who defend freedom against the imposition deserves death.

Ultimately, beyond any ethnic or religious excuse, the Caliphate is nothing but the cultural form of the totalitarian state, in its most barbaric and intolerant version. Call Nazi or fascist to the Daesh would be an anachronism. But as pointed out by several authors, the model of the caliphate is not as much a proper medieval regime as a twentieth century totalitarian dictatorship, dressed with a theocratic garb.

On the other hand, it is precisely on this matter why the Turkish Government finds more affinities with Daesh tham with the laics and liberal sectors of the country, especially considering its own authoritarian drift to dictatoship, more pronounced as lost more supports. So that is more concerned with the establishment of an opposition movement in Turkey and Kurdistan than with crimes against humanity committed by the Salafists. Genocide, child and teenagers from ethnic minorities sexual slavery, summary executions, with the cruelest methods, torture, persecution of homosexuals, repression of women. In general all kind of atrocities that comes with unbridled state power and schizophrenic-theocratic doesn't seem to concern the Turkish State as much as the establishment of free zones in northern Syria and its relationship with the rebellious left-wing opposition in Turkey itself.

The situation in the Middle East can not be explained as a clash between Arab and Western, Christian and Muslim, or between ethnic Kurds and Turks, although these aspects are also present. Not surprisingly, the suicide of Suruç was as Kurdish as any YPG militiaman that send Daesh minions to rot in hell every day. And finally, all they are Sunni Muslims, as the units of the Free Syrian Army, fighting in Rojava against both Daesh and Al-Assad's sirian dictatorship, even though they had less importance to the cosporate media. What is now disputing in Turkey and Rojava it is rather a civil war between supporters of a theocratic dictatorship, a totalitarian state model adapted to the cultural and historical characteristics of the area, and the enemies of religious imposition. It is a repeated pattern in many Muslim societies, but in no case the confrontation is so bitter and violent as here. If we add the revolutionary and anti-state content within the democratic confederalism defended by YPG militias in northern Syria, we understand why the Turkish government is more scare with such own internal opposition and the establishment of liberated zones across its border tham with the suicidal and beheaders caliphate fanatics army. An armed people that conquers its freedom is the worst nightmare of any state.

Beyond any differences that may have and without falling into idealizations, CNT reaffirms its commitment to freedom and against fanaticism and authoritarianism and sends a fraternal and libertarian hug to those who face every day the bombs and bullets of terrorist states to defend imposition-free areas, which are also ours. The blood of the martyrs of Suruç, of protesters killed by Turkish police and militiawoman and menthat face fundamentalism every day is the same that beat in our hearts with libertarian longing. Their sacrifice also builds our freedom and we are eternally grateful to them. His victories are ours. A strong embrace of solidarity, fellows.

For the CNT-AIT

Foreign secretary

The following is the statement of DAF (Revolutionary Anarchist Action, Turkish libertarian group that supports the fight in northern Syria) on the slaughter of Suruç. We endorse his words and indignation.

PRESS PARTNERS OF DAF (Revolutionary anarchist action - TURKEY)

July 21, 2015.

OUR ANGER our sadness, Kobanî will be rebuilt!

Yesterday, about 300 people from different cities, came together under the call of the of Socialist Youth Asoci Federation to rebuild Kobanî, a city that tried to be sacked by the Islamic State. Today, arriving in Suruç (Pîrsus in Kurdish), just before departing for Kobanî, these young people made a press statement in front of the Amara Suruç (Pîrsus) Cultural Center. At the end of the press release, a bomb exploded amid the crowd, silencing many hearts had been beating in the hope of reconstruction.

According to information gathered until today, 31 people died and hundreds were injured in the blast. After the explosion today, from the Suruç (Pîrsus) hospitals we hear the names of the fallen. Those who came from different cities, those with high hopes in their hearts, are now fallen under the objective of the murderers.

People have taken to the streets in order to account for the death of the fallen, those waiting outside hospitals are threatened by TOMA (water turret vehicles) and the police who came to the Amara Cultural Center, before ambulances. In Mersin, in Siirt, in İstanbul ... people coming out to the streets is threatened with being massacred by the murderer State, through the of murderers collaborators.

Those who have killed many lives, starting the first day of Kobanî Resistance, are now trying to demoralize us by killing our brothers.

We are trying to rebuild a new life against ISIS (Islamic State), against the state collaborating with ISIS, against the war policy of the state that never ends. No matter what the cost, even with our pain and our anger, we will rebuilt Kobanî and recreate life in this sacked geography.

(Today Alper Sapan, of the Anarchist Initiative Eskişehir, was killed in the attack. And a friend called Evrim Deniz Erol was severely wounded)

Biji Berxwedana Kobanî! / Long live the resistance Kobanî!

Biji Şoreşa Rojava! / Long live the Revolution Rojava.

Anarchist action Revolucionariad (DAF)

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