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jueves, 5 de marzo de 2015

UK, Police welcomes the new mass surveillance tool: Drug Driving Legislation. Easy repression

From monday we all suffer the release of another policial tool to justified mass surveillance and repression by government. The drug driving legislation promises to check one by one all the cars of UK in its “war on drugs” with the excuse of “safety for costumers”. The excuse of few people selling, dealing, taking drugs while driving crash with the lowest traffic accident rates in decades, including the one related to drink and drugs.
The goal is that each patrol has the capability to check more than 14 different substances. At the moment the kits are not ready, but the legislative scaffold it is, a matter of time.
Main stream medias keep the usual speech to make us think that what is a complete absurd action address to render traffic more safety. That is true just in part. The problem is that traffic safety is a completely secondary issue. The law is focus in ilegal drug control, now that this market is included in GDP calculations and National Budgets. It is not a matter of traffic, is about Public Health as a government understand it.
The measure will start with an adaptation period of stop and frisk, plate chase and check points, follow by, in few words, mass survilance to the public, a piece of the personal criminal records. Once the policial represive controls are well set the search for drugs and drug addict will be a commun practice. With time policemen will start with its usual false positive, requesting blood test and all kind of inquiries and procedures to those labeled as suspect, as in USA is happening now. As well as in this country the measure will be applied indiscriminately and used to cross names in policial and political black mails.
No doubts: is not for your safety, is for your control.
Spanish version
Hertfordshire police have welcomed the new drug driving legislation, which came into force on Monday.
The new law will not only make it easier to catch and convict drivers using illegal drugs, but also certain legal medication.
Low limits have been set for eight well known illegal drugs, including cannabis and cocaine. This means that drivers and motorcyclists using even the smallest amounts of these drugs can be prosecuted.
Levels have also been set for eight prescribed drugs, such as pain killers and sleeping or anxiety pills, including morphine and diazepam, which can affect a motorists ability to drive. However, the limit on these drugs are higher to allow motorists to drive legally as directed by their doctor or pharmacist.
Officers from the road policing unit will be using a new roadside testing kit to test for cannabis and cocaine in a drivers system.
The Field Impairment Test, which has been used up to now to assess drivers suspected of taking drugs, will continue to be used where officers suspect that the driver has used other drugs.
Chief Inspector Richard Hann, Head of the Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire Road Policing Unit, said: “We welcome the new legislation. Like alcohol, driving under the influence of drugs can impair the judgement of drivers and slow down their reaction times behind the wheel.

2 comentarios:

alia52nalie dijo...

Though opinions are divided on this but I think largely, it will refrain people from doing drunk or drugged driving. My brother assist a Los Angeles DUI attorney and often tells me how drunk drivers are a serious threat to everyone on the road and he welcomed this move.

Pablo Heraklio dijo...

Drunk and driving is a real problem with many causes and usually really bad consecuences as death of the drunk driver and the innocent victims, but Goberment is using a mass sueveillance tool to check all the rest of drugs, and in near future your gereal heath.
For Goberment Alcohol is a matter of public health. They dont considere there is a social problem behind. Would you like to see mandatory medical checkpoints to test your health level and keep you isolated in case you are clasified as threat for public? This is the next step as seen. Dont let them give this first.
It is not for your security, is for your control.