La Tarcoteca

La Tarcoteca

domingo, 5 de octubre de 2014

The anti-fascist collective Algarada review victory against neo-Nazi center in Madrid

After a month and three days of fighting for a whole neighborhood, Tetouan distric reach to generate social pressure that permit expel out the neo-Nazi group who had occupied a building in the heart of the neighborhood known as "the Social Home". Must be clear that without the peoples pressure, that xenophobic group linked to far-right parties, would still be there. We believe that was a victory against fascism and racism.

Said that, from Algarada ["Popular  Riot" antifascist group] want to notice that we are proud of what happened during this month of Solidarity between Tetouan neighbors [Barrio de Tetuán] and other districts of Madrid, and the anti-fascist and anti-racist struggle that has developed. But, as antifascists, we can not stake there and boast after this, we must continue to fight every day against these violent and racist elements that have no place in our neighborhoods, and those who continue to fight every day as we were doing before. Fascism, racism and Nazism, are still there and are a great danger if we do not fight to their end.

Without organization, to reject these Nazi-fascist elements of our neighborhood would have been much more difficult, if not impossible, so we consider essential for every neighborhood to set an Coordination, in case of fact as in Teotouan happen again, to give a overwelhim, quick and organized response, cutting short the problem.

Therefore, we say and state loud and clear:


Source- Algarada via

Spanish version- LA TARCOTECA Contrainfo: El colectivo antifascista Algarada, de Tetuán, valora la victoria contra el centro neonazi. Victoria!

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