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La Tarcoteca

sábado, 5 de abril de 2014

Thought: an anarchist one group, an anarchist one blog,

An anarchist blog : Collective Mind against Unique Thought

Anarchism poses a totally different point of view about the world. Changing values ​​and changing consciousness. We are the personification of the "Collective Mind", the swarm without leader Mastermind that self-organizing. Mind gets shape, the group gets strength, the "Single Thought", which is nothing but pure fascism.

The writings are the basis , the foundation, show our intelligence. They are the small idea that echoes in the mind before the contradictions that surround it, and move the body, giving act to the will.

Our ancestors saw it clear, they organized thousands of newspapers in full clandestinity. We can not be less: fanzines, blogs, websites, videos, radios, post, novels, movies, news, review, poetry, art , crafts, pets, plays ... whatever you like. Propaganda is a bridge for human cattle to acces the Conscious Collective. Write and contribute!
I want to hear you , we need to hear us!

An anarchist group : living the Anarchy, the only viable political system
There is only one way to be an anarchist: practice.
It is in the group where personal sovereignty is exercised. It is the daily conflict resolution that makes the difference with rest of political systems.
We have a responsibility to exercise our anarchism and the privilege of live the anarchy.

Masters want us isolated, competitive, predators like them. Isolated we have not strength, we are vulnerable. We are treat as the prey, like cattle by the time they raze the planet. The group is another bridge that transforms the individual. We learn by walking the path. We must take time to organize and live in group.

We are a movement with massive vocation where our ultimate goal is that billions of people voluntarily self-manage, self-supportive, autonomous that have no middlemen.
To make people believe we must demostrate: 
-that we can self-organize, 
-that is possible to act act out of the ubiquitous capitalist system 
-that we can overcome it tripping and traps.

Here there are no heroes or saviors.
We do not spare anyone, all we are more tham valuable for the anarchy, just missing you!
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