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domingo, 30 de marzo de 2014

Spain, Dignity March- # 22mCNT : Anarcho-syndicalism roared

Anarchy flag over Madrid City Hall
Anarcho-syndicalism roared. From Tirso de Molina square to the outskirts of Colon sq passing through Cibeles and Atocha av, becoming a progressive, moderate and warm day in a revolutionary demonstration. Showing that our message is valid and it is necessary to overcome and overthrow capitalism.

The demostration finished with an "a" circulated waving in the City Hall of Ana Botella, Mayor of Madrid, to be seen from her luxurious office. And it hurts. It really hurt to them Fascists. Contemplating thousands of anarchosyndicalist under a sea of ​​red and black flags, shouting in unison against this system and all his accomplices and stung them and, even more satisfying, attacked their nerves.

They know we are their enemies, that we do not sit down to stage the "social peace" with lords and government. They know that without the sold intermediaries to keep control over all of us things get ugly for them.

Pain infringing daily with their settings, their liberal policies, his vigilante torture and contempt for our lives, the answer was 22M . And so they are now scaring about the future. Our response has made them get rage and act in the best way they know: control the media to disseminate the same editorial line, provision of false for the criminalization of participants and increased repression and control of dissents. And with that show of force and that dignity is how we have to continue, until their fall.

We will not forget that exemplifying images that will become historical, the banner with "No Pasaran" resisting the onslaught of the repressors, the Solfónica playing loudly when the policial assault starts on Colon sq, or cenetist members down Atocha  street shouting "Here is, The Anarchosyndical!"(nickname of CNT).

March 22 anarchosyndicalism roared, and now just keep walking to overcome the capitalist system once and for all.
Bury capitalism!
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Source- #22mCNT: El anarcosindicalismo rugió

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