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La Tarcoteca

viernes, 26 de abril de 2013

Criminalization of Popular Call 25-A: media misinformation against the people

Only taken a fast look at the headlines of national newspapers to know what the oligarchy and capital think about the demonstration call Congress Surrounds 25-A 2013:
El País
The Congress siege ends with 15 arrested and 14 police officers injured Fernando J PerzThe PP believes that Congress failed siege by the "strength" of the institutions
El Confidencial
The violence He besieged the Congress call off the protest Jose Maria OlmoThe violence of 'He besieged the Congress' disables an appointment with 1,400 riot
El Mundo
Four children among the 15 arrested during the attempted siege to Congress María Peral
Remand for three of those arrested for the siege to Congress
Within the "siege to Congress" Luis Nunez-Villaveirán
Posada urges judges to act against bullies << accordingly with their motivations >>. Attack on Democracy Ana I. Sanchez
La Vanguardia
Fails "siege to Congress' marked by heavy police presence
Posada described as "magnificent" policing in the siege to Congress
Violence on the call, arrested, deactivation, custody, harassing, siege. Radical and violent.
Constantly it is reiterates desunity and lack of support. If it was so the call would not be done. Another thing is that the new call reach prior levels.
They blamed the failure of the call to themselves, by violent, as if state agents were not involved, both the pen and the plumb thugs.
And finally there is no mention anywhere the repression on the call, despair and unemployment that led to the mobilization and for which that was proclaimed.
Such is the level of malaise that is capable of binding a heterogeneous mass that only has one thing clear: Change.

Police, hired assassins of the plumb
Police wounded, Soundness of institutions, 1400 agents, heavy police presence, urges judges, police magnificent performance.
As always, 14 minor injuries among the police, poor men, with 20 kg of antitrauma equipment had to stick people to open wrist. No mention even one wounded among the "radicals". Attributing an executioner victims characteristics serves to humanize and is part of routine handling.
"The police behave in an exemplary manner", right. Copy for its function: cause outbreaks of violence by creating extreme situations, humiliating and demeaning their victims. 1400 Psychopaths with truncheons orders is heartless violence in its purest form.
The government urges justice, so that attempts to justify violent intervention against the protesters. Is the valid Justification for all, this is a State of Right. They want to know what is right or not by mouth of a judge in order to enact a law to make their grimm acts Laws.

The media, the gunmen of the pen
Only see the negative characteristics of the protesters and their performance. Are only positives with the corps of repression: this Manichean good and bad, this childish simplification is called manipulation.
Again, the people without fear of reprisal is called radical and violent. While professional extortionists are as heroes of democracy, the world upside down. Manipulation.
And speaking of World upside down, the cave is worth noting the contribution of Luis Núñez-Villaveirán, pen assassin, in his blog for El Mundo.
The National Police began charges and the demonstration ended the way in which many of the attendees wanted: a merciless confrontation between radicals and the Security Forces of the State. There was a moment of relaxation, especially for agents. The huge congregation of journalists difficult loads and many of the radicals were hiding among them to throw stones.
The demonstration ended with the purpose fulfilled for most attendees, a showdown without meaning any legitimate political demand wanting to be achieved through violence. Many shouted, "they call it democracy and it is", the question is whether democracy is what happened on 25A.
The media continue to exercise its function of weaving reality. Exaggerating the features they are interested in each of the groups we convey the idea of ​​a cruel mob of protesters whose sole purpose is violence by violence, without reason or cause, violence finalist.

Nothing can be learned in the state and the oligarchy media. It's time once and for all, turn off the TV, radio and close their newspapers.

If you want to know what happened inquire at this link:
When Prometheus was unable to cross the chasm. About what happened yesterday in Madrid.

The movement has lost steam because there is no ideological substrate to lean.
Democratic society has tamed capitalism practice that has led us to this point, then we better not. Socialism and communism have betrayed its ideological and livestock population discredited through corruption. Unions are a reflection of affluence and privilege policy. Associations and groups are transformed into multinational NGOs.
The citizen, domesticated, still in shock, wondering what happens and why nobody does anything. Gradually taking place between misery and slavery. Refusing to see the reality: have been used and no longer serves the purposes of those who used them.

The future is clear stay the same and end up in misery or change.
Staying the same is easy, stay home, but not highly recommended. But to change something you have to know yourself, know what you want and how you want. Learn and implement it.

The only opportunity for improvement in the living conditions of the offers anarchism
The remaining policy options only provide changes of regimes and leaders, with the slaves themselves, us.
Since immemorial time, derived from the worst situations we are now, the anarchists have organized groups, trade unions, cultural associations, communes and cooperatives, among all try to shape our reality, so our speech is unaltered from the moment someone items as words.
Our goals are not the capital, not the market, nor the authority, nor the submission, and that is something that the capitalist mentality of citizens do not want to understand.

Read. Go to the Union. Organize and fight! Viva la CNT!

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