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jueves, 9 de mayo de 2013

Child Trafficking Franquist network also acted in Morocco

Irregular Adoption Affected National Assotiation
"Children Trafficking Victims. We Want Justicce!!"
The same network thar traffick with childs of war prisoners of numerous concentration camps in Spain,that  later trafficked with stolen  babies of lower class mothers, now accused of doing business with Moroccan infants.

Far can human degradation in order to earn money we can ask this people indicted in "Operation Hidden". Doctors, nuns, nurses, administrative staff and others, all attached to the fascist regime. People of great value and social recognition.

Among the ruins of fascist genocide it is see the true face of Nazional Catholicism.
The sale of babies network operating in Spain until 1990 not only were supplied with newborns in the country, also imported from abroad. The Civil Guard have now discovered the existence of a network that captured a birth in Morocco and that, based in Melilla, supplied Spanish marriages catering to eager to be parents. Many of these kids were given to families of Valencia, a region that once appeared as a recipient of many stolen newborns.
The Civil Guard has detected 28 cases of infants from Morocco that were introduced in Melilla and moved to Spain with false documents, pretending they were biological children of the adoptive parents. Some of them were born in Melilla and others in Morocco.
In some cases, these parturients, which housed a kind of story-nest until delivery, "they dispatched giving 3,000 pesetas (less than 20 euros)", according to an official investigation.
"Hidden Operation" [Operación Oculta] started after a general allegation relating to 261 children stolen filed in January 2011 by the National Association of People Affected by Irregular Adoptions [Anadir]. However, the starting point of the operation was a complaint sent on February 25, 2011 by Enrique Vila lawyer representing two girls (women today), which were bought by families Ontinyent (Valencia).
The 31 people involved in the plot, including several foster-parents, are charged with crimes as supposition of birth, impaired parenting, illegal or forgery. 12 of these people, who include a doctor and two midwives, have died, while the rest are seniors.
One of these girls, named María José, was born in Melilla and was handed over to his adoptive parents in a bar, with traces of blood and wrapped in a sheet. Marriage, middle class, traveled from Valencia to Melilla and paid 200,000 pesetas [1,200€] for it. Denunciation of this woman, who is now 33, was instrumental in Operation Hidden.
Doctors, nuns and babies trafficked parents bought in Morocco

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