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lunes, 22 de abril de 2013

U.S., the global terrorism factory and the bombing in Boston

Following the bombing of Boston Marathon it is see the consequences of American terrorist policy, its practical application as repressive apparatus and population control, both as internal as external.

1st - the authorities deployed all its repressive corps, heading by martial law  and recorded the city house by house applying a systematic scientific method of cleaning.
2 - Hand in hand with mas misinformation flowing through the torrent of noise and routine handling mixed with promises of more repressive measures and cuts in freedom rights.
3 - Finally Congress ratified by law enforcement measures, as was the resolution of the Patriot Act after 11-S, 2001, to be used with many different and arbitrary purposes.
In interview with Russia Today, mother (others say the father did not have access to video) of the two Chechens who have brought a halt to the authorities of Boston, says his children maintained ties with the FBI. "They know perfectly" "It's all an FBI sting."
A suitable mounting or terrorist training to release them at appropriate time in the Russian Caucasus for destabilizing zone by crimes. What happens [in Boston] is that sometimes the monster turns against its creator. Write down this information: they were "political" refugees.
As for conspiracy theories too gimmicky, the left side: most were invented for "movies" like the "death" of Bin Laden was dead long (suffering from an incurable kidney disease).
By the way what do you think the media would seid if the government imperialists Venezuela had declared a state of emergency in Caracas after the attempted coup of Caprilists [Enrique Capriles Right aspirant to venezuelan presidence]? In Boston it was decreed, but, and we continue to grow the list, sure there are curfews "good" and curfews "bad" and dictatorials. Chechen brothers and FBI

State Terrorism
The terrorists apparently were part of a prepared command, trained in the U.S. to operate in Chechnya. Uncontrolled or not acted in the only way they knew. Now begin to talk about their ties to al-Qaeda, another American genuine product.

Terrorism = population control through repression
Even when there is an incident like this, intentional or not, with a seemingly uncontrolled paramilitary cell, the state is able to make a profit. The state terror and distrust in the people is insane, and treat with maximum hardness, trying to straighten and mold it to his own image: a paranoid to irrationality and hiperindividualistic people . Thanks to this act, achieves closer "general freedoms", justify repression, and make people not reject it.

Terrorism = justification of the state as protector
The people, unarmed, consciously or not, is attacked by the repressive forces and paramilitary groups, terrorists, the state creates. So the state as an organization is a problem. Both believe the lies as expressed in the media and subjected to fear. The state justifies its existence as ultimate protector of enemies that he creates. Passed with ETA in Spain, went with the IRA in Irland and continue to happen all over the world.

TERRORISM = repression by the laws.
In a democracy the state is subject to written laws, not arbitration. The laws are the contract purchased by people as a code of conduct and forced to submit the rules or be punished. Even the most abject state ensures that its laws are the fairest. The people, overwhelmed by an unintelligible code is calm whenever the word Justice is named thinking that its case is Right and the state, and therefore society, will agree.

Terrorism was the attack of 11-S, after which enacted the Patriot Act or the National Defence Act, which has nothing to do with the struggle for justice and yes with population control in foreign countries. Yet the general feeling was relief. We later found out that the "author of the attack", Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda were American products.

Terrorism is called to what the authorities say, as pirating intellectual property is computer terrorism. Then make laws ASPA, CISPA and ACTA to control Internet content. It is known that under these laws audiovisual industry earn money and controlls network information.

The laws serve the one that issue, AND NO ONE ELSE. The greatest fallacy: the Constitutions.

Terrorism = adjective applied by State
Terrorism is a weapon that states have always used to justify. The television, radio or newspaper, his mass media mind controll, who determ who is terrorist and who is Resistance, Militia or Freedom Fighters.

The reason the knowledge and will enable us to overcome the programming to which we are subjected daily and that permeates a society cowed by an irrational fear of imaginary power of the state.

This new bombing shows that the people is only controled by terror.

United States is currently the cradle of fascism.

USA wants "find the russian clue" in Boston to extend antimissile shield, said, [russian]diputy .

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