La Tarcoteca

La Tarcoteca

domingo, 7 de abril de 2013

Sabotage tecnics: How to make and operate a Molotov Cocktail

- Let's see if we learn at once:
glass bottle, funnel, flammable liquid (petrol), pregnant liquor (motor oil), wick (cloth), tape. Lighter.
Protective wear: gloves, mask, googles.

The glass should be 1 liter. No smaller becouse could have no effect nor heavier becouse could have no range.
Mix with care: 1/3 gasoline, 1/3 motor oil, 1/3 air chamber to easy explode.
The wick is soaked in gasoline. Stands about 30cm.
Is plugged with adhesive tape.

Capping, transported without the wick evoiding leakage.
Transported wrapped in newspaper or foam to prevent breakage.

Handled with fireproof gloves, goggles covering the whole eye and possibly protective clothing.
Hold by the base, not the neck, but can throw off the wick.
Fastened with hand extended and throws light up with the opposite.
They strip immediately after switch on, if there is no risk of explosion.

The launch
It pulls from below, from the hip, never to shoulder height: if it fails to throw you not burn your face, but you must take cover.
Is pulled at 45 ° to reach far.
It pulls in 30 degree angle to splash more.
Point Blank range does not fail.

Before use field tests are recommended practices to prevent accidents and arrests.
Guaranteed presence bourgeois media and terrorism charges.
Tomorrow practical classes in the streets. -

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