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La Tarcoteca

domingo, 9 de septiembre de 2012

Spanish parasitism: 1 of the 15millones workers are unproductives by definition. And we wanted to change the unions!

Spain is a dump: 5 million unemployed persons, 15 million workers, of which 944 000 people are real parasite to serve its own interests and paid directly by the state. Taking advantage of the extortion applying to their lackay subjects called state taxes.

  This is the size, number, and aparance of the dragging system.
A study that has been echoed by the Net amounted to no less than 445,568 political appointees who work in Spain.
 The Autonomic State has duplicated 17 times the structure of state, one by region. Hightest number and proportion in Europe.
Union Released Delegate .
-Neither the government nor the unions give official data on the number of union released in Spain and there is no census.
Two years ago the CEOE, patron organization, ventured to give a figure of 'liberated' in the private sector in a report which stated that 4,200 workers devote all their time to union issues.
-In the case of public sector figures are between 9000 and 10,000 (adding the central government, regional and local).
From Moncloa Accords in 1978 Spanish representative system forces companies to have certain union delegates, depending of number of workers, paid by both companies and state with only menaging functions. "Worker elite". They are choose in the corrupted Union elections. Parasites.
Patronal  released Worker.
in Spain there is about 35,000 people who earn their living by working in one of the 5,000 clusters that are part of the structure of the management nurse, the CEOE, according to his yearbook.
Spanish patronal organization and state paid a number of person for menaging this organization. This jobs are finger-selected, nepotism.
According to EUROSTAT in Spain's 224,000 police officers. Heirs of dictator's age they think haven't still end. They have complete impinity. Hightest number in Europe.
The number of soldiers is around 110,000. The same as police but with a aristochratic touch. Untouched by goberment cuts.
Priests and religious
According to Cadena Ser Radio, there are in Spain about 60,000 religious in the Social Security. From Vaticano II Accords in 1971 Catholic churc godes a lot of privileges, that includes their financial network. As organization untouched by goberment cuts.  Taking adventage of goberment "Concert" contract and "Fundation" companies, private administration of public money modes.
   A total of 944,000 people directly dependent on the organization, draggign and ruin of the state. As seen, estates are organized monopolizing the domes and intermediate positions. All this parasite factions are organized to share the pie of the state and everyone gets something.

   People are confused and disorganized. On one hand, there are the possibilists who spect some benefit despite to the full wave of cuts. And there are the disillusioned who believe that the state is completely corrupted and can not get anything out of something that is already divided and has an owner, as the items and budgetary adjustment measures. The action strategies are completely different.

  Why the population is divided? The various factions are mixed directly with influencing citizenship. Following, are helped by the media, owned by the very wealthy. They lay people with the same interests against each other.

The change starts with the unions, because they are a massive and organized, natural vanguard of popular demand.

  The worst thing is to see that the vanguard of the protest is spearheaded by the estate, held by the state. Shell Unionists.

  This produces a bicefalism, between the popular movement represented by the 15-M, which has been able to shed the burden of the game of political parties and the labor union movement, which has not yet begun the process that will detach from this.

  We must recover the unions if we are a true sovereign force .

  How to recover the unions for the people? These short, fair and logical measures may be asked and require. To them if they can influence their situation because they are more exposed to social action.

Union must disclaim subsidies and released delegated.

  This is the condition sin equa non, essential, for unions stop being businesses, and stop being another transmission belt. Until we meet these two simple and difficult conditions continue to belong to unions and government defending tooth and nail, and not workers.

  Sorry, but in the current conditions do not believe that any changes or possible social influence on the state despite all demonstrations, as demonstrated by the "No to War", "No to the Bologna Process", "No to labor reform", " No to. .. Tarcoteca still will go out to the streets as usual.

  Important PS: As we must say there is only one big statewide union without release or grants in all this country, the proud CNT.

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